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What has come TRUE in the TRIPLE Premonition Disasters & Tragedies after MH17? [Twin Souls Part 24]

global warming - war-and-violence-with-the-tear-of-a-child-and-a-planet-earth-in-the-reflection-of-the-tear-drop
What are the coming Brenda TRIPLE Premonition Disasters & Events after MH17? [Twin Souls Part 24]

(“Twin Souls Odyssey”: Part 24 of the true real time story of a ‘Twin-Souls’ connection, and the search for unconditional love, truth, healing, attraction, and spirituality)

I’m scared that it may not be over for Malaysians in this Number 7 year (2014: 2+0+1+4=7)

Cross-referencing the premonition afterlife signs from Brenda Jose, my Twin-Soul and guardian angel, as highlighted in Part 23, I have some insight into what the 3rd incident may be at this moment. I’m just putting some visualization into possible incidents.

The following are warning signs of coming Brenda TRIPLE Disaster Premonition and events: possible scenarios

[ ] A jihad terrorist massacre or hostage crisis catalyzed by ISIS, with some key masterminds from Malaysia, or had visited Malaysia. >> came true with 2 school masscres in Garissa University, Kenya and Peshwar, Pakistan.
ISIS (Islamic State) and other extremist militant groups start an unprecedented wave of global jihad attacks and the rise of global Islamic terror extremism.


3 April 2015 – Garissa, Kenya.
147 university students massacred.


16 December 2014 – Peshawar, Pakistan.
132 school Army Public School students massacred.
[ ] Possible areas of jihad bombing:
[] Triple Bombing in Kuala Lumpur:
[] Changkat – car bomb parked near a tree or with roots in their logo or brand name, activated by a handphone. (posted on 13.08.2014)

[] Jalan Alor row of restaurants (power outage sign on 12.08.2014 in “Alor Akar” restaurant in Kuantan
Read more… ‘Islamic State’ planned attacks against a disco, pubs in Kuala Lumpur and a P.J. Carlsberg factory.

[ ] Break-in and arms stolen from a military camp in Malaysia – to be used for jihadist bombings later

[ ]  Hijacking of Malaysian or Malaysia-bound planes and crashing into iconic buildings

[ ] Jihadists in France >> came true on 7 January 2015
My company had for the first time 2 French Interns interning from July to August 2014. They are Muslim French with Algeria/Morocco decent. This is maybe a sign that an event that will wake up the world on jihadist terrorism.
Posted on 10.01.2015. This afterlife has come true on 7 January 2015 with the massacre of Charlie Hebdo in Paris. The killers were Algerian descent and one of them visited Malaysia.

[] Pakistan  [] resort island in Borneo East Malaysia  [] a Philippines island  [] Krabi, South Thailand  [] Bali-Lombok

The 12.10.2002 Bali bombing had a Malay called Noordin Mohammad Top in the mastermind team of Jemaah Islamiyah.

Note: I’m getting stronger and stronger vibes about jihad incident since 24.07.2014.

Pakistan and Malaysia are hotbeds for global jihadists.
Osama bin Laden was finally killed in Abbottabad, Pakistan on 02.05.2011 after hiding for 5 years in  3 story mansion, only 1.3 km southwest of the Pakistan Military Academy (equivalent to US’s ‘West Point’).

Interpol also revealed that Malaysia had not run a single Interpol passport check this year before the MH370 incident.

In comparison, Singapore ran its checks 29 million times, Britain 140 million times and the United States 230 million times. About 800 million searches were made in 2013, resulting in 60,000 successful alerts for false or stolen passports.

Could it be because of the Immigration Department’s inefficiency that Al-Qaeda members were able to meet in Kuala Lumpur in 2000 to plan attacks on USS Cole and New York’s Twin Towers?
Read my article in The Malaysian Insider…

This is definitely a global jihad event that can happen anytime.

Intelligence officials believe 12,000 Muslims from 81 countries from Australia to Europe and North America have joined the jihadists. Most are from the Arab world, with 3,000 from Tunisia and 1,500 from Morocco. But 3,000 are from Western countries, led by France with more than 700, Britain with at least 400, Germany 270 and Belgium with 250. Another 700 are from Russia and Muslims from Indonesia, Pakistan and China’s autonomous region of Xinjiang are also thought to be involved.

