What was Brenda José like and how is she different now?

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Brenda @Phuket Zoo

What was Brenda José like and how is she different now?

This is article should be highly entertaining, a treat for Brenda’s friends and graduates as I have revealed some never before shared information about her, me, and our marriage & 1995-2013 relationship.

Brenda crossed-over on 23 December 2013 at 5:23pm.
Most people who knew Brenda when she was alive would likely describe her along these lines. This is my own take describing Brenda:

Brenda’s Character & Personality:
●  Very intense, empowering, confrontational, badass, cool, calm, usually always right, hardly apologizes (as she hardly make mistakes or cross the line).
●  Drama Queen
●  She was born in the Year of The Tiger = magnanimous, no bull-shit girl, she’ll bite after giving a roaring or barking, Queen of the thick jungle (compared to the Lioness who is the Queen of a sparse Safari)
●  Her Sun Sign is Aries = headstrong, confident,
●  Brenda’s Soul Numbers are 7 & 11 (these numbers are occurs whenever her angelic presence is near.
– born on 7 April 1962. 7+4+1+9+6+2=29 / 2+9=11 (Master Numbers 11, 22, 33…99; You don’t need to reduce MN to a single digit number)
Number 7 = symbolizes teacher, specialist (vs. number 9 the generalist), spirituality, 7 days, 7 wonders;
7 is ruled by Neptune = symbolizes love for the sea/ beach/ island girl,
Number 11 (or 2) = symbolizes the diplomat, negotiator, arbitrator, duality, feminine “Yin” energy,
2 is ruled the Moon = symbolizes emotions,

Brenda’s Key Characteristics:
  She suffered from a rare disease called Crohn’s Disease.
     Crohn’s affect and inflame any part of the intestines, it prevents absorption of nutrients so Crohn’s patients usually look anorexic, and thin. Brenda lowest weight was 72 pounds or 32 kilos in one of her worse episodes. Her heaviest before Crohn’s was 130 pounds or 59 kilos (she was slight overweight and was a stocky Hockey Goalie once). She would vomit over 10 times a day for 3-4 days and diarrhea daily.
●  She survived her first intestines perforation in 1995.
Immediately after a James Newton‘s 4 day personal growth called “Eau de vie” (water of life), she was admitted to Queen Mary’s Hospital. Brenda shares her story of how she overheard 2 surgeons were having a heated argument in Cantonese – the local surgeon refused to operate as it was passed midnight, the other visiting UK Surgeon then took over to operate on her.
The surgery was 7 hours long, the explorative surgery cut and stitches were 7 inches long, and 7 inches of her perforated intestines were removed and re-connected, her bed was 7 and her ward was 7.
When she woke up, the UK Surgeon told Brenda he suspected she has Crohn’s Disease.
Brenda was one of the first patients to be diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in Hong Kong.
Robert was the one who took good care of her in sickness and in health in the 17 years of marriage and 3 separations in 2007, 2010, and 2013.
●  She did not survive her second intestines perforation in December 2013. Read Brenda’s Obituary-Tribute.
She died from internal toxic contamination, all major organs failed except her greatly weakened heart which was kept alive by 4 medicine-pumping machines; her kidney failed and was on a dialysis machine, her lungs failed she was on a lung perforator.
●  She loves to “save unpopular lost souls” whom nobody cares about.
●  She was Ms. Popular and knew how to treat friends so well.
●  She gave free Soul Readings and most friends comment she was amazing accurate that was scary.
●  She was a top performer sales consultant in most jobs she was in.
●  She was COO of ChangeU, and my Business co-Partner.
●  She was my Co-Coach for 12 years.
The last corporate workshop was Resorts World Genting Senior Management Conference in Resorts World Manila.

One of Brenda’s last known photos in 2013 in Hong Kong

Brenda’s Hobbies, Likes & Hates

●  She spends hours on games with her precious Ipad.
●  She bonds with other smokers (she was smoker from when she went to a Penzance, UK school at 18). She smoked Salem Lights (one packet a day).
●  She used to run Friday whole night Texas Hold’em Poker sessions at our house and Hong Kong-style Mahjong.
●  She liked SunFlowers, Godiva Chocs, shoes, shopping, funky watches, sunshades.
●  She was a very classy dresser with impeccable taste, her accessories and jewellery collection is huge.
●  Her dream watch was a Cartier panthere which I gave her.
●  She became an excellent cook when she separated from me. Especially she inherited her Mum’s and Dad’s Portuguese Secret Recipes.
●  She hated washing dishes (she is excellent in laundry, and sorting).
●  She was an excellent travel packer, very organized with a checklist, she was the best travel organizer she had high awareness and mindfulness of every traveller’s peculiar needs are met.

