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What is this blog about. A big THANK YOU for 100,000+ views! [Twin Souls Part 51]

A big THANK YOU for 100,000 views for and what this Blog is about  [Twin Souls Part 51]

TQ for 100,000 likes RC

Today 15 April 2015 we reached another big milestone for this website – 100,000 plus views with 914 articles. Why we?
Although this website is operated by myself, I felt there are many others especially my ChangeU graduates who inspired me to write and post more. I acknowledge Brenda Jos
é, my Twin Soul for channeling infinite wisdom, truth and unconditional love.

Here are some analysis of our readers’ trends: readers come from all around the world. There are only a few central African countries that we have not yet have readers for this website. Let’s get more your friends to subscribe to this website.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 8.19.05 PM

The top views by Country for the last 365 days are:

Malaysia:                 25,011
United States (currently the most views for the last 3 months): 18,457
Singapore:              3,127
United Kingdom:     2,793
Canada:                  2,773
Australia:                2,499
Hong Kong SAR:    2,341
France:                  1,970
Germany:               1,515
Philippines:            1,184

The biggest jump in readership in the past 6 months are from USA, UK, France, and Germany. Yay!
There was a drop in readership from Philippines. Filipino readers come back! You’re missing out.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 8.12.26 PM

The biggest areas of interest for readers for the last 365 days were:
Famous people with Personality Disorders
Marilyn Monroe’s Borderline Personality Disorder and Bipolar Disorder
Charlie Hebdo-related hostage drama
Psychic premonitions about MH370, MH17
Twin Souls series and Brenda Jose
Karen Mok nude art
Umbrella Movement (Hong Kong)
Very naughty Thai panties TVC
About Wizard Chaen
NOTE: as this website articles are chronically posted, many have said that they discovered priceless gem articles much earlier. Take your time to keep going back in the past timeline articles.

How my blogging started
I started blogging around middle 2012 with this website. One of my staff intern was a blogger. So I asked her to set up a free wordpress website. The first banner picture I chose was a very scary Eagle Owl in full flight. I wanted an Owl symbol as it symbolizes my Wizard’s wisdom. The current banner is a softer looking owl which seems closer to my character.

My first articles were rather raw, spontaneous, and innocent. But I was very happy to start.

I humbly apologize for not spending more time to make the layout prettier or have Categories and layers of buttons (there are some categories with nothing on it, sorry). I’m a CEO of 5 companies and have a very busy life. But this website is a labor nay it’s a joy and passion of love and truth. When I have more resources I’ll get some expert to work on my site map.

My native American medicine (“spirit”) are Raven (magic), Wolf (teacher), and Owl (see right through deception). This may explain my interest and advocacy for truth, learning, transformation, personal growth, . I have an insatiable curiosity for life.

Channeling Brenda
Then my life totally transformed when Brenda José, my Twin Soul, crossed over on 23 December 2013. The very next day on Christmas Eve when I was writing Brenda’s obituary I felt that I was channeling Brenda. That is the day I first recognized that Brenda was the Angel of Unconditional Love.

I channeled what she wanted in her obituary, who she wanted to be included as her valued family and who she wanted not to be included. The draft changed 7 times by Brenda as I emailed from Hong Kong to my Malaysian staff to re-do the layout!

Countless of Brenda’s irrefutable Afterlife Signs
At first I was not sure whether I was having a Bipolar episode of grandiosity and imagination as I have a very scientific, business, and healthily skeptical mind. Then on Boxing Day 26 December 2013 three days after she crossed over, Brenda gave me her first of countless irrefutable Afterlife Signs a Mark Six computer generated lottery with the first 2 consecutive numbers as her birth and Soul Numbers: 7 and 11 (see article and evidence photo).

Afterlife Signs overload and burden
The countless Afterlife Signs in the form of beetles, hawks, triple signs, psychic premonition of major events such as MH370, MH17, and Germanwings aircrashes were an information and burden overload. I didn’t know what I was suppose to do with these afterlife signs, if any.

I was puzzled why am I chosen to play these new Twin Soul roles such as Crossover Soul Whisperer, Brenda’s Channeler & Writer, and Soul Whisperer to souls’ purpose and meaning in life.

Mind Overload, ranting, and photo-video evidence
In the first weeks after she crossed over, I was so overloaded that I had to write, write, and write furiously to keep my sanity, and to obsessively documented key Afterlife Signs with full details, photo-video evidence, and timing. Those days my writing was very raw, unedited, uncensored, and I ranted and repeated myself profusely (I’m sorry if I scared some of my readers).

