Note: This post has the full CONTENT of the eBook. Click on Category “Twin-Souls” on the right column and you’ll be able to read all the articles. 18 Chapters with the relevant 97 Parts were added on 20 August 2017 with Click link to the relevant Parts posted since Brenda’s crossover on 23 December 2013.

As each of the 97 Parts were published as it was spontaneously written, there were no Chapters until now. The code to highlight this Series is: [Twin Souls Part XX]

Robert started blogging immediately after Brenda’s crossing over on 23 December 2013 at 5:23 pm. This eBook is rather raw with lots of data, timing, dates documented. He did not have the luxury of time to edit, proof read with professionals, or to beautify with graphic designs.

Robert was very particular about writing as soon as possible as events unfolded through daily whisperings with Brenda. He aimed not to sensationalize anything as Brenda’s afterlife signs are very incredible as it is – with the unprecedented scale and variety of irrefutable afterlife signs.

In earlier days he misinterpreted quite a few Afterlife Sign dots as this Afterlife phenomena was new to his skeptical self as a corporate CEO. The first year of ‘deciphering Brenda’s Code‘ was an extremely steep learning curve. For instance he misinterpreted a plastic airplane right wing as a sign of finding the debris of MH370 – it turned out that 37 days after finding the airplane wing MH17 was shot down on 17 July 2014.

The Parts Outline of “Afterlife Signs from My Twin Soul  Brenda” eBook:
Robert apologizes for some parts that were wrongly numbered or missing.  Many readers had feedbacked to Robert that they actually appreciate the rawness and authenticity of his spontaneous writing which they have grown used to the raw unrefined style and format of the first ebook.

He has inserted book Chapters (total 18 chapters) and resorted the order of parts with the relevant chapters.

NOTE #1: Robert intend to use his first afterlife eBook as the basis for a more structured second eBook called “Proof & Secrets of The Afterlife with The Love Angel Brenda”.

NOTE #2: There are countless new Afterlife Secrets from Whisperings with The Love Angel Brenda which Robert had not yet updated in the first Afterlife eBook. Most updates will be in the second Afterlife eBook, which will be updated correspondingly in the first Afterlife eBook.

CONTENT: Ebook 18 Chapters & 97 Parts Links:

Chapter Introduction: Robert’s First Afterlife ebook

Introducing Whisperer Robert Chaen

Chapter 1: Spending My Last Time with Brenda

Part 1:      Seeing My Wife Brenda Die: My Life’s Biggest Ordeal & The Twin Soul’s First Test of Faith.  Click here

Part 1.2:   Moving On & My Closure.  Click here

Part 2:      Smelling my departed wife.  Click here

Part 7: Facing the Last Day of Brenda José.  Click here

Part 8:      Living Brenda’s Destiny: Her Twin-Soul angelic wish came true sooner.  Click here

Part 9:      Predicting that Brenda would die at 60 years old by the Famous Blind Fortune Teller.  Click here

Part 10:    Passing the “Winter Solstice Dark Night of the Soul” for Brenda.  Click here

Part 11:    Dying Heart: Brenda’s heart rate hovered at 0 but she did not die yet.  Click here

Part 12:    Massaging Miracle: A mini miracle happened – Brenda’s heart rate went from 0 to 64.  Click here

Part 13:    Letting Go of Brenda: Brenda José’s last 25 minutes on Earth: Brenda’s last message to her friends.  Click here

Robert Chaen’s actual posting in Facebook was seen by many on 23 December 2013 – in 3 separate FB postings: You can search in Facebook, type this: post of December 23, 2013 robert chaen
1. Click here       2. Click here   3. Click here    4. Click here   5. Click here   6. Click here   Brenda’s Last Facebook Banner: Twin Angels: 7. Click here

Part 20:    Crossing-over: The day after Brenda’s passing over. Forgiveness was extremely hard to do.  Click here