Brenda at Work
●  For her students she was known to play “Bad Cop” while I play Good Cop – she would bite and not let them get away with their weaknesses. Now I play both Bad Cop & God Cop.
●  She had no patience with stupid staff.

Hulk - A Woman who Calms the Beast.png

Brenda as my Wife & The Near Death Lightning God Sign:
●  She knew how to fend of horny, rich, handsome men.
●  She rejected USD1m offer from a Saudi Arabian Sheikh.
●  She told off a friend’s friend who hit on her on our wedding day who wanted to sleep with her if things didn’t work out between us!    read full story
●  Loving, gave me lots of freedom.
●  Kept me in check especially my mild Bipolar Disorder II.
●  Our fights were super intensive, normally last around 6-8 hours every month.
Most couples would have easily split after such intensive fights but we didn’t.
I was diagnosed with mild Bipolar Disorder II by Professor Jambunathan of University Hospital. In hindsight Brenda later realized after we both knew I have Bipolar that she should not have confronted head on during our fights.
I could have given our marriage another try but I was way too tired as she was inevitably my #1 biggest Bipolar Trigger that triggered me to Mania and rage. I hated myself and felt extreme guilt time I had a manic fight with Brenda (NO, I did not enjoy those fights as some people commented including Brenda herself).
●  She nearly got stuck by lightning which 10 feet from her in Cheung Chau in 1995 our first couple place before marriage.
The Near Death Lightning God Sign was God directly telling her never ever to leave me.   read full story
●  But She did leave me in our 17 years marriage.
I told her that I was not good for her because of my Bipolar Disorder.
I separated from her 3 times 2007 (I myself had a nasty bicycle accident during the separation which knocked out my 2 front teeth), 2010, and 2013.
In early 2013 I forced her to leave me for good. She reluctantly returned to Hong Kong and to take care of her aging parents.
That was the first time ever in our marriage that we were so far apart. It was also the start of her health deteriorating.
On hindsight I should never had told her to leave me – Brenda & I did not realize the Lightning God Sign was such a serious sign for us never to leave each other and for us to fulfill our Twin Souls Mission later.    read full story

How is Brenda different now (as Love Angel):
●  I really like Brenda now as the Love Angel.
She is not so pushy, bossy only to me yes haha.
●  LAB is always with me unless I want to be “alone” – in that way I don’t miss her. I only miss her when I am reminded by her belongings or when I visit many Hong Kong places where we used to frequent. That’s why only now I’m ok to return to Hong Kong more as Hong Kong is a constant reminder and memory trigger overload!
●  Just because I talk a lot about Her and Her Whisperings doesn’t mean I had not let go of her – contrary to what some people think. I had let go of her at the Death Bed.
●  LAB is very cool, calm, elegant, has huge energy fields.
●  LAB’s roles are Messenger (She was/ is Hawk Medicine), comforting grieving families, revealing the secrets of The Afterlife, watching the Flow of Karma, helping in Divine Intervention of Karma, giving Premonition Disaster Warnings of imminent disasters especially Triple Disasters Premonitions, banishing and cornering Fallen Twin Souls, Deceiving Spirits, fake gods for ArchAngels’ good conquering evil, and protecting-alerting-guiding-saving.
●  I call Brenda “The Drama Queen of Endless Afterlife Signs” (Brenda’s last 3 words were “I, Drama Queen.”
●  Investigative TV Journalist and Hollywood Producer of Looper and Resident Evil, Craig Santy finds Evidence that Angel Brenda can control super-computers, animals, insects, cause power outage, and save lives in MH370.   read more
She will help you identify Your Top 3 Big Karmic Debts from The 27 Big Karmic Debts   read more
●  She help you with the Grieving Process.   read more about the 17 Phases of Grieving
●  She will help you admit and own Your Dark Secrets which is holding you ransom.
●  She will send you Direct Messages.
●  She gives you Love Lessons on Sex-Money-Power in Relationships, Cheating, Seduction, Fights, Age Difference, Sugar-Daddies & Mistresses.     read more
She can help you How to Escape a Cult and Win a Debate with a Cultist.   read more
●  She will help you detect and escape the Daji Fox Seducers‘ temptations and effects.   read more
●  How you know Love Angel Brenda is near you – many 7 & 11 Signs direct along your path in various forms: 7 & 11 Car License Plates, 7 & 11 in watch/clock e.g. 11:11 am, etc.



