Tagline: Re-gathering of The Ancient Lightworkers.
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Aka “Angelus Lux Liberatores” (in latin), Lightberators were the earliest, silent, ancient generation of lightworkers who bring help and liberty to all sentient beings since ancient times.

International surveys from from our Past Live Regression, from around the world reveal strong connection with the very first known lightworkers, who originally worked closely with Angels.

This group has continued until today in various pockets under different names. Since 2013 The Liberty Angels have been slowly re-gathering Lightberators, through Angel Brenda and Whisperer Robren.

If reading this strikes, a chord with you, then you need to return to your “Roots of Angelic Projections”.

Other roles include: liberation from all human conditioning, karmic debts, financial, legal, social, racial and religious restrictions, offering
The 7 Principles Of Lightberators: