Very few BKs know about this story I about to share with you. Only the late Dadi Janki, Didi Dr. Nirmala, and Sister Maureen knew about it. Here it goes…

I stood in front of the microphone, in front of over a thousand BKs in the big hall opposite Pandav Bhawan in the headquarters in Madhuban, Mt. Abu, Rajasthan, India, right after Dadi Prakash Mani finished morning Murli class. I had already asked permission from the late Dadi Janki. Dadi Janki said I needn’t do it, but I wanted to, to clear my conscience, and share my vulnerability that such a thing can happen to any BK.

I shared some details, but no names were mentioned. It was translated into Hindi, so most murli attendees and the Dadis present knew what I said. But I sensed the two guilty ones were definitely in the audience. I remembered there were hardly a handful or probably none of BKs from Malaysia in that Avyakt Bapdada season in Madhuban. So I was spared from facing my fellow BKs from Malaysia.

Only person who mattered to me approached me almost immediately, and we walked to have breakfast, and talked. She was my ex-Sister-In-Law from Sydney, BK Maureen or BK Murni.

“OMG, what happened Robert?”
“Yeah… Maureen. I had to do it. I had to make a public confession in front of Dadis, our BK family, even though most were Indian BKs who probably don’t know who I was, but that’s okay, it’s even better that way, you know.”
“That was so courageous of you!”
“No, not really, it was huge mistake, Maureen!”
“Now I have no face to return to Malaysia, to face my BK family.”
“Dadi Janki said probably Didi Dr. Nirmala will not allow me to be a centrewasi (a resident in a brother BK centre), for quite a while, you know.”
“I always lived in a BK centre since opening BK Malaysian service (in May 1981), what am I going to do, Maureen Bhen! (sister in Hindi) (sigh!).”
“Robert Bhai (brother in Hindi)! Come to Hong Kong, ok!”
“Hong Kong! Big city Hong Kong? I don’t know? I may not fit there. It’s so expensive to live there. What job can I get, advertising again… hmmm.”
“Come to Hong Kong, I know some wives of big tycoons. Anyways, I try to get you a job, or you try your best to apply to as many jobs.”
“I don’t even know how to type! (whining)”
“You’ll be fine!”
“You’ll like the Western-style culture, Westerners, and Western-educated Chinese in Hong Kong, even with all the Chinese influences.”
“Ok. Where will I stay? I can’t stay in a Sisters centre with you!”
“We have a few Indian-bodied regular students who can accommodate you temporarily. Later, you rent a cheap apartment when you get a good paying job, ok.”
“Well, Tom liked or at least enjoyed Hong Kong, during his six months stay, I’m sure you’ll like it too”
(without work visa, Tom returned to Malaysia, and opened Penang centre. He didn’t want to be at the main Bangsar centre with the “Gang of Three”, especially after the perceived betrayal or mutiny which happened six months earlier, this story was covered in chapter 2).
“So is this for six months, or for long term?”
“It’s up to you.”
“Dadi Janki advised and gave full permission for me to stay in Madhuban, without asking my superiors, for one month to recharge my batteries. I don’t have to face the 2 at least for one month. I never stayed so long before because of lokik work and BK service. Dadi Jank is wonderful!”
“Well, you have plenty of time to get to Hong Kong then, if you decide to come.”

Indeed, I did decide to come to Hong Kong.

It took me 6-7 months to get my finances from working and from my parents, before I landed in Hong Kong in humid August 1987. I got a job as a Settlements Clerk at Hoare Govett Asia, a top tier Stock broking firm, stationed in The Landmark, Central, Hong Kong.

Two years after migrating to Hong Kong, I left Brahma Kumaris, after ten years of godly service.
This seemingly random meeting with Maureen in Madhuban, and random decision to go Hong Kong totally changed my life, huge new chapters in my life.