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By Robrenda
Published on 1 October 2017.
Copyright 2017 ©

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The 7 Dimensions of the Universe, Ghost World, Purgatory, Hell, The Afterlife & The Beforelife

The 7 Dimensions of the Universe, Limbo, Ghost World, Hell, The Afterlife & The Beforelife

2D / The Second Dimension
= Width and height

3D / The Third Dimension
= Width, height and depth (Space)

4D / The Fourth Dimension
= Space + Time = The ‘Known’ Physical Universe;

5D / The Fifth Dimension
= The 5th Dimension has 2 Worlds: Ghost World and Purgatory, Limbo (before going to Soul Universe).

Normally a person dies, the Soul goes from 4D to 6D-7D, and reincarnate.
There are 2 situations where the Soul is unable to go straight to the 6D-7D:
5.1)  Ghost World: A Ghost is a Soul that is very unsettled (e.g. gone through a suicide, violent death, fatal accident, murder), and is unable to go straight to the 6D-7D, so the soul hangs around in the Ghost World, the 5th Dimension.
Sometimes the Soul wants to say goodbye and hangs around (a few hours to a few years).

5.2)  Purgatory/ Hell: the Soul has too much bad Karma to settle in the next lifetimes (for example the human body has a limit to how much it can suffer bodily, mentally, emotionally, spiritually in one lifetime), the Soul may settle its bad Karma through all 5 subtle-angelic senses e.g. “seeing-hearing-feeling-smelling-tasting” through its subtle-angelic body (not a physical body) its bad deeds, sufferings.

This is the “Hell”, “Ghost World”, Inferno”, “Dante” that people refer to.
The Chinese refer to the 12 Levels of Hell, where a soul is tortured with the related crime e.g. lying will have their tongues cut, etc. The Chinese version of Hell is extremely dark, their belief in ghosts is very dark. Chinese even have one lunar month called “The Ghost Festival”.

That’s why Ghosts like Humans may emit bad ordors, uneasy feelings, fleeting images, eerie creepy sounds, bad taste in the tongue – which may be able to be “6th Sensed” by humans.

But these subtle sufferings are never like depicted in holy books i.e. “the eternal fires of Hell”. There is NO fires, cold, drowning, or any physical punishments in Limbo 5D.

We all know the human body can only stand the pain of fire for only less than 1 minute after that the human body will go into shock and faint. So the concept of an eternal fire that can torture a human is impossible, as the body dies and doesn’t feel a thing.

6D / The Sixth Dimension
= “The Afterlife”, Angelic Realm where Guardian Angels, ArchAngels stay, Messengers-Visitations-Afterlife Signs-Premonitions from your Crossed-over Loved Ones; Angelic activities; The Astral Plane, Paranormal Space
This is the “paradise”, “Heaven” which most people refer to.

7D / The Seventh Dimension
= “The Beforelife” (before a soul reincarnate), Soul Universe, Nirvana (state of nothingness), Moksha;
There is NO HUMAN ACTIVITY and NO KARMA in Soul Universe.

Q. What is the meaning of Crossed-over or RIP (Rest In Peace)
A. RIP is about a soul left the body from 4d to 6D or 7D, so the Soul may transition (not ‘move’ as it is not physical) between 6D & 7D, between The Afterlife and The Beforelife aka Soul Universe.

Q.  Where does Karma happens?
A. Return of Karma only exists when the soul is in a human body – in various forms of suffering, pain, hunger, poverty, heartaches, sorrow, regret, guilt, bitterness, loneliness, stress, etc.
The Return of Karma also exists in the 5th Dimension (in the form of “Hell”).
Karma does not exist in the 6th & 7th Dimensions.