Part 21:    Dying Body: No one suspected Brenda was dying, my nasty bicycle accident, and separation.  Click here

Part 18:        Saying Goodbye: Brenda Marie De José Obituary-Tribute-Condolences Page.  Click here

Part 35:    Visiting Brenda’s Ossuary: my Transmutation from “Doubting Thomas” to Whisperer.  Click here

Part 46:    Visiting Brenda José Ossuary for the First Time: YouTube Video.  Click here

Part 19:    My wedding love song to Brenda: Too early for the sun.  Click here

Part 72:    Promising to bring Brenda back: My Last Time Together with Brenda José and her Last Boxes of Clues.  Click here

Part 86:    Clearing & Donating Brenda’s Stuff.  Click here

Chapter 2: Deciphering Angel Brenda Code

Part 27:    Revealing The Angel of Unconditional Love Brenda.  Click here

Part 60:    Receiving an Irrefutable Valentine’s Afterlife Sign from my dead Wife, Brenda – 46,747 Likes in 2 days: Valentine’s Day Poem to Brenda.  Click here

Chapter 3: Afterlife Signs

Part 28:    Investigating Brenda’s Unprecedented Scale & Variety of Irrefutable Afterlife Signs: Investigative Journalist finds Evidence that Angel Brenda can control super-computers, animals, insects, cause power outage, and save lives in MH370.  Click here

Part 34:    Breaking Guinness World Records of Afterlife Signs: A fly sitting on my hand for an impossible 21 minutes – it was trying to tell me and you something truly incredible.  Click here

Part 38.2:  Ringing of the Door Bell: an afterlife message that my Godson Todd Man crossed-over.  Click here

41:    Identifying Examples of Good or Bad Afterlife Signs.  Click here

Part 57:    Reviewing Afterlife Book: Messages: Signs, Visits, and Premonitions from Loved Ones Lost on 9/11.  Click here

Part 16:    Confirming Brenda’s Presence by an Intern.  Click here

Part 15:    Transmuting my enlightenment: The Cobra Afterlife Sign.  Click here

Part 39:    “I’m ready to meet God. Every day is a bonus!”, says my Dad. What it is like to face death so near?  Click here

Part 42:    On the Day of My Dad’s Crossing-over.  Click here

Part 61:    Visiting by My Dad to Mum exactly 1 year later: Dad’s first Afterlife Visit. Click here

Part 68:    Finding Meaning in Afterlife Bat Signs.  Click here

Part 58:    Finding Meaning in Triple Bats: Triple Lucky Afterlife Sign.  Click here

Part 87:    Finding Meaning in Quadruple Bats Afterlife Sign.  Click here

Part 38.2:  Ringing of the Door Bell: an afterlife message that my Godson Todd Man crossed-over.  Click here

Chapter 4: Unravelling The Twin Souls Mission

Part 40.1:  Unravelling the Twin Souls Connection & Mission Part 1.  Click here

Part 40.2:  Unravelling the Twin Souls Connection & Mission Part 2.  Click here

Part 26:    Brenda’s Lightning Test. Lightning struck a few feet from Brenda: God’s Sign for Brenda never to leave her Twin Soul Robert ever.  Click here

Part 17:    Summary One of “Twin Souls Odyssey”.  Click here

Chapter 5: Passing The 7 Tests of Faith

Part 63:    Passing The 7 Tests of Faith of Wizard Chaen. Test #1.  Click here

Part 66.1:    Recognizing the Twin Angels: Brenda as the Angel of Unconditional Love, and Robert as representing the Angel of Truth: Test of Faith #2 Part 1: The first to recognize Brenda as the Angel of Unconditional Love and that I’m her only Channel.  Click here

Part 66.2:    Recognizing the Twin Angels: Brenda as the Angel of Unconditional Love, and Robert as representing the Angel of Truth: Test of Faith #2 Part 2: Recognizing myself as representing The Angel of Truth.  Click here

