Investigating Brenda’s Unprecedented Scale & Variety of Irrefutable Afterlife Signs: Investigative Journalist finds Evidence that Angel Brenda can control super-computers, animals, insects, cause power outage, and save lives in MH370 [Twin-Souls Part 28]

Evidence that an Angel can control super-computers, animals, off power grid at will, and save lives in MH370 [Twin-Souls Part 28] 

An investigative journalist conducts the first ever “Angel Profiling” to discover what an Angel can do besides saving lives (Twin-Souls Part 28]

Craig Santy holds a masters degree in Journalism from Columbia University, an Ivy League university. Using the similar skills and methods of “FBI Criminal Profiling” he is conducting  his first ever ongoing “Angel Profiling of Brenda” with the help of myself. He said he was very excited to produce some reality TV series and work with Brenda. He said 99% of afterlife experiences are people who had departed souls communicate to them from the spirit world.

Craig said that Brenda communicating to me from the spirit world is common. But Brenda is totally unique.

He recognizes that Brenda does a lot more than that.

Like other Angels, she speaks THROUGH  other people such as office staff, friends, and strangers to me which I can now differentiate it’s her speaking. She also uses me to speak TO other people or to send her messages via myself.

He acknowledges that I am the only channel for Brenda’s messages, premonition warnings, my interpretations of her insights into God, other Angels, the spirit world, and anything about life, love, truth, oneness, and anything under the Sun and beyond.

But that’s not all. Craig then shocked me.
He asked me, “Do you really know how powerful Brenda is?

He said as an investigative journalist and TV media consultant he had traveled the world 4 times and had ‘seen it all’ – BUT he had never come across an afterlife spirit who can control one of the most sophiscated, full proof multi-million dollars super-mainframe computers in the world used for Mark Six to generate “7 & 11” as the first 2 consecutive numbers – Brenda’s birthday and birthpath numbers.

He said “You still don’t get it, do you, Robert?”

I was impressed about the 1 in 250,000 ODDS of getting 7 and 11 out 6 computer generated numbers (see part 22).
That’s nothing!


A List of Brenda’s Angelic Capabilities:
(evidence evaluated by Craig Santy, an American Investigative Journalist)

To see Craig’s track record credentials see part 27. Craig analyzed how Brenda is totally unique in her many capabilities which is different from the usual 99% of afterlife encounters he had previously had.


Brenda can control a super-mainframe computer to generate 2 numbers in a Mark Six lottery ticket at HER WILL, 2 hours after she crossed over. That’s absolutely mind-boggling!

No human being have ever hacked into the Hong Kong Jockey Club Mark Six mainframe computer to generate exact numbers in a Mark Six lottery ticket. But Brenda effortlessly and accurately generated the first 2 consecutive numbers 7 and 11 at her will.

OMG! How naïve and innocent I was. I never thought of it in those scientific terms since her crossing over.

Brenda connected Craig from half way around the world in LA and me in KL by a ‘chance’ Tweet about condolences to Freescale victim’s families. My cousin works for Freescale where 12 Malaysians and 8 Mainland Chinese were on MH370.

The day of MH370 disappearance on 08.03.2014 was my cousin’s wedding day. He swapped job role with a colleague 3 months earlier who then went on a Freescale trip on MH370.

Someone up there saved my cousin’s life from MH370.

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 6.23.34 AM
It was only that very week that Robin, my new intern, taught me the power of Twitter and I happily posted the one and only chance of a lifetime Tweet that will forever change Craig’s and my destiny of working together.

Craig was just researching about a MH370 theory about the Chinese managers of Freescale with patents and he googled and found nothing relevant. Then he check Twitter hashtag #Freescale and found my Tweet which I tweeted one day after MH370 (see above) a few hundred tweets down the page.

Brenda creates serendipitous life connections through her signs and guidance .

Brenda guided me to chat for the very first time with a Ukrainian one day after MH370 disappeared, to show me that MH360 and MH17 were linked in destiny – 130 days before MH17 was shot down over Ukraine. (see part 23).

Brenda gives premonition signs of upcoming disasters on national level and to you individually.

Andrew, my brother was racing like crazy from Penang to help me catch the 9:00pm and last ‘Transnational’ Bus. But he made (or Brenda made him make) some wrong turns near the Ipoh bus station and I missed the bus by 1-2 minutes only. I had to take the only available bus and Brenda attracted me to sit next to a young Italian on the bus from a non-touristy Ipoh to Kuala Lumpur – 3 days after MH370. I had never sat next to an Italian in any forms of transportation. 21 days later I talked with Craig who is an Italian American.