7 Dimensions of The Universe


FAQs on The 7 Dimensions of the Universe

Q1.  Where is God in the 7 Dimensions?

A1.  Everywhere (omnipresent) or nowhere – as God is NOT limited or controlled by the 7 Dimensions: Space & Time (4D), Limbo-Ghost-Hell (5D), Angelic Realm-The Afterlife (6D), or Soul Universe-The Beforelife-Nirvana (7D)

Q2.  What are Channeled Spirits?
A2.  There are 4 Types of Channeled Spirits: 
1)  Good and Bad Possessing Ghosts: an unsettled Soul who has not yet crossed-over to 6D & 7D, but the Soul is not humanly aware of the Soul’s predicament. Just like there are good, bad, ugly & beautiful humans, there are good and bad ghosts. Some Ghosts try to possess the body of another soul. At rare times that a body can attract a multiple of Possessing Ghosts

2)  Channeled Good Entity or Angel
Example 1:  Angel Moroni enters Joseph Smith who established the Mormons and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church).

3)  Channeled Fallen Angels Satan or Lucifer or Fallen Twin Souls
A fallen Angel or Twin Soul have gone from Light to Darkness.
Fallen Angels and Twin Souls have very important and specific roles to play such as:
● establish a Cult / New Religion.
● Fallen Angels and Fallen Twin Souls create a massive Religious Big Karmic Debt that affects especially regular teachers and students. The usually cult isolation from student’s family and friends, strict Discipline, religious policing, brainwashing, mind control, and harsh Lifestyle can be viewed as a form of punishment for return of bad karma of followers.  click here to read about 27 Big Karmic Debts and identity your Top 3 Big Karmic Debts
Example 1 of  Fallen Twin Souls: Founder Soul Shiva Baba who claims he is the supreme soul incarnates in the body of Brahma Baba and founded Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Meditation around 1936. In 1969 when Brahma Baba died, the Fallen Twin Souls Shiva Baba & Brahma Baba became the combined form of BapDada who then enters their second Chariot called Dadi Gulzar.  click more about The 101 Deceptive Faces of Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Meditation Cult
Example 2:  A fallen angel is influencing Abū Bakr al-Baghdadi who changed from a shy, unimpressive, and a religious scholar into the Leader of ISIS. His followers are paying their own very heavy Big Karmic Debt through joining ISIS.

4)  ALL Religious Founders have Twin or Triple Souls
Example 1: The Founder Soul (Buddha) enters the body of Prince Siddhārtha (Gautama).
Example 2: The Founder Soul (Christ, aka “God The Father) and an Angelic Soul (God The Holy Ghost), enters the Body of Jesus (“God The Son)

Read What happens when a person dies:  click here




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By Robrenda, Twin Souls
(Whisperer Robert Chaen with Love Angel Brenda)

Published on 25 September 2017.
Updated on 15 October 2017.

Copyright 2017 ©

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What happens when a person dies?

Light at the end of the tunnel

When a person dies, the following 4 Scenarios can happen:
1. “Soul Hanging Around”:
The soul hangs around in spirit form until the official religious ritual
(e.g. funeral mass/ rites) is performed. Then the soul crossover first to the Spirit/Soul Universe BEFORE the soul reincarnates.

A soul usually “hangs around” for 7 days to 49 days or 7 weeks before the returns to the Soul Universe.

NOTE:  The soul cannot reincarnate without going first to the Soul Universe.

The soul may stay in the Soul Universe for a human split second to several human lifetimes before the soul is ready to reincarnate.

2. “Ghost”:
The soul is unsettled and not ready to crossover to the 6th or 7th Dimensions – it hangs around in the Ghost World, thw 5th Dimension.