I would meet my future Portuguese Hongkonger wife, Brenda José, 7 years after migrating to Hong Kong, leading to marrying her in 1996, and being co-coach partners for 12 years, then return and move our corporate training base from Hong Kong to Malaysia in 2006, to give back and transfer my expertise to my countrymen as “Charity begins at home, again.”, then I watched Brenda die over 23 hours 23 minutes, as Twin Souls one of us will witness the other Twin Soul die in every lifetime after finding each other in nearly every rebirth for thousands of years, so I know the exact time of Brenda’s death 5:23pm on 23 December 2013

I’m so fascinated how another Twin Souls, Bapdada, how Shiva Baba and Brahma Baba witnessed each other’s leaving the body at the same time, as well as witnessing the Soul of Dadi Gulzar leaving her own physical body at the time of death at 8:40am IST, on 3 days ago on 11th March 2021 – I do remember like it as yesterday in some past lives we witnessed each other DIE AT THE SAME TIME, truly amazing, for me to do  more research about “Twin Souls Death Witnessing”…

I digressed.


Back to the two, their name were Gita and Satish. Satish was the eldest brother, Gita was his younger sister, they have another brother who stayed with them, he is mentally challenged, and a very big size. I think they were Punjabi Malaysians, who didn’t wear a turban. They attended daily murli classes at the main Bangsar BK centre, where I was based.

Satish was a senior manager at Public Bank. He was very well respected. BKs love to put credible professionals such as lawyers, bankers, doctors, and chartered accountants as their poster children as successful BKs. Satish shared many stories of corporate politics and advised me to upgrade my professional skills so that I would not be bullied or controlled in corporate life. I agree. When I mastered advanced leadership, strategic, marketing, entrepreneurship skills, my consultant expertise were widely sought in Hong Kong, USA, and around the world.

I don’t know how the situation evolve, I suppose it’s the putting the frog in a pot and turning up the heat slowly story that one did not suspect how the situation had shifted from safe to dangerous, to death. All I remember was Gita and Satish claimed that Gita will soon be the new Chariot for Bapdada, yes, you read it right!

As the Bhagavad Gita is the song of God, I was told to prepare the way for Gita to go to Madhuban to take over Dadi Gulzar as the new chariot for Bapdada, as something would happen suddenly to Dadi Gulzar, when Gita and Satish go to Madhuban for their first time. It took six months before all three of us went to Madhuban. I sense some entity was speaking through Gita,  That entity claimed to be Bapdada.  He gave shrimat  for me to leave the Bangsar centre and live with them in Damansara Utama, in Petaling Jaya, against the advice of Didi Dr. Nirmala. One thing lead to another.

Gita shared that the entity told her that Bapdada will be testing me in some tests of faith. One of the supposed tests was for me to publicly declare I will be marrying Gita, which I was very reluctant to do, but I did it as a surrendered instrument of God. It sent “earthquake news” among the BK family, Didi opposed and questioned what I see in a not so bright girl who did not complete your secondary school, who had a crooked nose, Tom tried to communicate to me from Penang, Karen who was a secret admirer wrote me a series of love letters. That story later…

I remember I told my Mum I was going to marry a Punjabi girl. She totally freaked out. Immediately returning from a Hong Kong trio with my Grandma, they visited Gita and me. Mum disapproved the marriage. I said I was an adult, and asked my Mum and Granny to leave. The entity praised me that I passed the Mum test.

To cut the small stories short. I knew the only way I can truly prove that Gita was the new Bapdada’s Chariot would be for it to happen in Madhuban as predicted by the entity. We flew to Madhuban.

On the first personal Avyakt Bapdada Murli meeting, I still remember like it was yesterday, I watched Bapdada entered Dadi Gulzar, I looked at Gita, that entity with her is NOT Bapdada. I quietly told both of them and the entity that Gita is not the new chariot of Bapdada! I never talked to them from that moment onwards.

The realization was like Arjuna seeing a thousand Suns when he asked to see how God looks like. OMG, Brother BK Robert! What a huge mistake! I walked away from the two and sat at a corner in the hall, I watched Bapdada the whole night, it was a very familiar Bapdada vibe, so so different from the other fake entity.


The very next day, I asked to see Dadi Janki privately, with Sister Sheila as Dadi’s interpreter, a  Madhuban sister and the main stage announcer. We sat in an outdoor garden. I told Dadi everything.
Dadi did not look surprised. She did not scold me.