Brenda prompted my aunt, who never called me in her life, to secretly tell me that my 93 year old father was repeating that he is dying. My Mum censored it, did not call me, and thought my father was just being unreasonably problematic. It turned out that he nearly died from undetected stomach ulcer bleeding. He needed a shocking 9 bags of blood.

Brenda saved my father’s life – 15 days after she crossed over.

NOTE: Brenda or Angels do not really control or override’ human beings. Human beings will always have the Free Will to choose their lives. She just merely ‘guides’ people to meet up, use naturally a person to say something healing, prompt someone to do an action – unless it’s a divine intervention or God’s Grace.

Angels may open or close doors but you still need to do something beyond prayers.

God helps those who help themselves.
What they do or don’t do after the event is free will.

5. Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 1.27.54 AM
Brenda made a fly sit on my right hand for an impossible 20+minutes to give a powerful message of hope for those who are facing death in terminally ill cases. (see part 34)

cobra baby

Brenda made a cobra wait for me at her will directly on my pathway as I cycled up the slope 2 houses away to give me a sign. It’s equivalent to finding a rare cobra which normally does not live in city areas, then make a suburban road clear of traffic for 3 minutes and train the human-shy cobra to sit still on a specific spot on the road, not the grass area – BUT with an invisible hand and SILENT voice commands. This is not humanly possible. (see part 15).

This was the confirming sign from Brenda that I had passed the 6 Tests as her Twin-Soul on Earth and had trans-mutated into Wizard Chaen with new capabilities.
It’s been a very, very steep learning curve for me while no human instructional manual while running 3 businesses.

Beetle hiding

Brenda made a never seen before 1½ inch black beetle do a turn back movement in my porch and hiding in and out of holes and then disappeared out from sight. It was on the 3rd day of MH370 that the very first statement from the Military Chief that MH370 turned back and apparently tried to escape radar detection (see part 3).

Brenda made a few hundred tiny flies die naturally at my doorstep 2 days after MH17 (see part 23). The ‘tiny‘ flies symbolizes the unusual high number of children in MH17 i.e. 80 children.

Brenda manifested 3 rounds of ants on my work desk only and nowhere else in the room to warn me that there is a big 3rd Malaysia originated disaster coming… after MH370 and MH17 (see part 25).

Brenda made a raven dive a few inches from Craig and stared momentarily at him at an open carpark which lead me to immediately ask what his car license plate is. The letters and numbers add up to 37 which is my total birthpath number. She was proving to both of us that we are destined to work together even way before she crossed over.

Brenda showed me a flock of 12 hawks circulating rightly above my head at 500 feet above to show that she is Hawk ‘medicine’ or the spirit of the Messenger (see part 4).


I sense that Brenda is not alone in her mission. She together with 11 other Angels are creating a wave of afterlife phenomena from departed souls.

One of these departed souls I’ve already identified to be Karpal Singh who died instantly in a car accident on 17.04.2014 at 1:10am. He was an iconic lawyer-politician who was the Chairman of DAP, one of the component parties of the Opposition PR Party. On the day of his death I came back after a long 2 day “Diamond Leader” workshop to find my neighborhood in a power outage at around 11:30pm. I felt a new presence other than Brenda.

Later I recognized the new presence to be Karpal’s afterlife presence. Karpal Singh spirit visited me on the day of his death. I was not expecting that Brenda will connect me with other afterlife souls and Angels.

Karpal’s afterlife presence is very different from Brenda’s afterlife presence. Read “I smelt my departed wife” (part 2).

The power came back exactly at the stroke of midnight which I immediately felt was too specific as if someone had planned and deliberately switched the power grid back on at exactly midnight. On 01.08.2014 I checked with Brenda if she was behind this. Her response was like “the ‘stroke of midnight is so obvious, can’t you tell?”

Another OMG!
Brenda can control a power generator grid at her will on the day of Karpal Singh’s death.

I felt Karpal’s energies stronger and stronger until the weekend when I channeled Karpal’s spirit and created an online awareness campaign called “They can’t kill us all. We are the 100th Karpal Singh” that appeared in The Malaysian Insider 2 days after his funeral in Penang.  (read

It had 1393 likes, 36 comments, 334 shares.
There were also a few hate comments for me to go to hell, or to go to China.

