Predicting that Brenda would die at 60 years old by the Famous Blind Fortune Teller.  [Twin Souls Part 9]

We talked about Brenda’s blind Hong Kong fortune teller whose predictions had uncannily come true.
He had warned her about Tommy her first fiancé – not to marry him until after 7 years with him.
And that if she did the marriage would fail.

6½ years into the relationship, Tommy’s father was dying.
The father made them promise to marry as soon as possible before he dies.
And almost immediately after Brenda’s marriage to her first husband, Tommy and his situation changed for the worse.
He was forced to work for his ex-boss who had triad connections to set up a night club. He would home late and their work hours did not match. Brenda was working for Spaghetti House as a Restaurant Floor Supervisor.

He incurred gambling debts and would hide from the public.
Brenda even took a HK$50,000 loan from her Dad to help him clear his gambling debts. But he used it for gambling.
After one year she left Tommy. She would cry nearly every night for 1 year later.

Tommy claimed that he had changed and wanted her back. He would send her gifts during her birthdays.
I remember one time when we were in a relationship, Brenda and I were on the open deck back area of the Cheung Chau ferry going to Hong Kong Island. She threw Tommy’s engagement ring to the sea and met him for the last time. That was her simple closure ritual.

Back to the blind fortune teller. Brenda visited him years later. The moment she sat down he recognized who she was and scolded her why she did not listen to his warning and married her 1st fiancé before the 7 year period. She freaked out. Then he went to say that luckily her 2nd husband would love her, and do anything for her, and that she can even bully him (that’s so happened to be me).

Another warning the blind fortune teller said was she should not commit suicide by jumping off a building. He said she would live but the other guy who would buffer her fall would be dead instead…

So our conversation went to the blind fortune teller telling her the age of her death. I have heard about this much earlier. So I joked “when did the blind man say you’ll die.” She replied “are you sure you want to know?” I said “It won’t bother me as I don’t believe in such fortune tellers. It would bother you as you believe him. Anyways, I’m against any fortune teller stating someone’s age of death.”

She revealed the age was 60 years old. I responded “OK, great you still have 9 more years. You should make full use of it lol”. Alas! It was not meant to be. She died at the age of 51.

The next day Monday I had a 2 day ‘Diamond Leader PowerWorkshop with Paramount Property in Sunway Hotel.
She stayed at my house when she came to Malaysia. She came to move her 40+ storage boxes from a friend’s place to my house.
She was very thin and could not put on any weight even with taking steroids which previously was the ‘miracle drug’ to get fat.

Not this time – it seemed odd.

December 20th, 2013 was very last time Brenda and I hugged – consciously
She sobbed, cried, and said that she only cared about me and loved me.

She was extremely upset and felt totally abandoned.
Some close friends including a goddaughter said they would see her but they never did.

I said I love her too.

And that I will take care of her even if it means to spend my last dime on her to help her.
I too cried like a baby.

This would turn out to be the very last time Brenda and I hugged – consciously.
She left Malaysia for Hong Kong.

I never called her and she never called me – until I first received the bad news on Saturday evening, 21 December 2013.
I thought no news is good news.

Published: Sunday, 27 April, 2014. 2:06pm

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