Understanding The Differences between Soulmates, Twin Flames and Twin Souls
[Twin Souls Part 69]

The 3 Soul Type Key Differences

About Twin Souls only
As Twin Souls have an eternal mission and roles to play, they need practically an army of connections. Therefore, Twin Souls have many Twin Flames all through the ages – probably a rotational total of around 300 Twin Flames which are mainly mission-specific, business-related, and politically aligned.

Twin Souls probably have around 12 Key Twin Flames which are for companionship, support purposes and for what I call “Voice of Conscience” or strategic roles.

According to my Twin Souls Whisperings with Brenda, I have identified 50+ Twin Flames for both of us, and for each of us.

BTW, I have yet to meet another Twin Souls who meet the Characteristics of Twin Souls, read more >
The 7 Tests of Faith of Twin Souls

Twin Souls Whisperings with Brenda from the Other Side 

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Published on 5 March 2016
Updated on 21 August 2016

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