The last Facebook banner in Brenda Jose’s Facebook account – Twin Angels forever enshrined. On a soul level she knew that this last picture reveals the Twin-Souls roles Brenda and Robert are playing as an eternal soul connection…


Capital TV Tribute to Brenda José and her legacy, watch:


Brenda José KUALA LUMPUR Memorial Celebration of her unique life – 11 January.
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Cause of death:   

Multiple organ failure due to a large perforated intestines that spread toxins throughout her body. The perforation of intestines was caused by a rare Crohn’s Disease which she suffered from since 1994.

Crohn’s Disease can affect the intestines, and make it inflamed. It’s caused by a defective gene that incorrectly tells the intestinal defense systems to vomit and diarrhea out food and fluid as ‘poisonous’. So she would always be underweight looking almost anorexic. At one time she was 72 pounds.

She went into coma after the MRI scans and just before a 2½ hour surgery on Friday 20 December, 2013. The damage was too great to repair so they just cleaned the intestines. This second time she did not survive after the surgery.

She had multiple organ failure and had full life ICU support immediately including a respirator which pumped air into her lungs.
She couldn’t breathe by herself from Friday onwards.

It was the start of a very long, slow, painless death as her heart failed slowly from Friday to Monday 5:23pm, 23 December, 2013.

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Hospital Thank You:   

We thank all the doctors and nurses of Ruttonjee Hospital, Wanchai Hong Kong who did their best to save her and make her last 5 days with no pain.
We thank Dr. Ida Hilmi, Professor, and doctors of University Hospital Kuala Lumpur who treated her well and even got her into remission for 2-3 years.
We thank doctors and nurses of Kwong Wah Hospital, Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong.

Her website & blogs:   www.SoulSiblings.com

Memorable Employment and Work:
ChangeU International, Malaysia, S.E. Asia:
Co-Coach with Robert, COO, Co-Owner (2006-2013)

Change University, Hong Kong, China:
Co-Coach with Robert, COO, Co-Owner (2000-2013)

Renewal Day Spa, Hong Kong
Odyssey (with Helen Forty and Robert)
Aman Resorts, Hong Kong
CSSL, Hong Kong
Spaghetti House, Hong Kong


Robert & Brenda Chaen Foundation

Robert & Brenda Chaen Foundation was founded after the passing away of Brenda José on 23 December, 2013. José was the wife of Chaen for 17 years. They were a co-coaching duo for their organization called ChangeU Group. The foundation is non-religious.

The foundation advocates online research and raising awareness in the rule of law, human rights, free society, CSR, unconditional love, truth, healing, spirituality, afterlife and angelic phenomena, numerology, inter-faith understanding, personal growth, relationships, laws of attraction, Crohn’s Disease, Bipolar Disorder, personality disorders, and orphanages.

As José and Chaen had no physical children, a charity foundation is being set up to advocate causes that they are most passionate about. Chaen himself had been doing community service since the age of 7. He helped raise HK$68Million by conducting the world’s first live Charity FireWalk for TVB-Tung Wah Charity Show 1994. He had given out 60+ free scholarships worth US$1,000 each for ‘Papillon Metamorphosis Journey’ (Papillon means butterfly in French). His own companies i.e. ChangeU Group, Change University, BorneoHunter, and COMETrail will support and fund heavily into this foundation.

Any update details on Robert & Brenda Chaen Foundation:

Obituary written by:    Robert Chaen (December 24, 2013) with strong whisperings about who Brenda wanted to acknowledge in the obituary (she strongly whispered me to omit a relative)
Design and layout by:   ChangeU Team (Yee Chai Theng, Ho Jia Chee, Jean Yee)


Please share your mindful thoughts, feelings, and pay a little tribute to Brenda below.
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For Hong Kong Chinese and Malay friends who prefer to write in Chinese or Malay respectively, please do so.
There is no Facebook in Heaven but I’m sure Brenda will be able to read your sincere messages from Heaven.
Thank you. From Robert

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  1. The Shanthi Mantra Dedicated In Memory of Brenda Marie De-Jose to All whose Lives she touched and all beings in General..

    AUM sarveshaam svastir bhavatu, sarveshaam shaantir bhavatu
    sarveshaam poornam bhavatu, sarveshaam mangalam bhavatu
    sarve bhavantu sukhinah, sarve santu niraamayaah
    sarve bhadraani pashyantu, maa kashchidh dukh bhaag-bhavet.

    Meaning of the Sarveshaam Shanti Mantra

    Let it be so ordained (-bhavatu), that all the people (-sarveshaam), experience well-being (-svastir) ; let all the people experience peace or tranquility (-shaantir). Let all the people experience wholeness and completeness (-poornam) ; let them experience prosperity and auspiciousness (-mangalam).

    May it so happen (-bhavantu) that everyone (-sarve) receives happiness (-sukhinah) ; let them all be saint-like (-santu) and be without disease and in good health (-niraamayaah). Let them see with their own eyes (-pashyantu) the goodness of life (-bhadaraani) ; And let them not (maa) contemplate in their conscious mind (-kashchidh) any sorrow inducing (dukh) thoughts while they remain beneficiaries (-bhavet) of good fortune (-bhaag).

