HELP Robert Chaen find his late Wife Brenda José’s Silver Wedding Ring & 1.17 Ct Heart Diamond Solitaire Engagement Engagement Ring ( last seen with a Filipino Maid in Fortress Hill, Hong Kong in Dec. 2013 ) REWARD.

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Lord of The Ring

Brenda’s Twin Souls Diamonds & Silver WEDDING Ring has the unique IDENTICAL TWIN DESIGN as mine but in Silver. It has 10 Pairs of Tiny Diamonds.

1 Ct Heart-shaped Diamond Solitaire Ring, White Gold

Brenda’s ENGAGEMENT Ring has a 1.17 carat Heart-shaped Diamond Solitaire Ring (it incredibly has her Soul Numbers 11 & 7)

Brenda’s father was heart-broken and instructed his maid to throw away all her belongings 1 week after she crossed over on 23 December 2013 in Fortress Hill, Hong Kong. Her belongings included a Panthère deCartier watch, rare Rolex Oyster Royal with unique silver mesh watch band (ref no: 4220, serial no: 233478, circa 1942), an Ipad, a HP 15 inch maroon cover laptop).

Panthere de CartierRolex Vintage.jpg
Robert believes the Filipino MAID had kept them secretly as he suspect she did not inform Brenda’s Mother or Father who is very blind that there were many Brenda’s valuable items she was instructed to throw away.

He invested a few hundred thousands dollars for Brenda to set up an Online Jewellery Business. She wore these museum-grade rings herself as she purposely bid for special rings with her ring size. She gave many jewellery pieces away to her friends.

Brenda took most of the big Museum-grade Rings to Hong Kong in 2013, and left with Robert 2 big Jewellery Boxes with hundreds of beautiful pieces all with Brenda’s energies. He now regularly give away Brenda’s jewellery blessed by her to his close friends.

Note: Unfortunately he can’t remember the name of her Dad’s Hong Kong Maid.
If anyone comes across a Maid with a few hundred thousands worth of high end jewellery it should raise some alarm bells!

Robert hopes whoever has Brenda’s 1.17 Carat Heart-shaped Diamond Solitaire Ring or Silver Wedding Ring, please return back to him, the rightful Trustee Fund Owner.

WARNING:  NO ONE will be able to wear Brenda’s Heart-Diamond Ring or Twin Souls Wedding Rings Karmically – without Brenda’s or Robert’s blessings.

Unlike The Lord of The Rings (1 Ring to rule the other Rings of Power) which corrupt those who wore it, the Twin Souls Wedding Rings are super-powerful which can only be worn by Robert & Brenda. Robert can pass his ring for others to wear for 5-60 minutes to get ‘activated’ with the the Twin Souls’ magical energies.

Robert believe Brenda’s Twin Souls Silver Wedding Ring and the 1.17 Carat Heart Diamond Engagement Ring will come back to Robert eventually – SOMEONE OUT THERE will notice any of these stunning, unique, rare Museum-grade rings.


He is listing all these Brenda’s major items so that the search is wider.
Robert wants back the 2 rings only: 1.17 Ct Heart Diamond Ring and Silver Wedding Ring – nothing else are more priceless and sentimental than the 2 rings.

Someday, someone will inherit Robert’s Twin Souls Wedding Ring… (wonder who since he has no children of his own)…



Certifacate of Brenda's Engagement Ring with 1.17 Carat Heart-s

Notice: 1.17 Ct has Brenda’s Soul Number 11 & 7.


Below are 3 stunning Museum-grade Rings which were part of Brenda’s Collection.


Deep Pink Sapphire Ring

Heart DEEP PINK Sapphire & Diamond Ring: 1 Ladies White Gold Ring containing 173 Deep Pink Natural Sapphires (total 3.90 ct) surrounding 80 Diamonds in Heart shape (total 1.40 ct).

Blue Sapphire Ring

Deep BLUE Sapphire & Diamond Ring: 1 Ladies White Gold with 1.94 ct Center Sapphire, additional 4 Sapphires (0.86 ct), and 28 Diamonds (total 0.19 ct).

Kunzite Ring

Purple Kunzite & Diamond Ring: 1 Ladies Platinum Ring with 15.80 Ct Kunzite (light PURPLE color) center + 22 Diamonds (total 1.25 ct)


Awakening of The Lord of The Twin Soul Ring
Finding Robert’s Wedding Ring & Flying without Wings

Robert’s Twin Soul Wedding Ring finally found after 3½ years since Brenda’s Cross-over.

On 1 August 2017 Robert found his Wedding Ring which he had been searching desperately everywhere since Brenda crossed over 3½ years ago.

A strong sense made him to look at 3 common places.
among unimportant items in a small tray in the main drawer of his dressing table.
he finally found his priceless Twin Souls Wedding Ring effortlessly.

It’s a very, very good sign.
He noticed since wearing his Twin Souls Wedding Ring, it is totally energizing and inspiring him.

He’s now wearing it on his left pinky finger as it doesn’t fit his wedding finger or any other fingers anymore.

Published on 14 August 2017