Read more…12,000 Muslims from 81 countries have joined the jihadists. Nations must united to stop extremist violence.

[ ] 3rd Malaysia-related air disaster >> came true with AirAsia QZ8501 crash on 28 December 2014 flown by a French co-pilot
I’ll be looking out for any plastic or model airplane parts as 37 days after nearly stepping on a plastic airplane right wing MH17 was shot down.

But now I’m very concern that MH is flying over Syria, another war-torn nation  – this definitely not a good sign and customers need to make a strong complaint.

[ ] Major flooding in East Coast, Peninsula Malaysia.
Read about… 3rd wave of floods coming. More than 250,000 evacuated by floods, highest figure in Malaysia’s history, 21 dead.

[ ] A big fire and smoke in a building or factory in Malaysia, or a building associated with Malaysia with many foreign and local deaths.

     (If you smell fire, stop working immediately, and run down the stairs as fast as you can. Do not take the lift).

[ ] A global disaster originated from Malaysia that affects many nations i.e. MH370 and MH17 (most likely if the trend continues after the first 2 disasters).

[ ] A global event originated from Malaysia that affects many people.

[ ] A Series of Earthquakes that strike Japan, China, Indonesia, Asia
.08.2005 (a number 7 year. 2+0+0+5=7), Hurricane Katrina devastates much of the U.S. Gulf Coast from Louisiana to the Florida Panhandle, killing more than 1,836 and causing over $115 billion in damage.

Malaysia does not have any natural disasters: No earthquakes, no typhoons, no volcanoes, no famine. Flooding only.
The 26.12.2004 Boxing Day Asian Tsunami had small damages in Malaysia but confirmed records show 68 died worldwide.

[ ] A Series of Super-Typhoons that hit Japan, Philippines, Taiwan, China, Hurricane in USA

[ ] Justice will catch up on murderers, dictators, and corrupted officials
Justice has already caught up on Khmer Rouge leaders and corrupted leaders.
More will come around the world.

[ ] Ebola epidemic spreading from Guangzhou (home to Asia’s biggest African community), Hong Kong or Kuala Lumpur

[ ] Big Industrial accidents

HighlandTower_incident 1993

Highland Tower collapse of Block 1 of 3 blocks on 11.12.1993. On 11.12.2010 History Channel did a feature exactly 17 years later.

HighlandTower_incident 1993 -2

[ ] The collapse of a building with many nationalities – maybe a hillside condo in Penang, other hillslope condos.

The last major collapse of a building was the Highlands Towers collapse.
It was an apartment building collapse that occurred on 11.12.1993 in Taman Hillview, Ulu Klang, Selangor, Malaysia. The collapse of Block One of the apartments caused the deaths of 48 people and led to the complete evacuation of the remaining two blocks due to safety concerns. On 11 December 2010, coinciding with the 17th of the incident, AETN’s History Channel showed an hour-long documentary on the tragedy.

The landslide contained an estimated 100,000 square metres of mud – a mass equivalent to 200 Boeing 747 jets. The 48 victims are mainly Malaysians, with 12 foreigners (1 Briton, 1 Japanese, 2 Indians, 2 Koreans, 3 Filipinos and 3 Indonesians).

Ken 3

ALERT: Ken Damansara 3 Landslide in SS2.

I’m very seriously concerned about Ken Damansara 3 since Brenda highlighted to me this 3 years ago.
Her good Hong Kong friend bought a condo in Ken 3 and migrated here.

Q. Can someone report if they have fixed the landslide danger problem?

wagah border

Triple Premonition Events on possible border targets e.g. India-Pakistan Wagah Border Flag Lowering Ceremony.

[ ] War between Pakistan and India  >> came true on 2 Novermber 2014 57 killed at Wagah border
On 01.08.2014 in the PBS (the Public Broadcast Service, USA) in the Charlie Rose section with a TV interview with the Foreign Advisor for President Jimmy Carter, he revealed that many of today’s conflicts dates back to the 70s and the conflict that is not widely covered is the Pakistan – India conflict. There have been 4 wars in 1947, 1965, 1971, and 1999. Pakistan is the only Muslim populated nation that has nuclear power and poses the greatest danger from Muslim fundamentalist and extremist.

