Touching by a Guardian Angel? Are there any Human Activities or Religions in the Afterlife World?
[Twin Souls Part 65]

Deep Questions about what do Souls do or don’t do in the Afterlife. The amazing truthful answers from an Angel from the Other Side…
through the Twin Souls Whisperer…
(some things will really surprise you)

Guardian Angels and God do not have any religion. Why?
Simply it’s because when  a human crosses over, the soul leaves the human body behind. The soul then is no longer bound by any human or physical universal laws such as illness, death, hunger, and religious laws.

Souls, Angels, and God do not have a human body in the Spirit World. This universal truth has countless yet simple implications. Key implications are:
● Souls have no gender, race, religion, or karma.
● Karma and the return of good or band karma only happens on Earth – either in the present lifetime or future reincarnations.
The return of Karma does not happen in the commonly held mythological belief of Heaven (reward) & Hell (punishment).
● There are no human activities or religions in the Afterlife Spirit World .
● Souls and angels have no human emotions that we can understand. 
● Humans cannot physically see, hear, smell, taste, or touch Souls, Angels, or God. (They sense them through their 6th Sense of Intuition and 7th Sense of Spirituality, see below).

There are no human activities or religions in the Afterlife Spirit World – no sex, no eating, no partying, no worshiping, no sickness, no suffering, no pain, no pleasure, no hunger  – NO human activities, period. The soul is just resting in a peaceful “seed” state. Some called “Nirvana“, “Moksha“, or “Heaven”. That’s why the phrase “RIP, Rest in Peace”. I hope it makes sense to you as this wisdom is hardly known at all, or there are many confusing and contradicting ancient and new age interpretations about the Afterlife.

For example there are no sex with 72 virgins as a karmic reward for jihadists and terrorists, I’m sorry to disappoint potential suicide bombers out there. In fact, be warned that the return of bad karma for killing in the name of God is 10,000 fold karmic punishment. Read more about the 50 Shades of Karma.

However, the soul can choose to be a guardian angel, or if it’s in the soul’s Karma (fate & destiny), the soul can take on an “Angelic Form”. This angelic form has a non-physical “angelic body of light” for the soul to protect and give cautionary premonitions to the soul’s loved ones.


This body of light is needed as humans cannot see souls or God. Humans can only sense angelic apparitions, or visions of angels. This is also called the Seventh Sense of Spirituality”

Humans in their very limited human consciousness will interpret these afterlife signs and visits according to their human understanding and it is usually heavily influenced and filtered by religious beliefs. Therefore, the angelic form maybe seen to have gender, race, religion when there are NO HUMAN FORMS for all guardian angels, departed ones, and God.

Published on 21 February 2016.
From Wizard Chaen’s Twin Souls Whisperings with Brenda.
Updated on 23 February 2016.

#Seventh Sense