The Law OF Repulsion is based on 42 years of research. The most significant life-changing methodology since NLP, “The Secret” book, and The Law of Attraction.

Everyone from the world’s richest man, religious leader, prime minister to the homeless beggar has Karmic Debts, and can have a change of fortune for better or for worse.

In fact, the higher status in society will likely lead to bigger Karmic Debts, if one has bad or malicious intent.

Your finances is dependent on your Karmic Finances – how you treat others.

Many people have heard or read about The Secret, a bestseller book by Rhonda Byrne.
But do you know The Hidden Secret to The Secret is not the Law of Attraction, but the Law of Repulsion.
Until you understand the Law of Repulsion, you will fail to attract your life dreams, but repulse opportunities and success.
Let us explain…

The Law of Attraction made simple.

For example if you think of good, positive thoughts, you attract good, positive results. On opposite of the coin is if you think of bad, negative thoughts, you attract bad, negative outcomes in life. In reality, The Secret is nothing new. The Secret is actually old wine in a new bottle, that is the new bottle is a new external packaging, a new sexy name, a very clever and high profile PR and marketing of the book campaign.

Rhonda Byrne curated the best quotes from many famous bestselling authors to give their own take about the Law of Attraction is about.

What I glaringly discovered was the biggest missing puzzle in The Secret is The Law of Repulsion.

The Law of Repulsion made simple.

Settle your karmic debts first, or you can’t attract your dreams and success.
It is as simple but as hard as that.

What if I tell you that I know the Real Key to The Secret Law of Attraction.
That the Law of Attraction will not work properly if you have not settled your Karmic Debts. And you are wondering why after you did everything that the Masters had told you to do in The Secret, but you got little or no results. And you gave up after many tries.

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You have been putting the ladder on the wrong wall of success or on the wrong tree of life.

You have been building your dreams and vision on a very shaky ‘foundation’ of shifting sand.

Therefore, the first step I will share with you is BEFORE you lay a solid foundation, you need to remove the obstacles blocking your foundation from forming.

You need to symbolically plug the massive holes and cracks that are leaking the liquid concrete of your actions from becoming a solid foundation.

The huge holes are your Karmic Debts that you have unconsciously accumulated over time, whether you strongly believe in past lives or you are an atheist who believes that you only live one lifetime that is this lifetime, it matters not when it comes to the Law of Repulsion.

Some highlights in The Law Of Repulsion:

● The most important missing puzzle for the success of The Law Of Attraction
● The Karmic Debts List
● Centering Meditation (CM), combining the best of East and Western Meditation styles
● The 9 New Norms in ELiving and EWorking

● Beware of The Daji Fox Seducer

● Craving your Personal Branding – your Personal Niche

● Spiritual Entrepreneurship

● Why you need to give back


I would like to thank Caroline Chong (UTAR) and Celaine Sow (INTI), interns from Robren Dream Team who were in the Creative Publication Team, to design the ebook cover, chapter layout, editing, proof-reading, and the overall design of the ebook, Colin Sprake for inspiring me to focus on Niche and Micro-niches, and being the catalyst for writing this ebook and The Law of Repulsion program, morale support from The 9 New Norms to Digital Transformation and Covid-19 Recovery, Michelle Teoh, Dr, Henry Yeoh, Steve Chen, Coco Wong, Faris Hakim, Shamsul Nashriq, Craig Santy, Ganesh Kumar Bangah, Ann Tan, and too many others, you know who you are.