The coming 3rd global premonition after MH370 and MH17 [Twin-Souls Part 24]

The coming 3rd global premonition after MH370 and MH17 [Twin-Souls Part 24]

Confirming The TRIPLE Disaster Premonition [Twin-Souls Part 25]

(Part 25 of the true real time story of a ‘Twin-Souls’ connection, and the search for unconditional love, truth, healing, attraction, and spirituality)

Angel Brenda Triple Disaster Premonition: there will be a series of Triple Disasters around the world (realized and posted on 03.08.2014)

Premonition High Alert Notice: with the 2 disasters in Taiwan, GE222 crash on 23.07.2014 and Koahsiung gas explosion on 01.08.2014, be on high alert for a possible 3rd disaster in Taiwan this year (posted on 02.08.2014).

The 3rd Triple Disaster (Taiwan-owned factory in Jiangsu) happened the next day after the alert warning above (posted on 03.08.2014).

I tossed in bed last night when I realized 2 previous premonitions came true.

The first premonition sign was my first time ever talking with a Ukrainian in Penang 1 day after MH370 disappeared on 09.03.2014.

The second premonition was that 37 days after I found a plastic airplane right wing MH17 was shot down.

37 is related to MH370 (zero has no quantity).

Plane right wing 740

37 days after I found a plastic airplane right wing MH17 was shot down. 37 is related to MH370 (zero has no quantity).

Therefore, the 2 premonitions told me in no uncertain terms that MH370 and MH17 were linked in destiny as early as 1 day after MH370 disappearance.

I could not connect the dots at that time.

Brenda José who is my guardian angel and departed wife have been sending me afterlife signs ever since she died on 23.12.2013 at 5:23pm.

Brenda’s first shocking and unmistakable afterlife sign was 2 numbers in a Mark Six lottery which I bought 2 hours after she died. The Mark Six had both her birthday and birthpath numbers of 7 and 11 in it. The odds of having 7 and 11 as the first 2 consecutive numbers out of 6 computer generated Mark Six numbers are 1 in 250,000.

(read more… “I could smell my departed wife [Twin-Souls Part 2]”


This computer-generated Mark Six had 7 and 11 as the first 2 consecutive numbers in the second set of 6 numbers (out of a total of 49 numbers). 7 and 11 are Brenda’s birth and soul numbers. This was Brenda’s first angelic sign mainly to show Robert, the ‘doubting Thomas’ that Brenda’s angelic signs and conversations with him are real and not imagined.

I then asked Brenda in the middle of the night a question: “Is there a 3rd global incident that originates from Malaysia that affects many nationalities?”

This morning Tuesday 22.07.2014, 3 things happened very quickly all within a 30 minutes’ time frame.

The first thing when Kane (one of our Interns) walked in, she remarked she saw 3 accidents involving 2 cars each in 3 places along LDP Highway, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. The first place was a bit pass the Canon double bridge over the Federal Highway, the second was the flyover near the Paradigm Mall, and the 3rd accident was near St. Ignatius Catholic Church.

It was highly unusual to see 3 accidents all within 10 minutes.

I froze. I shared that I had asked Brenda about the confirmation of the 3rd disaster.

Sarah (one of our new French Interns) immediately commented that in France there is a famous saying:

‘Jamais deux sans trois’


I felt goose bumps as I felt as if Brenda was talking directly to me.

Brenda had learnt French as a second language at King George V School in Hong Kong.

From my experiences, Brenda “talks to me via” staff, friends, and strangers. I lived and worked with her for 18 years so I know what specific words and style Brenda liked to use when she was physically alive.

On my 28.12.2013 flight back from Hong Kong after I saw her die, a MAS stewardess asked me if it is OK to let another passenger sit in an empty seat beside my window seat. My seat was in the first row of economy so it had the widest leg room from the wall partition. I was reluctant as I wanted more space to relax after the most traumatic week of my life.

The stranger passenger immediately showed that she had leg surgery and wanted a wider leg room. I agreed. Then we had a most engaging conversation. She was Lily and she was a Chief of cabin crew in Cathay Pacific. She’s a Malaysian living in Hong Kong for over 20 years. She told me wonderful inside stories about leading an air crew. I shared that Cathay Pacific is my client.

30 minutes into our lively, enjoyable conversation she said out of the blue “It’s not meant to be, Robert.”

I nearly fell out of my seat!

Brenda sends her angelic blessings and birthday gift to you on her birthday, 7 April.

Brenda Memorial gift and blessings given out on 11.01.2014 in Kuala Lumpur. One side has the very last picture in Brenda’s Facebook banner – a picture of a pair of Twin-Souls i.e. Brenda & Robert. Click…

That was one of Brenda’s favorite phrase to uplift me when I felt I failed in some task or failed to win a new client, and when I beat myself up regretting that I could have done more, or that I could have done this or done that.

