What Brahma Kumaris will do NEXT will make or break their legacy. Here are 4 suggestions by Robren.

NOTE:  We take a break in BK Memoirs chapter sequence with the breaking news of Dadi Gulzar leaving the body.

On Shivaratri day, 11th March 2021, three souls left us for good for the Soul World: Dadi Gulzar, Twin Souls Brahma Baba and Shiva Baba. This is the biggest “earthquake news” in the BK history. The implications are huge for BKs around the world – there are at least 9 Implications of the death of Dadi Gulzar.

Many BKs are grieving over Dadi Gulzar’s passing away. However, what Brahma Kumaris will do NEXT will make or break their legacy. Here are 3 important observations by Robren.

Firstly, the roles of Bapdada in the corporeal world is over.
By all accounts, Bapdada have returned to the Soul World, and Shiva Baba is playing his third and final role taking souls back to the Soul World at the end of Iron Age, first starting with Shiva Baba and Brahma Baba.

Secondly, with Shiva Baba returning for good for the Soul World until the next cycle, effectively this is end of the Iron Age or Kali Yuga on 11th March 2021.

Thirdly, according to Shiva Baba, the role of the Soul of Brahma Baba will take over soon in the form of a reincarnated baby Krishna, aka Adi Dev, the first man, the first pure Golden Age-bodied Deity or first perfect human on earth will be born somewhere in Bharat-India.

4 suggestions how to take Brahma Kumaris to the “Golden Age” level by Robren

1. Be relevant to the world in 2021, and beyond.
Let go of those beliefs and practices that are outdated, obsolete, and no longer relevant to today’s world.

This process is probably the hardest of all transformational processes. Why?
Because we are creatures of habit, and we get too used to old ways, even though there are no longer relevant. For example the Kodak photographic film is nearly dead, and was replaced by the digital format.

2. Heal and unite as one BK family.
BKs are no different than any other community. It is normal human nature aka lower consciousness to backstab, play politics, betray, create a mutiny, gossip, bad mouth, be overly competitive, aggressive, be over ambitious to be in the 108 Rosary. STOP. Start living in Higher Consciousness, and start to accept EVERY soul, every sentient being, every non-living thing, including Covid-19, Hitler, and Mother Teresa, has roles to play, and everything is part of the God-Universe.

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3. Dialogue with Ex-BKs and bridge their families.
Our survey shows that the biggest compliant about Brahma Kumaris is BK teachers detach and isolate BKs from their lokik or physical families. “Blood is thicker than water.” Many families and friends of BKs want to dialogue Senior BKs about losing their loved ones to BK.

I still remember the scenario like it was yesterday when the zone in charge Did Dr Nirmala, Tom and I visited my Mum in our hometown Ipoh, Malaysia. The moment the zone in charge stepped inside the house, my Mum shockingly knelt in front of the zone in charge, and said, “Please give back my two sons!” Both Tom and I were too numb and too ‘detached’ to feel the raw pain of our Mum, of her eldest son and youngest son isolating themselves from her, and not even eating food cooked by their own Mum.

My Mum scenario is played out in numerous versions, in countless BK-related homes. I cannot tell you how many families, spouses, close relatives and friends have shared with me their similar scenarios maybe not kneeling but massive pain of losing their family members to BKs.

Robert remembers how the late Dadi Prakash Mani aka Dadi Komarka once asked to invite ex-BKs to dialogue why they left Baba and the Yagya (institution). Instead of ostracizing ex-BKs, get their blessings, have gratitude for what ex-BKs have contributed to the Yagya. This is the main reason why Robren is writing this BK Memoirs.

Can family members talk with Senior BKs?
I can help facilitate and arbitrate, whenever I have the time.
Just provide the venue, means, and an opportunity to heal families of BKs.

4. Reinvent the BK organization, from top to bottom, from Dadis to BK murli students

● Let the youth junior BKs make Brahma Kumaris relevant to today’s world.
● Senior BKs don’t make promises you can’t keep.
● Don’t be so extreme in maintaining BK discipline, love conquers all including Dharamraj
● Drop the end of the world doomsday scare, there are more effective ways to make the world a better place.
● Playing good cop and bap cop is an acceptable leadership practice, however, truth hurts, telling the truth is an art, it’s not a science, or a medical procedure
● Learn more effective modern leadership skills, positive encouragement and constructive feedback, is more effective than negative confrontation, guide people to make their own decision than give one way Shrimat (higher directions) and advice. That way people will take better ownership, than be puppets.