    Capt Sudhir

    For days, I delayed in writing to you. Mainly because I don’t know what to say, what to express. So I searched my past and memories, on how I first met you and the unconditional love you have shown to me. I am forever grateful for the confidence you have in me, on the inner light which I myself do not believe is there. I believes that you were indeed the Angel sent to cleanse whatever dirt that has found its way to dim my inner light. While Earth has lost a great being, I knew Heaven has just gained another Angel to help watch over us from above. It is easy to lose my ways with all distractions and worries and negative thoughts, I just have to open “My Life Book” to find my heart and soul again with encouragements from you, Rob and the rest of the Shit Divers team. My only regret is that I didn’t get to spent much time with you before you left for HK. With all my heart, I loves and misses you Bren.

    Jackie Khaw

    Miss you, Brenda, miss you……….

    Ed Lee

    Brenda, although our friendship was rather short in terms of time and months, but I definitely have to say that this friendship was extremely meaningful and “lifechanging” to me. The things you taught me and told me changed a lot inside me into a better person. You showed me things I didn’t want to see in myself or simply didn’t want to admit them. I remember every phrase that was uttered to me. The wisdom, care and sincerity that was coming from you will never be forgotten by me, and I believe will not be forgotten by all the people you have touched. Thank you that I had YOU in my life ! With love and thoughts.

    Alina Nefedova

    Dearest Brenda, its hard to put to words the feelings that I have felt these few days leading on to your goodbye. Mixed feeling of grief of you leaving us and a big relief that your long struggles in pain are finally over. I always believe that no meeting is by chance and there is always a reason for everyone that meet in your life. I am have honored to to have the pleasure of meeting you and Robert. You and Robert are one my mentors that I hold very dear to you me. Thank you for sharing your passion in creating change and seeing the that individuals have the ability to see what is possible beyond themselves.

    There are many individuals that you have touched and shifted through ChangeU and its activities. I am humbled and grateful to have the opportunity to have worked with you and Robert as truly cherish the moments that we spent together. The intensity and love that you brought the participants will be respected and never forgotten by many. Great and memorable times spent at your place with Chuppa Chups and Sundance running around in the house. I am reminded always of your vibrant smile and your *kickass attitude 🙂

    The struggles have been long and its finally come to be. Your love and light will always shine through those that you have touched during the course of your memorable and meaningful life. It continues to shine even brighter in your current form and my thoughts and heartfelt love plus all those you’ve touched is always with you. Thank you for your love, friendship and mentoring, a lifetime of learning, a lifetime of memories held close to the heart.

    You will be always cherished and remembered in my memories Brenda Jose …

    With Fond Thoughts & Love Always

    Kumar Ramasany

    Brenda, I’m don’t know how to put my feeling in words. Your away from us is painful for me to accept the fact n say goodbye to you. however, I know you’ve suffer from pain so long, I believe that angels has brought u to happy heaven. I’ll miss u always n so much, miss those days u were standby for me n lend me ur ears n shoulder, those days we crazy karaoke ( u, christy, me n Jacque ), miss those Irish jokes u shared with us, a lot more unforgettable happy memories to us.

    Brenda, your unconditional love shared to us, your wisdom words let me to be better “me”. You are my great mentor, best coach , great friend, great accompany karaoke kaki n also liked our family members. No matter u not physically with us, I’m know that u will always be with u in our heart. I believe next life, we will meet again.

    Always love you from Ruby Chin

    I believe she has gone to a better place as she told me before she will become an angel one day if she leave and nothing to be regret. I’m not good in express myself, but finally she can release from her pain. I believe she would love to see you (Robert) take good care of yourself too.

    Syndy Tan

    I’m so very glad we met. You, together with Robert and a bunch of other (now) friends, helped me get to a much better place than I could have gone if we hadn’t met. You gave me advice, lent an ear, made me think long and hard about certain things in my life. You had a great impact on my life, giving so much but expecting little in return. And I do feel like I returned very little. I always thought I’d have time to do for you what you have done for me, but it seems that the universe had other plans. You’re in a better place now but your moving on from the physical is keenly felt. I will always be grateful and appreciative for what you have done for me.

    So here’s to you Brenda. Friend, confidant, mentor. Always remembered, always loved. It is a great honour and privilege to have met you and that is something that I will always be thankful for.

    With much love and gratitude,
    TC Lim

    Syndy (Sing Yit Tan), I’m so sorry for forgetting to include your name in Bren’s Obituary as a Goddaughter.
    Please forgive me. My silly excuse is that you chosed her as your GodMother, but not me (cry, cry) and that’s why I forgot hehe (joking)
    It took 7 hours for me to write, verify, and my staff to format to highest standards that Brenda always insisted.

    What are the ‘Spiritual Sign as Brenda has been communicating to me since her physical death at 5:23pm yesterday. I can smell her last medical body smells now and then last night until I slept.

    Today she tried to ‘tell me’ to include your name when I saw someone’s comment on her wall and you liked it. I’ve never heard Brenda mention him to me.

    I commented on his post and questioned how and when he met Brenda.
    About an hour ago, he wrote:
    Hi Robert! I’m sorry for your loss and sorry that we are acquainting this way. I got to know Brenda last year before she moved back to HK through Syndy, the goddaughter.

    “Goddaughter”. I totally missed the point that she telling me to include your name. Aiyaah!

    And our Papillon 2 Graduate.

    Robert Chaen