Quadruple Bats Afterlife Sign – first time ever 4 Bats roost above my backyard door.

After 1 year, 4 Bats are back on 20 December 2016, starting 1 Bat roosting on 9 December, and 2 Bats on 12 December, 3 Bats on 19 December. This is the most bats roosting on my backyard ever.


There were 5 Bats in my front ceiling at the same time.

On 21 December, Brenda send me a first-time Bats Love-making Afterlife Sign above my backyard door haha.

Watch video >> https://goo.gl/DDCyC8


I must say the last week has been EARTH-SHATTERING:
12 December 2016 (12.12): 6 Wishes come true after 4 years.

14 December 2016: I have a 4th Goddaughter Michelle, one of my joy and pride of my life; my CEO’s 2017 Vision presented in ChangeU Annual Strategic Meeting.

16 December 2016: A most successful launch of Career Insider Certification with 4 CSR Scholarships give away; Javin our Business Development spread his wings elsewhere and also to be nearer his sick grandma.

2016 is ending with a BIG BANG, embracing 2017 when our symbolic “Trio Bats” fly and spread leadership, greatness and kindness to the world.


From Twin Souls Whispering between Whisperer Robert Chaen & Brenda.

whispering baby

Published on 20 December 2016.
Updated on 22 December 2016.

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