[ ] A catalyst that will start a New Cold War – which then may lead to a 3rd World War.
Revanchism from Putin’s Russia and Xi Jinping’s China to reclaim disputed territories, or a global conflict with Israel, North Korea or USA.

3. russia
Putin’s Russia pursuing an bold agenda of ultranationalist expansion.

See article: MH17 – 2014 is it the start of a new Cold War

Gaza City

Israel Gaza conflict may lead to a backlash by Muslim extremist jihadists.

Read more …Will China start World War 3? It’s 100 years since WW1

Germany and Japan had learnt their harsh lesson in World War 2. Although Japan last month had its military power control released 69 years after WW2, many Japanese are not in favor of Japan becoming a world military power again.

[ ] Events, number codes (e.g. flight number), and dates with numbers: 7, , 17, 27, 37, 47.
BTW, my total birthday number is 37.

[ ] Or a whole NEW set of numbers: Events, number codes (e.g. flight number), and dates with numbers: 8 (17: 1+7=8), 11, 29

BTW, Brenda’s total birthday number is 29.
(read more… Robert Chaen’s Numbers Guide to Characters & Careers© Part 1: Birthdays

[ ] Something to do with cobra, snake, kite, bird or horse symbols.

[ ] PAS leaves the Opposition PR coalition freeing PR, but creating chaos and the worst ever social unrest in Malaysia.
Hudud/ sharia Muslim law and the ‘Allah’ issue becomes the downfall and will not be accepted by the majority Malaysians. East Malaysian parties and Christians join PR.

[ ] An unknown individual who is a catalyst for major change e.g. Mohamed Bouazizia, a Tunisian street fruit vendor who set himself on fire in protest that was the catalsyt for the Arab Spring revolution in a few countries.

[ ] A shocking death of a celebrity that creates awareness of mental disorders and depression  >> came true with the suicide of Robin Williams on 11 August 2014

[ ] A prominent Malaysian icon dies suddenly that affects many people (this had happened already i.e. Karpal Singh died on 17.04.2014).

[ ] A prominent Malaysian politician resigns suddenly or get sacked.

Open to new possibilities and eliminate the odds down to 1 conclusion.
Watch this blog space. I’ve learnt from Craig Santy my American TV Producer and business partner in who is also a top investigative journalist that you must always be open to new possibilities as the investigation progresses. Then you eliminate the odds to 3 and finally and hopefully down to 1 conclusion.

Note: the list above will be updated, removed, or added as receive more signs and I interpret and decipher Brenda’s Angelic Code – through my limited experience.
I must admit some listing may well turn out to be a false alarm.
Or, a warning was solved before it became a disaster.

There’s enormous benefits in being High Alert – whether or not there are premonitions.


Plane right wing 740

Upside down plastic airplane’s right wing – 2 o’clock from the bag on the pavement. 37 days later MH17 happened. An afterlife sign on MH17 – on hindsight.

The MH17 signs signs were all there 4 months ago from 1 day after MH370 with my first encounter with a Ukrainian… but I could not connect the dots.
37 days after seeing a plane wing MH17 happened. (see part 23)
I’m now more open to be more mindful to likely possibilities – rather than to dismiss some that did not make any sense i.e. 2 global MH incidents in 4 months.

Let’s hope we may be able to prevent this 3rd Malaysian disaster from happening, or at least to minimize the effects.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

If you noticed anything suspicious (e.g. suspicious people boasting weird statements e.g. the 9/11 hijackers boasted that they can fly a plane and do something crazy in an American outlet), or see clear signs of danger (e.g. cracks in walls, fire hazards) – report immediately and monitor very very closely.
Everyone of us readers can help to avert this 3rd disaster. That means YOU and I.

I personally and certainly don’t believe in a global doomsday.

I believe that there are strong voices in the history of humanity that can wake us up from human beings destroying themselves and Mother Earth – great souls such as Nostradamus, Einstein, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, Bob Dylan, U2 Bono, John Lennon, and the many little peace activists that are all over the world.

I’ll keep all you posted here if there are any new verified or suspected afterlife signs from Brenda…

You are most welcome to share this.

Published: Sunday, 20 July, 2014, 7:11pm
Updated: Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Watch this blog for the latest updates on afterlife signs on Angel Brenda TRIPLE Disaster Premonition coming…

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