This type of soul is commonly called “Ghost.” It may be sensed as an apparition, a certain color, a distinctive smell (floral, roses), a feeling (cold, warm),

3. “Rest In Peace”:
The soul crossover smoothly usually i.e. “The soul Rest In Peace”
. Then the soul wants to be a Guardian Angel to the soul’s loved ones still on Earth. Or the soul becomes an Angel who role is


No human activities in Heaven


The Dimensions: The Soul Universe (The 7th Dimension) is different from The Angelic Realm (The 6th Dimension) and Earth & Physical Universe (The 4th Dimension):

Q.  What is the Soul Universe?
A.  It is not a physical place. It is also called “The 7th Dimension”.
Absolutely NOTHING physical. All souls in the Soul Universe is in Egg/ Seed Stage, 

The Spirit/Soul Universe is non-physical realm of existence. There are many names for this: Paradise, Heaven, Nirvana, Moksha, Beforelife (before birth)

There are no human activities or Karma in the Soul Universe. Time can be humanly perceived there. Souls in Soul Universe have no human body – in Seed/Egg/ Soul Hibernation / in Limbo / in a non-physical ‘Soul’s Winter“)

Q.  Who are in the Soul Universe?
A.  Any soul not reincarnated stays in the Soul Universe.

Q.  Why the Soul Universe?
A.  The reason is the Soul must return to Soul Universe (The Beforelife) before reincarnating.

Q.  When does the Soul spend time in the Soul Universe?
A.   The time between a Soul crossing over to the Other Side and reincarnating into a body on Earth is spent in the Soul Universe.
There is a time limit for the Soul to stay in the Soul Universe – depending on the Souls

Q.  Where is the Soul Universe?
A.  It’s not here. It’s in kind of a parallel non-physical universe.

Q.  How does the soul travel to the Soul Universe?
A.  Through Astral Travelling, the soul without a human body can choose to be in only 2 Dimensions: 1) Soul Universe where there are no human activities   2) Angelic Realm where the soul takes on an angelic form which is non-physical, the Angelic Body can be “seen” through

The Sixth Sense: Paranormal Sensory Experiences & Intuition, Gut feel

●  Claircognizance (knowing)
It is one of the most doubted abilities by those who hold this intuitive gift, because it is often hard to discern between what is a claircognizant thought delivered from Spirit and what is a just a self thought, according to Amanda Linette Meder Psychic Medium.

●  Clairsentience (feeling or touching)

●  Clairvoyance (seeing)

●  Clairaudience: (hearing voices, sounds or music that are not audible to the normal ear)

●  Clairolfactus (smelling)

●  Clairgustance (tasting)

The Seventh Sense:  Beyond the Physical & 4D, 5D to 6D 7D Dimension
Sensing Guardian Angels, ArchAngels (ArchAngel Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Auriel, Metatron), Holy Ghost (Catholicism), Deity Energy Entities (Kwan Yin), Religious Founder Souls (Buddha, Christ, ) & Ascended/ Enlightened Master Souls (Buddha


Bad News for Jihadists
Jihadists and Martyrs who believe that 72 Virgins will be waiting for them, I’m sorry to disappoint there is no sex, no drinking, no eating, no NOTHING – no human activities.

Why? Because if you need a human body to have human activities. And once you have human bodies, the human body will get sick, and die eventually.

The soul exist in what I call “the Seed/Egg stage” like a seed it contains all the souls’ DNA i.e. Karmic Accounts with itself, other souls, etc. When the seed is planted i.e. when the soul reincarnates then the soul’s Tree of Life grows. The soul takes a human body to play a role on Earth (called Dharma, or work ethics, earthly roles).

Q. Many people take solace that they will meet their departed loved one when they die, so do they get to meet the departed.
A. Not quite. Because by the time one crosses over, the loved one may have reincarnated. But there is some truth in that there was a karmic connection with that loved one so their paths may cross in a future lifetime.

Q. What is a Soul Agreement?
A Soul Agreement is a unique agreement between 2 or more souls – on a soul-to-soul level, not physical level. It’s “an agreement that is made in ‘Heaven’ so it is spiritually binding, not legally binding like man-made laws.”

The Soul Agreement can be about:
● Incarnating as one’s own child, best friend, or relative, business partner, activist.
● Fulfilling a broken promise or a new promise with each other’s soul.
Agreeing to choose a particular time and place for future incarnations.


FAQs on Death, Heaven, Ghosts:

Q. Should I let the Departed RIP, or should I contact them?

A. The truth is it is all about Whispering & communicating with an Eternal Soul who never dies. Although a Soul may be Resting In Peace as a ‘seed/ egg’ with no human experiences or activities, the Soul can go the Angelic Realm which exist parallel with Earth & the Universe. From ‘The Other Side’ they can be ‘guardian angels at will’ to guide their loved ones and send Afterlife Signs.

