Angelic Projection

Angelic Projection is a spiritual ritual where you use telepathy to project yourself as a Guardian Angel, and/or you project assigned Angels such Archangels (Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Metatron) or Liberty Angels: Angel Ai (Love), Angel Alitheia (Truth) and Angel Archangelus (Light).

Where and Who you can send Angelic Projections to:
● Disaster area (e.g. flood, earthquake, hurricane, tsunami, volcano, accident)
● War zone / communal conflict area / crime area / plane crash
● A specific community
● Family members, relatives, friends, colleagues, children, suicidal individuals, victims, drug addicts, soldiers, firefighters, rescuers, police, volunteers, etc.

The simple 4-Step Angel Projection Ritual:

Step 1: Meditate as an Angel Lightberator

Sit where there is least distraction or noise. You can meditate from anywhere.

Step 2: Set Your Intention
For example, you can say “I set my intention of sending …. (e.g. my Guardian Angels, Liberty Angels, and myself as a Guardian Angel) to … (e.g. place or person or both), so that they can receive …. (e.g. protection, guidance, love, truth, light, forgiveness, etc.)

Step 3: Send Your Angelic Projection

Project and visualize yourself and your assigned Angels moving in the intended place with the intended people.
Spend as long a time as you want in Angelic Projection mode.

Step 4: Surrender to the Angels

Surrender all your problems to the Angels, surrender yourself to the Angels, and trust spiritual solutions will manifest in the right time.

NOTE: What is an Angel Lightberator aka Lightberator?

Angel Lightberators Aka “Angelus Lux Liberatores”, are a new generation of lightworkers which primary role is to bring light & liberty to all sentient beings. Other roles include: liberation from The 22 Human Conditioning, karmic debts, financial, legal, social, racial and religious restrictions, offering “Angelic Projections” as Guardian Angels, instead of just prayers, which provides protection, blessings from Angels.

Angel Lightberators: Protection from guardian angels!
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Written by: Whisperer Robren
Published on: 24 February 2022.

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The 4-Step Angel Projection Ritual.
How to send Angelic Projection & Protection to Anywhere (esp. Ukraine) and Anyone.