I had a psychic premonition of the shocking suicide of a celebrity when I wrote a series of articles on 1 in 4 adults suffer from a mental disorder. My Bipolar Disorder Story
[Twin Souls Part 29.3] – published on 15.07.2014.

27 days later Robin Williams killed himself. He was my favorite comedian. I could related to him as I have mild Bipolar Disorder II (aka manic depressive).

I sensed that one of the famous people and celebrities in one of the montage of pictures of famous people would commit suicide. I did not know which one, and did not want to ask Brenda which one. There’s one part of me that is scared to know too much as sometimes I feel that “ignorance is bliss.

I sensed at that time the shock suicide would bring about greater awareness and acceptance about depression, mental illnesses, and personality disorders that are widespread in the all areas of society especially in the entertainment, celebrities and the stressful corporate worlds.

Power outage on day of death

This is the second time I received news about a shocking death on the second day of my workshop. 116 days earlier I received news of the sudden accident death of Karpal Singh on 17.04.2014.

At both times I experienced a power outage on the night of the death. When I came back to my home at 11:30pm there was a power outage in my area. I felt the presence of Karpal Singh and the power came back at the stroke of midnight.


Power Outage: Owner of Alor Akar Restaurant, Kuantan.

This second time while we were eating dinner in Kuantan there was a power outage at around 7:25pm at the famous local restaurant “Alor Akar”. I asked the owner if outage is a common occurance. He said it rarely happens and immediately commented it’s very weird that the nearby traffic lights were off but the street lights were on. Normally it’s the other way round i.e.traffic lights have a much more secure power sources than street lights. He was quite puzzled.I wasn’t puzzled because I have seen what Brenda is capable of doing.

Investigative Journalist finds Evidence that an Angel can control super-computers, animals, create power outage, and save lives in MH370 [Twin-Souls Part 28]

Brenda wanted to make very sure I noticed the signs of Eagle devouring the snake earlier that day.
And a good possibility of a Triple Bombing in Kuala Lumpur: in Changkat, Jalan ALOR, and a third place.
Captured jihadists reveal of bombing their home soil in a disco, pubs, and Carlsberg factory.


Weird Power outage – traffic lights were off but the street lights were on.

After dinner a taxi took us back from the restaurant to Kuala Lumpur. I asked if outage is a common thing in Kuantan. He confirmed that it’s not that common.

This second time I did not feel the presence of Robin Williams.

Samaritans notice and intercom on top of the Itchen Bridge in Southampton

Samaritans notice and intercom on top of the Itchen Bridge in Southampton

Encourage your colleagues, friends, and relatives to call help hotlines in your city:
Help hotlines:

Befrienders: http://www.befrienders.org.my/
The Samaritans: http://samaritansnyc.org/24-hour-crisis-hotline/ (USA)
Crisis hotlines:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crisis_hotline

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 14 August, 2014, 4:00pm

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