● BK Mediation Center (BKMC) is the world’s first online specialist service provided for the Brahma Kumaris community, Ex-BKs, and their families, to communicate with each other on their differing needs, requests and priorities – organized by Robren EAcademy.

● The founder of BKMC was the world’s second Chinese BK leader called Robren – previously known as BK Robert, who was the Co-Founder of Brahma Kumaris Malaysia, with his eldest brother, Tom. Robren has very good connections with Key Senior BKs in Asia, Malaysia, Australia, US, and Europe.

● The volunteers and staff will eventually come from The Law of Repulsion CSR Group, Purple Youth CSR, families of BKs, Ex-BKs, and anyone interested in active, meaningful community service.

● Mediation is a structured, interactive process in which the parties discuss their disputes with the assistance of a trained impartial third person(s) who assists them in reaching a settlement, in resolving conflict through the use of specialized communication and negotiation techniques. It may be an informal meeting among the parties or a scheduled settlement conference. All participants in mediation are encouraged to actively participate in the process.


● The Purpose and Objectives of BK Mediation Center:
1. To mediate and negotiate between the relevant BK Centre Head or Zone-in-Charge with the BK-related families.

A) A family who wants to request from the BK Centre Head for more quality time with their BK family member – especially if they feel that their BK family member is neglecting her/his family duties, neglecting their family, getting too obsessive, too fanatical, donating too much, or spending too much time away or isolating themselves from their family.

B) A BK centre who wants to request for permission from the parents or the family of their BK member – to have more time spent with BKs, at BK centres, do BK service, to be a Surrendered Sister (available only for India), or to go on a pilgrimage trip to BK headquarters in Madhuban, Mt. Abu, Rajasthan.


BKMC is not:
1. It is not a meditation centre, or a BK Raja Yoga Centre.
2. BKMC is not for non-BK or other religious groups – it only service the BK-related communities. Please google search and join other non-BK support groups.
3. It is not a compliant hotline.
4. It is not a half way house to rescue or house ex-BK members.
5. It is not a legal advice service.
6. It is not sponsored, owned, or operated by the BK organization and its subsidiary BK Raja Yoga Centres.
7. It is not an Anti-BK activist initiative. Rather BKMC is a Pro-Peace and dialogue with BKs.


WANTED BKMC Volunteers for various Roles:
To work several hours in a day or a week.

[ ] BKMC Mediator (between BK Centre and BK family): No qualifications or law degree student needed. Individuals who were or are actively involved with BKs have an advantage.
[ ] Webinars: organize webinars related for better understanding between BKs, Ex-BKs, and their families
[ ] Operations:  run volunteer duty schedules
[ ] PR & Marketing:  create publicity for the BKMC cause, webinars, fund-raising
[ ] Fund-raising and sponsorship activities

Application Link for free BK Mediation Service:

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