Part 92:    Passing Test of Faith #3: Accepting Robert’s Body as the Only Writer-Whisperer Channel for Brenda.  Click here

Part 93:    Passing Test of Faith #4: Abandonment of Friends.  Click here

Part 94:        Facing Test of Faith #6 (on-going until death): The Attack of The Stones   Click here

Chapter 6: Understanding The Differences between Soulmates, Twin Flames & Twin Souls

Part 69:    Understanding The Differences between Soulmates, Twin Flames and Twin Souls.  Click here

Part 85:    “Sweet Reunion”. A song about Soulmates & Twin Flames.  Click here

Chapter 7: Traveling back to a Twin Souls’ Beforelife

Part 37:    “I Origins” movie: impossible signs of BeforeLife – highly recommended movie.  Click here

Part 67.1:  Revealing The Untold Love Story of How Brenda & Robert met and the Legend of Mahsuri.  Click here

Part 67.2:  Revealing The Untold Love Story of How Brenda & Robert met and the Legend of Mahsuri (Part 2).  Click here

Part 96:    Attracting My own Sword from 2,300 years ago: Karmic & Symbolic Belongings   Click here

Chapter 8: Answering Life’s Biggest Mysteries

Part 97:    What happens when a person dies? About Soul’s Seed/Egg Stage, Karma, Dharma & Soul Agreement   Click here

Part 31:        Understanding Crossing-Over, The Afterlife, and Soul Universe?  Click here

Part 45:    Understanding about a Soul Whisperer, Ghosts, and Guardian Angels?  Click here

Part 47:    Painting The 50 Shades of KARMA.  Click here

Part 91:    Where is the Soul, Guardian Angels, Heaven, Devil, or God 101?  Click here

Part 90:    IS HEAVEN HALAL?” [WARNING: This is a Non-Halal Satire]  Click here

Part 36:    Religion and spirituality is personal and not political. It’s between you and God.  Click here

Chapter 9: Speaking & Receiving Afterlife Signs from your Guardian Angels

Part 62:     Speaking & Receiving Afterlife Signs from Your Guardian Angels. Click here

Part 65:    Touching by a Guardian Angel? Are there any Human Activities or Religions in the Afterlife World?  Click here

Part 80:    Getting Help from ArchAngels.  Click here

Chapter 10: Debunking MH370 Conspiracy Theories: Messages from Captain Zaharie & Brenda

Part 59:    Revealing The Real MH370 X-Files: The Secret of How MH370 crashed. And how My Cousin was Saved from MH370 by a Guardian Angel.  Click here

Part 55:    Revealing The Untold Story of how 50 Foreign Exchange UiTM Students were saved from MH370.  Click here

Part 3: Hiding black beetle: a MH370 afterlife sign about the black box.  Click here

Part 4:      Brenda sends two MH370 afterlife signs – a twin-spider to an American filmmaker and a flock of soaring hawks.  Click here

Part 5:      Meeting of 2 dead wives and a green plastic plane MH370 sign.  Click here

Part 6:      “Leaving on a jet plane” lyrics – an Ensign Wasp Afterlife Sign from MH370 Captain Zaharie.  Click here

Part 14:    The spirit world tells what happened to MH370 and other details.  Click here

Chapter  11: Misinterpreting the Premonition of MH17 Aircrash

Part 23:    Psychic premonition: 37 days after seeing a plane wing MH17 was shot down. A 3rd one is coming…  Click here

Chapter 12: Waiting after the Premonition of the Third Malaysian-based Aircrash: QZ8501     Click here

Chapter 13: Identifying Big Karmic Debts

Part 73:    Identifying Your very tough periods in your life as Karmic Life Lessons that you must pay.  Click here

Part 74:    Identifying The 27 Big Karmic Debts.  Click here

Part 75:    Settling Your Big 3 Karmic Debts.  Click here

Part 70:    Sharing My Untold Tale of Two Karma Love Stories about Celibacy and Eloping.  Click here