I missed photographing and videoing so many signs I decided to invest in an iPhone 6 Plus to have instant record of any unpredictable signs. You can read my earlier unsorted writings at your peril in and

Twin Soul Infinite Mission
From the time of her crossing over, Brenda revealed to me for 11 months and 19 days our Twin Soul Infinite Mission and what are Twin Souls (see 2 articles). By the time I visited her ossuary for the first time on 4 December 2014, I had connected the key dots of our Twin Souls mission. I actually did not know what I “signed up” for when I surrendered to God and to Brenda in her last 3 minutes at her death bed.

Past Life Connections
She also connected to me to many past life connections from all around the world such as Craig Santy who became President of one of my subsidiaries, and some staff. Some past life connections are for me to heal or to coach, some to work with, or some to pass a life lesson message.

More Good News coming. Soul Whisperer and You
And you, our dear readers will be receiving more inspirational and metaphysics wisdom from me, the Soul Whisperer. Relax! Brenda brings many GOOD NEWS, contrary to many who think that she brings mainly bad news (e.g. premonitions). So not true! I’m only just starting to understand and learning HOW to tap into Brenda’s Good News / Triple Good Luck energies. Be patient!

The True Secret Revealed
We’ll reveal The True Secret to attract health, wealth, opportunities, relationships, baby, and whatever your Soul needs and wants. Just whisper your area of interest to the Soul Whisperer – in Comments below.

About Wizard Chaen (read this first if you are new):
I recommend you read this first if you are a first timer as my blog website is quite different from the usual. And some of my writings have a slight assumption that you are aware a bit of my background, my philosophy, my professional connections, and my infinite Twin Soul connection with Brenda.

The most popular Categories (click Categories and related articles will pop up):
[]  Afterlife signs
[]  Aircrash Premonition: MH370, MH17, AirAsiaQZ8501 / Captain Zaharie / Germanwings 4U9525 / Andreas Lubitz
[]  Best graduate advice
[]  Bounce Back Malaysia / Stories / Bounce Backers
[]  Branded entertainment / Employer Branding /
[]  Celebrities / Actors / Singers
[]  ChangeU Group news: Chaen-Santy Media / Change University / Chaen Business School / BorneoHunter
[]  Charities
[]  Crime / Corruption / Rape / Murder / Tyranny / Terrorism
[]  Film review / Music / Songs / Books
[]  Food & Beverage / F&B
[]  Hong Kong / China / USA / Malaysia / Singapore / UK / France / Russia / Japan / Korea / Philippines / Australia / Germany
[]  Image, grooming
[]  Numerology / Symbolism
[]  Quotes (inspiring) / Robert Chaen Quotes
[]  Politics
[]  Profiles
[]  Psychic premonitions
[]  Relationships / Women-Men / Parenting
[]  R&R (rest & recreation) / Hobbies / Lifestyle / Gadgets / Auto / Travelling
[]  Spirituality / Religion / God / Angels / Philosophy / Beliefs / Mythbusters / Hudud / Shariah Laws / Religious Cults
[]  Training, Management  & Leadership
[]  Twin Souls series (now up to Part 51)
[]  Wizard’s Wisdom Videos / Robert’s View

Features of

[]  Wizard’s Wisdom YouTube videos
[]  Robert’s View: these are my extra comments at the end of the article.
[]  Quotes
[]  Polls
[]  Articles from: South China Morning Post (SCMP, the award-winning Hong Kong newspaper) /
The Malaysian Insider / Free Malaysia Today

Facebook Links: complete articles posted here are promoted in Facebook for wider audiences
I used to write long articles and blogs and posted in my Facebook pages but feedback was why am I posting such long articles in FB. So a decision was made to post my articles here, with FB links in:
YouTube channels:  Robert Chaen / ChangeU / Bounce Backers
LinkedIn:  Robert Chaen / ChangeU / Bounce Back Malaysia
Twitter accounts:  changeuni / RobertChaen1 / BounceBackers
Twitter accounts: ChangeUni  / Robert Chaen1
Instagram:  Robert Chaen / BounceBackers

My selected articles here are also posted in: google “Robert Chaen”
[]  The Malaysian Insider
[]  Free Malaysia Today

I hope to have my articles will be posted in Huffington Post anyone can recommend an Editor to get in?

Only today I find out that there are more than 50 good comments in the Spam folder. I’ve approved many.
Let’s get more your friends to subscribe to this highly insightful and informative website.

Cheers and warmest regards,
Robert Chaen

P.S. Whisper your areas of interest and feedback to the Soul Whisperer – in Comments below.

From Robert’s conversations and channeling Angel Brenda, Robert’s Twin Soul.
To read the many Parts of the Twin Souls series, click “Twin-Souls” on the left column under Categories.

Published on Wednesday 15 April 2015.
Updated on 16 April 3015.

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