Angel Encounters of The Sixth Kind

Angel Encounters of The Sixth Kind: 6th Sense (Clairsentience: psychic sensing)
24. Common Guardian Angel e.g. a crossed-over loved one e.g. family, relative, friend, or colleague)
25. Ghosts (souls with unsettled Karma, who are stuck in a repetitive Groundhog Day-type “Ghost Loop” in the 5th Dimension of Ghost Universe, and who had not RIP (rest in peace) or cross-over to The 6th Dimension of The Universe, The Angelic Universe, The Afterlife, Heaven, or to The 7th Dimension, Nirvana, The BeforeLife.
26. Psychics, Mediums, Shamans, Priests e.g. through reading, healing, rituals, exorcism, cleansing