Q. Brenda’s interpretation of Heaven is not what most people imagine it to be?
A. Yes, most people imagine Heaven to have human activities but let’s think about it – if souls in Heaven have human bodies then they are subjected to physical laws of aging, hunger, and pain.

Q.  Does the Soul have Soul Memory?
A.  Soul Memory has the equivalent ‘Hard Disk’ and ‘Software’ in the form of:
“Birth mark

Fear of cars (from a car accident),
Watch this amazing film “I Origins” which explores this phenomena  click here

Conscious memory
Unconscious memory


Proof & Secrets from The Afterlife with The Love Angel Brenda
The Second Afterlife eBook by Whisperer Robert Chaen

Proof & Secrets of The Afterlife with The Love Angel Brenda by Whisperer Robert Chaen

By Whisperer Robert Chaen with The Love Angel Brenda
Published on 8 September 2017.
Updated on 26 September 2017.

Copyright 2017 ©

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Proof & Secrets from The Afterlife with The Love Angel Brenda – by Whisperer Robert Chaen

Proof & Secrets from The Afterlife with The Love Angel Brenda by Whisperer Robert Chaen

Introducing My Second eBook

This ebook is about unconditional love, truth, predestiny, the proof of afterlife, evidence of angelic afterlife signs and crossing-over of souls. It also restores hope and healing in grieving and letting go of departed loved ones. Afterlife stories, universal laws and secrets, and personal stories about being touched by a guardian angel, untold divine intervention stories will be shared about how 50 exchange students and my cousin were saved from MH370.

This ebook is about death & birth, good & evil, soul & body, and hope vs blind faith.
It will answer many of life’s biggest questions and mysteries about the afterlife, the soul, God, Angels, heaven & hell.


This is an afterlife ebook, not a religious ebook
Readers are advised to read this book with an open mind, with no preconceived notions and judgements on this ebook. After reading its entirety, readers can decide on which parts or life lessons to take away, and simply leave the rest behind. However, I am very sure there will be something here for everyone.

These words are originated from soul whispering with Brenda José, my guardian love angel, my departed Portuguese wife, and my Twin Soul. From here onwards, I’ll use the word “crossed-over” and not departed.

Communicating with the Departed OR letting the Departed RIP?

Communicating with the Dead is a highly controversial topic which many people have strong even ‘expert’ opinions about – yet they know nothing about the Afterlife.

The truth is it is all about Whispering & communicating with an Eternal Soul who never dies. Although a Soul may be Resting In Peace as a ‘seed/ egg’ with no human experiences or activities, the Soul can ‘Soul Travelinstantly to the Angelic Realm which exist in parallel with Earth & the Universe. From ‘The Other Side’ they can be ‘guardian angels at will’ to guide their loved ones and send Afterlife Signs.

Therefore, there is no question about ‘disturbing’ the soul and communicating with them. It’s no different from talking to a  Religious Founder.


Deciphering Brenda’s Code
It took me a little more than 3 years to decipher Brenda’s Code of what she is continuously trying to whisper to me (think of this as a spiritual, afterlife version of ‘The Da Vinci Code’); and to have the courage to write this ebook and what she wants to tell the world from the other side. I had many self-doubts. I questioned everything from a true skeptic point of view. I still struggle to connect the dots of Brenda’s Code on new unfolding discoveries.

Brenda and my story began on the day when Brenda crossed over at 5:23 pm, 23rd December 2013 at her death bed in Ruttonjee Hospital, Hong Kong.


Proofing to the Doubting Thomas
Two hours after she left her physical body, she produced her first irrefutable afterlife sign to me, the ‘doubting Thomas’, a corporate CEO and true skeptic – a Mark Six computer-generated lottery with her two soul numbers 7 & 11. You will read a lot more about 7 & 11s throughout this ebook. Brenda was born on 7 April 1962.


Hacking the Lottery Supercomputer: The 7 & 11 Mark Six Afterlife Sign
The First Irrefutable Proof of Afterlife from Brenda
(the scale and variety of irrefutable afterlife signs from Brenda is unheard of)

An investigative journalist once made me realize how powerful Brenda really is. It is absolutely impossible for a human being to access Mark Six, one of the world’s most secure gaming mainframe computers, and to generate 2 specific first consecutive numbers (7 & 11) out of 6 numbers with no numbers in between.

