Letting Go of Brenda: Brenda José’s last 25 minutes on Earth: Brenda’s last message to her friends (Part 13)

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This is the complete uncensored transcript of the WhatsApp-Facebook real time updates between Robert Chaen and his ChangeU’s Team during Brenda Jose’s dying situation from 4:58pm to the last posting on 6:40pm on Monday 23 December, 2013.

A few hundred people saw these Facebook postings ‘live’ and these postings are still documented in my Facebook account, Robert Chaen Changeu.

Before this I was just talking out loud to Brenda who was in a coma for 3 days since Friday, 20 December
I do sense her presence and energy.

But this is the first time Brenda started to talk to me ‘forcefully’.
It’s not like she woke up from coma and start talking with me.
No. Neither is it a loud external voice talking to me.
But, it was the strong unmistakable voice of Brenda communicating through my intellect – soul to soul.

This was Brenda’s last communication with Robert and Brenda’s last message to her friends.

In hindsight, towards the end of the 25 minutes I felt the physical body of Brenda quickly transformed from normal Brenda to the Angelic Brenda.

In all the 25 minutes I was crying my eyeballs out, while whatsapping to the ChangeU Team @ChangeU Center in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia for them to post immediately on Facebook. Originally this Whatsapping-FB was just my raw spontaneous running quick updates to concerned friends, but it went beyond updating.

What we were experiencing was a series of distinctive beforedeath and afterlife communications and afterlife signs from Brenda José.


BJ = Brenda José                       (human form, but in coma)
CT = Chai Theng                       (ChangeU Leader @Malaysia Center)
JC = Jia Chee                              (ChangeU Intern @Malaysia Center)
RC = Robert Chaen                  (in ICU, Ruttonjee Hospital, Hong Kong)
[square brackets are typos, missing words, etc. Obviously the grammar is not perfect and un-edited in this very traumatic situation]

Transcript of Whatsapp-Facebook real time postings from 4:58pm to 5:23pm for Brenda’s last 25 minutes:

Brenda I get it.
No I have already stopped beating myself [up] and feeling guilty.
What[?] you want others not to feel guilty too.
OK I[‘m] passing your message in FB  (RC to BJ – 4:58pm)

You[‘ve] heard all their prayers and messages.  (RC to BJ – 4:59pm)

You are sending light to us[?] I thought we are sending [light] to you (RC to BJ – 5:00pm)

Pls update immediately  (RC to JC – 5:00pm)
You should celebrate my life and love, not [my] death  (BJ to friends– 5:02pm)

Don’t feel sad for me.  (BJ – 5:04pm)

Pass your love light to others. I don’t need it.  (BJ to friends – 5:05pm)

I’m one of your Guardian Angels. You need to let me [go], ok
Love xxxooo Bren  [BJ to friends – 5:07pm)

Let me go. I want to go for a long time. (BJ to friends  – 5:08pm)

Brenda this is very painful for me to channel your messages to others.

Pls talk direct[ly] to them.  (RC to BJ – 5:11pm)

Robert you are my Twin Soul so you are part of me on Earth.   (BJ to RC – 5:13pm)

I’m just an ordinary guy. (RC to BJ – 5:14pm)

Yes ordinary and you are Wizard Chaen are you not.  (BJ to RC – 5:15pm)

Ok I surrender to GOD (RC to God – 5:16pm)

You looked for unconditional love all your life.
I don’t know how.  (RC to BJ – 5:17pm)

CT posting all these yes?  (RC to JC – 5:18pm)

U sure?  (JC to RC– 5:18pm)

Yes all her soul and my soul are talking  (RC to JC – 5:19pm)

okok  (JC to RC – 5:19pm)

Don’t censor  (RC to JC – 5:19pm)

Ok ok I surrender.
I’m just your instrument tool  (RC to BJ 5:20pm)

If not I’m not going   (BJ to RC – 5:22pm)

Ok why on your death bed Bren   (RC to BJ– 5:23pm)
If [not] you will not listen and do.  (BJ to RC – 5:23pm)

I Drama Queen. (Brenda’s last 3 words on Earth. BJ – 5:24pm >> 1 minute delay in typing, sending FB)


Robert Chaen’s actual posting in Facebook was seen by many on 23 December 2013 – in 3 separate FB postings: You can search in Facebook, type this: post of december 23, 2013 robert chaen
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Suddenly it was total dead silence. I did not hear any more voices.
I looked around and then up the heart monitoring TV screen: the heart rate was a ‘flat liner’.
I was trembling.

I looked up again: no beat, no blip curve – totally flat.
I pointed to the nurse who was intensively monitoring the TV monitor.
“It’s flat!”
“Yes, I’ve signaled for the doctor” said the nurse, who had been sitting in front of bed and watching for the flat liner for 3 hours.

“OMG, Brenda is dead!”

Transcript of Whatsapp-Facebook real time postings continued from 5:26pm to 6:40pm

Update: Brenda just left. Flat liner.
Time of Death: 5.23pm  (RC to friends – 5:26pm)

Update: Doctor coming now  (RC to friends – 5:27pm]

“Please leave the ward so that the doctor can check” said the nurse.
I sob uncontrollably for 10 minutes.

Nurse came out of ward and asked “Do you want to see Brenda now, and go? Or, do you want us to clean up her body, remove all tubes, tapes first , and then you see her? It will take around 10 minutes.
“Please clean her body. Take your time” I said.
It took 30 minutes.

Update:  Brenda and I did a completion process. We finally talked. I felt missing for talking to her in coma.
But Brenda told me she heard all your messages even in FB. Robert   (RC to friends – 5:49pm)

Update:  I just saw Brenda’[s] body cleaned up. She looked serene and peaceful.

I swiped some tears left from both of her eyes. I hug her lifeless body, it was cold.
I never kissed and hug a shockingly cold dead body before.

I stroke her hair, face, chin, held her hand for the last time.
I was crying my eyeballs out.

I’m going to rest. My time to grieve. A tribute is set up. Please write messages from your heart to Brenda.
Brenda is my Guardian Angel and Twin Soul so I’m protected, loved, and blessed. We all take care of ourselves. If you are not ok talk to someone or those who are strong help others.
I will not be able to answer or reply.
Love and Light
Robert   (RC to friends – 6:30pm)

ChangeU Angels we did excellent. Big thank you. (RC to ChangeU Team – 6:33pm)

I had witnessed my wife die over 23 hours, 23 minutes since I first saw her at ICU at 6:00pm.
Watching Brenda die was the most traumatic test from God I’ve ever had to go through in my life.

ChangeU Angels. Let’s all rest. My love to you. You’ve been so supportive.  (RC to ChangeU Team – 6:40pm)

Little did I realize what I signed up for…

Watch Robert’s video on the last 25 minutes of Brenda José life on Earth, click:

Published: Thursday, 1 May, 2014. 2:33pm.

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