Chapter 14:  Facing Good Kitsune Fox Seducers & Bad Daji Fox Seducers

Part 76:    Story-telling of The Mythological Seduction by Femme Fatale 9-Tailed Fox Daji.  Click here

Part 77:    Escaping Seducers and Temptresses.  Click here

Part 78:    Detecting the characteristics of a Fox Seducer: Examples of Daji Fox Seducers  Click here

Part 79:    Escaping the Karmic Debt Cycle of the Addicted Seducer.  Click here

Chapter 15: Grieving 

Part 88:        Grieving: The 17 Phases of Grieving   Click here

Part 44:    Performing The Crossover Soul Whispering Ritual and The Crossover Soul Whisperer’s Prayer.  Click here

Part 89:    Telling Afterlife Tales: A Tale of Two Wives Same Date Deaths.  Click here

Chapter 16:   Predicting the Triple Disaster Premonition

Part 24:    Coming TRUE: the TRIPLE Premonition Disasters & Tragedies  Click here

Part 25:    Confirming The TRIPLE Disaster Premonition.  Click here

Part 29.1:  Brenda Triple Disasters Premonition on global, national, and social/personal levels.  Click here

Part 32:    Bombing in Kuala Lumpur? Could a 2002 Bali Triple Bombing really happen. Click here

Part 33:    Triple Luck or Triple Disaster Premonition?  Click here

Part 84:    ‘Jamais deux sans trois’ Triple Tragedy Premonition finally happened in France.  Click here

Part 49:    Imminent Psychic Premonitions and Good News on Brenda José 53rd Birthday.  Click here

Chapter 17: Interpreting Brenda’s Whispering on Predictions

Part 95:    Meeting Brenda’s Incarnation as early as the end of December 2020. “You have only less than 2 years left!” whispered Brenda through a Psychic.   Click here

Part 50:    Predicting 9.0+ Cascadia Earthquake-Tsunami: Hollywood got it wrong. The Really Big One is not San Andreas & it’s 76 years overdue! (The New Yorker).  Click here

Part 48:    Predicting the ACTUAL Time of Death of Lee Kuan Yew.  Click here

Part 29.3:  Psychic premonition of the shocking suicide of a celebrity that is a catalyst for awareness of depression and personality disorders.  Click here
Part 53:    Birthing of 2 Future Rulers in UK and Philippines on May 2nd 2015.  Click here

Part 54:    Predicting Princess Charlotte will be destined to be a future Queen of UK.  Click here

Chapter 18: Miscellaneous Topics

Part 22:    My “dark secrets” life lessons applied to coaching, writing, inspiration and healing.  Click here

Part 29.2:  1,900 years old Roman sculpture of eagle devouring a serpent found in London symbolizing good conquering evil.  Click here

Part 30:    2014: The “Number 7 Year” of Spiritual Awakening, Karmic Return, and Inner Transformation.  Click here

Part 43:    Why I’m so Gen Z, where I’m different, and what I haven’t tried.  Click here

Part 51:    What is this blog about. A big THANK YOU for 100,000+ views!  Click here

Part 52:    Best Earth Day Song: Conviction of The Heart by Kenny Loggins (video).  Click here

Part 56:    Brenda dedicated 2 Personal Songs to Robert: “Complicated Melody” and “The Truth”.  Click here

Part 71:    The Awakening of Wizard Chaen.  Click here

Part 82:    In God and Angels I Trust to Let Go Until I Die.  Click here

Part 83:    Thinking about death daily inspires creativity, compassion, and change.  Click here


“Angelic Signs of Angel Brenda” eBook
The First Afterlife eBook by Whisperer Robren

Afterlife Signs from My Twin Soul Brenda by Whisperer Robert Chaen

Published on 12nd August 2017.
Updated: 13th January 2022..
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