Explaining Web3, 6G, DeFi, Blockchain, NFT, Metaverse, Crypto and ‘recently’ self-driving cars, eCommerce, Social Media & Digital Marketing is like explaining the Internet, Laptops or Smartphones back in 1995. Bill Gates predicted AI then. But 27 years later in 2022, who is NOT using the Internet, Whatsapp, eWallet, or eHailing?

Therefore, it is understandable to accept that there are countless skeptics, conspiracy theorists and non-believers of Web3 and NFTs, including many of our viewers.

I still remember how RESISTANT I was to use a Smartphone until my Manager couldn’t stand it and bought one for me on my birthday!

Many people like myself had missed out on Bitcoin 7 years ago, please don’t miss out on Web3, NFTs and Crypto.

Watch how hilarious were David Letterman’s ignorant questions about the internet, with his guest Bill Gates back in 1995. https://tinyurl.com/GatesLetterman

“What we don’t understand or reject, we normally criticize or attack it vigorously! Until it becomes obvious.” ~ Robren

Yes, there are many scams in crypto/ NFT – just like in all new industries.

Yes, it is not ‘regulated’, but that’s the very Beauty of Decentralized Finance!

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Written by: Robren, Chief Vision Officer of NFT Heritage, ArtVerse and NFT eMuseum
Published: 23 June 2022.

Link to this article: https://tinyurl.com/LettermanGates

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