The Untold Love Story of How Brenda & Robert met and the Legend of Mahsuri [Twin Souls Part 67.2]

The start of a series of numbers 7s & 11s (Branda’s Soul Numbers) after a near-death surgery.
Earlier in 1995 around her birthday (7 April) she attended  a personal workshop called “Eau de vie” coached by my mentor James Newton (I was Chief Assistant). The next day she survived a life threatening and life-changing surgery due to a perforated intestines to remove 7 inches of intestines, in a 7 hour “explorative surgery”, which left a 7 inch scar. Her bed was number  7 in ward number 7!

Crohn’s Disease – the life-changing turn of events
The visiting Chinese surgeon from UK alerted Queen Mary Hospital that she may have Crohn’s Disease, a very rare noncontagious disease that inflames the intestinal tract.

She made an amazing recovery from being very skinny (around 80 pounds or 36 kilos). For the first time I saw her well and not vomiting. I became very attracted to her when I moved in.

Within 2 weeks of my moving in, we had sex and became a couple. And the rest was history…

This healthy recovery lasted only about 1 year until after we married in April 1996. I took good care of her in sickness (mainly), and in health. I share this inspiring story in my high CQ-EQ (change-emotional quotients) workshop. Unfortunately, she did not survive her second perforated episode in 2013.

We have many incredible experiences, stories, and fond memories about Cheung Chau – more coming up in later articles.
Read about > The day lightning struck about 10 feet from Brenda.

The Dark Side of Dorothy Bodenberg: The Ultimate Daji Fox Seducer I ever met in this lifetime
Dorothy B. was a very powerful healer and channel. But privately I could see her “dark side” and it was very dark. BTW, all of us have our dark sides. I know my own dark side. So no judgments here.

Dorothy and I met one last time on United Nations Day Celebrations (which was held earlier on Sunday 22 October 1995) when she visited Hong Kong. She saw Brenda and I perform from a distance in Victoria Park. She said she knew for sure that it was really the end of our road. We said our goodbyes, and we never met or contacted each other ever again. Karmic completion, an important chapter closed.

I would categorize a Dorothy-type to be a spiritual catalyst, a wake-up call, or a Karmic Life Lesson. She is not evil. For this I would thank Dorothy for the very important “tough roles” she play – as I would also thank people who have betrayed me as one of my life lessons and gifts from the Universe.

Was Dorothy ever my Twin Flame or even Brenda’s Twin Flame (see below) in some past lives… this I will ask Brenda for another article…

UN Day 1

Brenda and myself as MCs for some fun outdoor games, and BK Maureen Chen, my ex-Sister-in-Law.

H.O.P.E. Symbols

H.O.P.E. (Hands Of Peace on Earth)© our first ever T-shirt design by Brenda & I

UN Peace Force

5 years later in 2000, Brenda joined me as a Co-Coach & my Business Partner for 12 years inChangeU – as thousands of ChangeU and Papillon Personal Effectiveness graduates have the privilege (now rare) to be personally coached by Brenda.


Back to the Mahsuri story. I wondered if all three of us, Brenda, Dorothy, and I were in any way connected in our past lives with Mahsuri, the village chief’s wife Wan Mahura, and the troubadour Deraman who witnessed Mahsuri die (from a hidden corner), and then told the world about the Mahsuri story in poems and folk songs as he traveled. As I connect the dots and flashback to the rare tear drop blood stigmata, I seriously wondered about the parallels of both stories…

In any case, I saw Brenda die, I still write poems (Valentine’s Day Poem to Brenda), dedicate love songs to Brenda, (and she dedicates personal songs to me too from the Other Side), and I share our Twin Soul stories in my cybertravels…

Valentine's Day Poem to Brenda

The truth is Brenda was “bugging” me to write about this by sending 4 intensive and unusual afterlife signs in a 2 hours period yesterday.

As I’m writing this love story I felt the similar good vibes we had in Cheung Chau. Bliss! Now you know how Brenda & I seemingly met “randomly” in a workshop, but Brenda & I are predestined to meet back in every lifetime as Twin Souls…

Twin Flame

I love you dearly, Brenda, my Eternal Twin Soul.

Brenda, show me and my readers a good sign if you really like my Twin Soul Love Story dedicated to you – just like you showed me a crazy sign that you liked my “Valentine’s Day Poem to Brenda” by having an random post go viral with 46747 views!



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Published: 27th February 2016.
Updated: 24th March 2020

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