But Brenda did crack the impenetrable Mark Six computer to prove to me first, and then to the world that I am not imagining that she is whispering to me from the other side. Brenda will go on to show countless irrefutable afterlife signs (more in later chapters).


Brenda's Scale of Afterlife Signs Montage

Surrendering & My Promise made at Brenda’s Death Bed:
“I didn’t know what I signed up for”

In Brenda’s last 25 minutes of her physical life on her death bed, she made me promise her that I would surrender to her and God as an instrument tool. This intense conversation was fully documented as I Whatsapp my staff in Malaysia to post in my Facebook account Robert Chaen Changeu. (Check my Facebook on 23 December 2013).

But now there is a super-deep and strong calling to write this ebook, and later read some chapters of this ebook as a video or a podcase

The truth is I’ve been postponing writing this ebook for too long, but now I am told to start writing and publishing this ebook spontaneously probably daily as I go with the flow.


Directing Brenda’s Messages to You
This ebook will talk directly to you as there are messages here for you, if you are open and mindful enough to catch decipher Brenda’s Code and possible afterlife signs and messages from your crossed-over relative or a close friend. Maybe it’s time for you to let go of some loved one.


Writing Afterlife eBooks: The World Need to Know About The Afterlife:
“Write eBooks and the followers will come”,  Brenda whispered.

Brenda said my ebooks will help many people in many ways.
She whispered to me, “tell the world what they need to know about The Afterlife.”

I just want to share openly and freely what Brenda whispered to my soul during the last 3½ years and now as I write her soul whisperings.

I want to share with you the proof and secrets of the afterlife – whispered by my Love Angel Brenda.

Come join us on an incredible journey and experience with Brenda and I as this ebook unfolds day by day.

Photo credit: the feature picture is on Brenda Jose’s last facebook banner https://www.facebook.com/BrendaJoseChaen
As no one has access to her FB account, this beautiful “Twin Angels” picture will remain forever in cyberspace. Robert has since discovered many clues linking to the afterlife which she unconsciously left behind many years ago before she crossed over.


Introducing Whisperer Robert Chaen, The Host of Afterlife Channel
Robert Chaen is the CEO of a highly rated training, consulting, headhunting and events firm. Established since 1990, Robert’s clients include Fortune 500 corporations and top brands like Coca-Cola, Gap, Sheraton, and Nestle.

Robert and Brenda José were married in 1996. They were business partners and were co-coaches, a dynamic duo for 12 years. Robert who is a skeptic has been receiving irrefutable afterlife signs from Brenda since she “crossed-over” (passed on to the other side) on 23rd December 2013. This ongoing ebook is written from spontaneous afterlife whispering with Brenda whom he calls his Love Angel & Twin Soul.


Searching the Earth for Proof of the Afterlife
Researching for true afterlife stories and being touched by an Angel from readers:

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Searching for Magazine & Channel Interviews
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CONTENT: Ebook 48 Chapters & Links

Note:  This second Afterlife eBook is writing-in-progress. Most chapters have links to the Parts in the first Afterlife eBook – view it as a preview to the second eBook.
All the latest updates and insights from whispering with The Love Angel Brenda will be revised in the second eBook.

Chapter : Searching for Magazine & Channel Interviews

Introduction Section:  
Introducing Whisperer Robert Chaen, The Host of Afterlife Channel
What Type of Whisperer is Robert Chaen?
Communicating with the ‘Dead’? Or is it really Communicating with an Eternal Soul-Spirit: to let the Departed RIP or to contact them?