Brenda was talking to me via a stranger!

And she has been talking to me via all sorts of people ever since she became my guardian angel.

I now know exactly when Brenda is directly talking to me.

I made an extensive survey with these people that she uses to talk to me and they all tell me that they were speaking naturally and nothing was unusual. But, of course, only I know it’s Brenda talking.

BTW, the flight number I flew to and back was MAS MH72 (an Airbus A380) and MH433. What’s interesting is I had not taken a MAS international flight for 18 years. I usually fly by Cathay Pacific or AirAsia.

“When you have 2, you definitely have three.”

What the French saying means “If you have 2 incidents, the chances are very high for a 3rd to happen!”

Bad things come in 3s ~ An American saying.

Of course, there are also opposite positive versions:

“Third time lucky” (an American saying).

“The third time’s a charm” (An English saying).

Then suddenly a never seen before lost black dog with a collar walked into the garden and laid down peacefully. We usually have the gate opened and the only dog that sometimes come in is Bruno, our opposite neighbor’s dog. 10 minutes later 2 other dogs come in making it a company of 3 dogs. This has never happened before.

A neighbor on the next day in 23.07.2014 told me that she had been chasing and trying to capture this lost dog roaming for 1 week but only yesterday the dog entered the garden for the very first time (posted on 23.07.2014).

3 dogs IMG_7879

3 dogs. It happened very fast. The 3rd dog was hidden behind the gate pillar.

The black dog laid on the porch area the whole day until we locked the gate at 6:05pm.

I got 3 clear messages in 3 signs over 30 minutes from Brenda which confirms the answer to my question:

“Yes, there is the 3rd incident coming. Be warned!”

What I’m not clear is…:

[ ] Is the 3rd premonition for me only. A personal warning for me from Brenda to be careful.

[ ] Is the 3rd premonition for me to warn my specific friends, graduates, or others?

[ ] Is the 3rd premonition for the general public in my public website blog here and online articles?

[ ] Is the 3rd premonition preventable?

I felt MH17 could have been prevented as the following were reported:

On 14.06.2014 an Air Force Ilyushin Il-76 aircraft was shot on approach to Luhansk International Airport; all 49 people on board died. On 29.06.2014 Russian news agencies reported that insurgents had gained access to a Buk missile system after having taken control of a Ukrainian air defence base.

On the same day, the Donetsk People’s Republic claimed possession of a BUK system in a since-deleted tweet. On 14.07.2014 14 when a Ukrainian Air Force An-26 transport plane flying at 6,400 metres (21,000 ft) was shot down. The shoot-down was reportedly carried out using a Buk missile system. American officials later said evidence suggested the aeroplane had been shot down from Russian territory. On 16.07.2014 a Sukhoi Su-25 close air support aircraft, was shot down.

The air authorities were not quick enough to assess that the Ukrainian situation was getting a  lot more dangerous in the week leading to MH17 shot down. Hindsight is 20/20.

Let’s hope we may be able to prevent this 3rd Malaysian disaster from happening, or at least to minimize the effects.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed.


If you noticed anything suspicious (e.g. suspicious people boasting weird statements e.g. the 9/11 hijackers boasted that they can fly a plane and do something crazy in an American outlet), or see clear signs of danger (e.g. cracks in walls, fire hazards) – report immediately and monitor very very closely.

Everyone of us readers can help to avert this 3rd disaster. That means YOU and I.

Hopefully with our efforts to prevent rather cure we may get 3rd time lucky!

Nesa, my Intern Team Leader (a King George V School, Seremban, a town one hour from Kuala Lumpur, and PR student from UTAR) told me during today’s lunch time “to go with the flow, be calm, and see where the wind blows”.

It’s Brenda talking to me again…

And Brenda is talking to you…

I listed a list of possible 3rd Global Disasters originated in Malaysia in Twin-Souls Part 24.

Stay posted. Be calm and peaceful.

Like Maarten de Jonge who switched his MH370 and MH17 flights. A cyclist who was due to fly on doomed flight MH370 but changed planes at the last minute has cheated death for a second time, after swapping off flight MH17 because he found a cheaper fare.

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It’s not meant to be,

or it’s meant to be.

~ Brenda José

Published: Wednesday, 23 July, 2014, 1:14am

Updated: Sunday, 3 August, 2014. 1:20pm

This article was previously published as The 3rd Disaster Premonition is confirmed [Twin-Souls Part 25]

Premonition High Alert Notice: with the 2 disasters in Taiwan, GE222 crash on 23.07.2014 and Koahsiung gas explosion on 01.08.2014, be on high alert for a possible 3rd disaster in Taiwan this year (posted on 02.08.2014)