Unravelling the Twin Souls Connection & Mission
[Twins Souls Part 40 Part 1]

‘Twin Souls’ have an infinite connection as compared with soulmates or business partners who may share at the most a few lifetimes together. Read about the definition and criteria of Twin Souls in Part 38. Many mistake soulmates, twin flames, and twin souls as the same. They are not the same.

The mission of Twin Souls are catalysts for positive changes, enlightenment, and Good conquering Evil in places and times of real darkness. The angelic one of the Twin Soul will send irrefutable afterlife signs to its “army” of followers or collaborators in their mission.

Twin Souls have both a unique human spiritual & angelic higher mission in each lifetime to fulfill.

Whenever a place reach a very dark period, an angel will appear to bring light in the midst of darkness. An angel will bring the good news message that Good always conquer Evil.

Brenda and my Twin Soul Mission
As charity begins at home, the first two places for catalyst for change are Hong Kong and Malaysia – the two birth places of each of us.

The Umbrella Movement is the now the biggest social change for democracy in Hong Kong’s 167 year old history. And MH370, MH17, and AirAsia QZ8501 had brought the whole world’s attention to Malaysia and its worst political, racial and religious crisis ever in the Malaya’s 57 year old history.

Twin Souls also work closely with other Angels, crossed-over souls, and “Third Pillars” (key players and influencers such as CEOs, movers & shakers, celebrities) to connect with the world.

Invariably both of us were writers, philosophers, critics, reformists, inter-faith bridges – involved in some philosophical, scientific, religious founders, and ruling dynasties – from the ancient civilizations of the Old World Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Indus Valley to Greece, China, India, and Tibet right through written history to the present day.

Earlier in our lifetimes we would join religious organizations as a lot of change can be made through these platforms. Often times at the end as with many religions, the elders tend to control the thinking and will of its followers, and lose its relevance and original purpose. Power, money, greed, anger, jealousy, and pride had brought down many religions and ruling dynasties from time immemorial.

The initial mission in any lifetime usually starts with some human and social missions, and being involved in major historical events that would be relevant to the upcoming mission. Before we join together we would not have any clue what our higher angelic mission will be for that lifetime.

Both of us must spend a major part of a lifetime feeling the human needs, pains, sufferings, ignorance, and darkness of the places we serve.

Things become much more significant and intense when we come together. We may not be fully aware of our bigger roles until one of us crossed over, the big spiritual catalyst mission immediately takes over and the current mission becomes clearer and clearer to the one on Earth as the other angelic one made significant angelic movements, afterlife revelations, and inspire massive changes and enlightenment.

In this lifetime we started to form a small spiritual business called Odyssey in 1996-1997 with a third person called Helen Forty, an English Astrologer and healer. Then Brenda joined my training business “Change University” in 2000 and we became a dynamic coaching duo and co-coach for 12 years from 2000 to 2012. We brought spirituality and personal transformation in our corporate workshops.

But the game and mission has totally changed since Brenda moved to the angelic realm. The angelic part is critical to accelerate change and to set things right and bring light to that part of the world

Souls are eternal. Souls like energy can never be created or destroyed but energy can change its form. Souls can change their living human forms i.e. they reincarnate in many human bodies, races, and countries. Souls like God has no religion.

When a soul enters a human body it would likely take up the religion of the soul’s parents or the society. But one cannot force religion or God onto a soul. Since written history insecure humans especially religious authorities use religion to control other humans. But humans cannot control the free will of the soul which God or the Universe has given.

Religions are human interpretations of who God is or isn’t. Like the blind men story of each blind man describing what an elephant may look like – some quarter truths but never the whole truth.

Some readers may not understand this principle of the eternal soul or reincarnation. Maybe rebirth is new to them especially in the West. Or their belief system may unfortunately shut out the possibility.

From Robert’s conversations and channeling Angel Brenda.
Published on Sunday, 15 December, 2014. 7:22pm

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