“Robert Bhai, do you see that group of 200 people marching outside, on the main Abu Road?”
“Yes, I noticed they were marching up and down the road for the last few days. Why did you mention this?”
“The group claimed that 21 year old BK girl is the new chariot of Bapdada.”
“Yes, every now and then some BK splinter group will come to Madhuban and claim a certain BK is the new chariot for Bapdada.”
“There is only one and last chariot of Bapdada, and you know it is Gulzar Dadi.”
“Dadi, I am so so sorry! I made such a big mistake, Dadi, I am so sorry! Please forgive me!”
(I burst out crying, and tried to kneel down)
“Get up.”
“Dadi loves you. Bapdada loves you.”

“You are a special obedient child of Bapdada.”
“You are pakar! (strong in faith, in Maryadas or principles)”

“See what Bapdada say to you when you meet one-on-one with Bapdada.”
“You don’t have to explain what you explain to Dadi. Bapdada knows.”
“Will Bapdada forgive me, Dadi?”
“Shh! Silly question!”
“I want to share my story to help others who went through the “Fake Bapdada Chariot” deception.
“Not necessary. It only happens in India.”
“You are the first ‘Fake Chariot’ story outside India.”
“Why did this fake chariot situation happened to me, Dadiji (“ji” is endearing respect in Hindi).”
“You may have a unique gift and talent.”
“The key thing is not to be deceived by fake, dark spirits.”
“How Dadiji?”
“Just do it!”
(Later in three separate meetings that month, I asked Dadi Janki some different questions. Dadi would reply with same answer, “Just do it!”. One time, I asked how Dadi churns knowledge and create new gems of wisdom every day. She would reply, “Just churn!”)
“Ok, I still want to share my Fake Chariot experience, Dadi.”
“Sheila Bhen can I?”
“Can you announce this after Dadi Komarka finished the Murli.”
“Can you please translate my testimonial to Hindi, Sheila Bhen?”
“Robert Bhai, you are very brave to do this, are you sure?”
“Yes Sheila Bhen, this is very, very important for me to share this experience as Dadi said it happens every now and then.”
“Robert Bhai, you stay here in Madhuban for one month.”
“Should I ask my (superiors)… they are not here.”
“Dadi give you full permission, chalo!”
“You see me regularly in this month, samja bhai! (understand).”


Recognizing The Daji or Kitsune, The Seducer Fox Archeype.

That was my first experience of working with and channeling an entity, but this first entity was fake.
Since becoming an Angel Whisperer to Angel Brenda, I have written some deep insights about “The Entity”.
I now call it “Daji, the bad, evil, dark with its hidden 9-Tailed Seducer Fox or Kitsune, the good white 9-tailed Fox”.
I have mastered the Art of Recognizing Dajis and Kitsunes. Mega Fox, pun intended, is a classic Daji.
The trick is being a “Wolf Archetype” who can sense a Daji miles away so to speak, or have “Dogs” in your team who also can recognize and control Daji Foxes in your organization or in other organizations who are trying to outfox or seduce you.

The Gita Daji was just a first preparation to be a future Angel Whisperer, the real thing coming – 26 years later, in 2013.

The 9-tailed Fox Seducer – either the good white Kitsune Fox or the evil Daji Fox.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is surprising-friendship-between-norwegian-dog-and-wild-fox4.jpg
The Wolf archetype can conquer and control the Fox archetype. The Dog Archetype can also recognize sense the Fox.


I always speak the truth.
I always admit the truth, once I am aware or realized the truth.
Truth has set me free in this huge mistake and downfall.
Truth will liberate you.
Now you know why I work so well mainly with The Angel of Truth, one of the Three in Liberty Trinity Angels of Love-Truth-Light.
And why Angel Brenda work so well and mainly with The Angel of Love.
I am the Angel Whisperer who cracked The Angel Code, for 4 Angels to whisper and speak through.

I had stares of admiration and thumbs up from Indian BKs. Some kitchen brothers asked me was if I was the Robert who spoke (there was only one more Robert from San Franciso). Kitchen hands listen to the Murli while cooking for thousands of visitors. In that month I talked with many Madhuban Dadas and Nirwair Bhai who spoke good English. It was very healing.