Passing Test of Faith #3: Accepting Robert’s Body as the Only Writer-Whisperer Channel for Brenda [Twin Souls Part 92]


I keep my body as healthy as I can as the Temple & Channel for Angel Brenda.

I wonder my sudden forced circumcision in 14 July 2015 (due to a rare infection) has anything to do with keeping a good temple… It was a very painful minor surgery with 20 injections (no typo) into the most sensitive part of the male human body. The surgeon wanted to be real sure I didn’t feel the cut. The anesthetic from the 20 injections lasted an incredible 16 hours when I felt the pain for the next 3 weeks! Having circumcision at such a late stage is not funny, let me tell you.

I personally don’t think that is a criteria to be a channel for a Twin Soul Angel – although I think it’s something else which I hope to be enlightened in the future. Having said that, circumcision apparently impresses my Muslim and Jewish friends and readers…

So my body passed Test #4 as it can contain and channel the energies of Angel Brenda.

Do I need to a Celibate in the Twin Souls Mission?
I asked Brenda whether I need to a celibate for being a Twin Soul and her reply was negative. I was a celibate by choice because of a very strict religion called B.K. Raja Yoga I joined for 10 years from 20 years old. I was a 31 year old virgin when I popped my cherry!

Test 3. true_love_couples-450902

Will Brenda be jealous of my future “Twin Flame” wife?
Some friends have asked me about this personal question. First of all, Brenda is an angel which means she does not have a human body which is subjected to the Universal Law of Karma, human and physical laws of health, emotions. Angelic Brenda or guardian angels do not have any human emotions as they do not have human bodies. Therefore,  angelic Brenda cannot get jealous. Whew!

Knowing this fact, I prayed to Brenda that I will find my future “Twin Flame” wife as predestined. I’m not in a hurry although my Mum bugs the heaven out of me to marry real soon every time I call her.

I imagine my future wife to have a common passion in my learning, media, CSR businesses, support my belief in Angel Brenda, my Twin Soul roles, and general philosophy, and gives me the freedom to fulfill my destiny. I hope she is intelligent, passionate, feminine, and beautiful.

My human needs taken care of
As I’m still human, I have human needs. Brenda promised me that I will be taken care for the rest of my life. Of course I’ll be protected, guided, and inspired by Brenda and God.


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Written on 24 February 2016.
Published on 20 August 2017.

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To be continued… Test of Faith #4: Abandonment of Friends