Read my experiences channeling Karpal Singh who has a different energy than Brenda’s energy…

BTW, from what I can interpret from communicating with Brenda and Karpal, there will be big changes in DAP and the Opposition PR Party.

Karpal Icon
Read my Facebook blog…

On 02.08.2014 it dawned on me that Brenda and other Angels are creating an unprecedented wave of afterlife signs, guidance, and healing from departed souls across the world…

Don’t be surprised if some of your loved ones are guiding you as your ‘guardian angel’. Be high alert for afterlife signs.

In many holy scriptures, God is known to send Angels at critical times when the world turn to darkness. Darkness is when human beings turn away from living in the light, when they turn away from living a positive life to a negative life.

2014 is such a time – a dawning of a New Age. This is NOT an ‘end time’, or ‘the end of the world’ doomsday scenario as described by the Mayans’ prediction about 12.12.2012.

Plane right wing 740

Brenda made my intern’s car doors not able to open with a ‘Cobra’ brand alarm blasting loudly so that I would move 20 feet back and nearly step on a plastic plane right wing placed there somehow – 37 days BEFORE MH17 was shot down. (see part 23)

Cobra 742

Brenda made objects drop to draw attention to me and give me a warning premonition of big things that are coming soon… (see part 27).

Therefore, Brenda can send signs in Kuala Lumpur, Los Angeles, or anywhere since Angels are not bound by any physical or time dimensions. L.A. is coincidentally means the ‘The City of Angels”.

Now, if you are freaked out like Craig and I were – great!
Welcome to the new Club of Angel Watchers.

“You haven’t seen anything yet” that’s Brenda’s assurance to us.

“I’m still not convinced!”
Brenda doesn’t mind.
She is an Angel, she doesn’t need to prove anything.

Whether you believe or not, the angelic signs will be sent to you – it’s up to you whether you would take action or even notice these signs.

For example Brenda send a similar big size spider to BOTH Craig Santy in LA and I in KL. The spider climbed up the office projector screen telling me in no uncertain terms that I’ll be in touch with a TV/Film producer. The next day on April’s Fools’ Day I was talking with Craig Santy. Brenda connected both of us through 2 separate spiders half way around the world. Craig is now the President of one of my 3 core businesses.

Craig revealed that he had never came across a spider species like this on his kitchen floor but he KILLED it because he did NOT see any significance of the spider as an afterlife or angelic sign. Now he is on high alert when he sees unusual signs Brenda.

Angelic and Divine Intervention

Because it was the peak season for our ChangeU training, I had re-scheduled Craig to come to Malaysia 2 months later. But immediately after making this decision both Craig and I had a barrage of signs from Brenda to change back to the original plan of bringing him in August. The moment I bought his air ticket the intensity of her signs reduced down to a trickle at least for now.

Obviously Brenda wants Craig to come SOONER rather than later…
It’s a clear sign to me of big things and powerful premonitions coming soon…

What I’m sharing here  is way way bigger than you and I.
She will continue to send her messages of incorruptible truth, and I will channel and interpret her revelations on universal truths, and premonition signs.

About Angels

Like God, Angels do not have any religion, human language, or human activity.
Angels use human beings or animals to send their messages.
Unlike God who have no body of any kind or gender, Angels have their angelic bodies which changes to suit the culture of where they are called upon.

God has no religion

As many religions and individuals
The Key to Angel Brenda Code is currently being deciphered
Since she crossed over she had been consistently giving me afterlife signs.
Craig is helping me interpret and crack Angel Brenda Code with the right key.



Earlier I missed and dismissed many cues and afterlife sign, and I was not able to connect the dots crack her angelic code. It’s a very, very very steep learning curve with hardly any reference for us.

With the Key to Angel Brenda Code, we will open a whole universe of communication with the Spirit World.

Our mindset will have to totally open, trusting the process, aware, differentiating the nuances of the vast variety of sign, symbols, and numbers.

The other left Angel Twin with a resting trumpet at the ChangeU KL office.

“The trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.”

This is Angel Brenda’s First Angelic Trumpet Wake Up Call.
This is the Dawning of the New Age.

Published: Wednesday, 30.07.2014, 7:11am
Updated: Saturday, 09.08.2014, 1:38pm

This article appeared in this portal as First ever “Angel Profiling”: what an Angel can do besides saving lives

Brenda can control super-computers, human beings, animals, and save lives [Twin-Souls Part 28] – evidence evaluated by an Investigative Journalist.

You are most welcome to share this important message.

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