Section A: Channeling The Love Angel Brenda by Whisperer Robert Chaen

Chapter 1:  Whisperings with The Love Angel Brenda
Chapter 2:  Writing Afterlife eBooks: The World Need to Know About The Afterlife
Chapter 3:  Extracting from Robert’s First Afterlife eBook   click here
Chapter 4:  Surrendering & Robert’s Promise made at Brenda’s Death Bed   click here
Chapter 5Channeling Brenda

Section B:  Exploring and Discovering The Secrets of The Afterlife Universe

Chapter 6Deciphering Brenda’s Code   click here
Chapter 7:  Proving beyond any doubt that Brenda is ‘The Drama Queen of Endless Afterlife Signs’
Chapter 8Hacking the Lottery Super-Computer   click here
Chapter 9:  Investigating The Unprecedented Scale & Variety of Irrefutable Afterlife Signs   click here
Chapter 10:  Identifying Top 7 Good Afterlife Signs from Brenda
Chapter 11:  Identifying Top 7 Bad Afterlife Signs from Brenda
Chapter 12:  Identifying Top 7 Divine Intervention from Love Angel Brenda
Chapter 13:  Identifying Top 7 Premonition  Signs of the Twin Souls Mission
Chapter 14:  Passing The 7 Tests of Faith of Twin Souls
Chapter 15
Sensing Afterlife Messages from Your Guardian Angels by going Beyond Hearing, Seeing, Feeling, Tasting, and Touching   click here
Chapter 16:  Unravelling the Twin Souls Mission & Connection   click here
Chapter 17:  Understanding the Differences between Soulmates, Twin Flames, & Twin Souls   click here
Chapter 18:  Understanding about Soul Agreements

Section C:  Recalling Twin Souls’ Beforelife

Chapter 19Traveling Back in Time to Remember Robert & Brenda Twin Souls Beforelife: The untold love story and the Legend of Mahsuri   click here

Chapter 20:  Recognizing The Soul Connections vs. Scientific Tests: I Origins (2014) Film Review    click here

Section D:  Interpreting Life Biggest Mysteries & Afterlife Signs

Chapter 20Answering Life’s Biggest Mysteries   click here
Chapter 21:   Speaking & Receiving Afterlife Signs from Your Guardian Angels   click here
Chapter 22:   Breaking The Guinness World Records of Afterlife Signs   click here

Section E:  Revealing The Triple Aircrashes of MH370, MH17 & AirAsia QZ8501

Chapter 23Believing Which Conspiracy Theory about MH370 vs. Brenda’s Sign   click here
Chapter 24Revealing The Truth of MH370   click here
Chapter 25Revealing the Untold Divine Intervention MH370 Story   click here
Chapter 26:  Meeting a Ukrainian Stranger a Day after MH370 Disappeared Foretold MH17 Air crash 130 days later   click here
Chapter 27:  Sensing The Premonition of a Third Malaysian Air Crash of QZ8501

Section F:  Settling Karma & Facing Fox Seducers

Chapter 28:   Painting the 50 Shades of Karma
Chapter 29Identifying Your Top 3 Karmic Debts from The 26 Big Karmic Debts List  click here   
Chapter 30Freeing from Robert’s Top 3 Karmic Debts   click here
Chapter 31Detecting The Sly Characteristics of a Daji Fox Seducer   click here
Chapter 32Facing Your Inner & Outer Fox Seducer & Paying Its Karmic Debt   click here
Chapter 33Understanding Abortion is Karma (Afterlife Secret)
Chapter :   Exposing Religious CULTS: Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University & Raja Yoga Centres   click here

Section G:  Grieving & Symbolic Belongings

Chapter 34Grieving: The 17 Phases   click here
Chapter 35:   Performing the Crossover Ritual & Saying The Crossover Prayer   click here

Attracting Your Own Karmic & Symbolic Belongings: How I attracted My own Sword from 2,300 years ago      click here

Chapter: Public Plea: Help Find Brenda’s Heart Rings      click here
Chapter : Making Sense of Brenda’s Direct Message to You

Section H:   Applying The Secrets of the Afterlife:  It’s time for your Goal Action Plan

Chapter :  Using The Secrets of The Afterlife
Chapter Settling Your Top 3 Karmic Debts   click here
Chapter  :  Practicing 5 Simple 7 Minute Meditations daily that will Transform Your Life
Chapter : Practicing Close-Eye & Open-Eye Meditation
Chapter  : Using the Power of Numerology  
click here
Chapter:  Using the Power of Symbolism    
click here
Chapter  : Handling Your Sex, Money & Power Issues
Chapter:  Confessing & Owning Your Dark Secrets    
click here
Chapter   : Practicing Protection & Guidance Prayer
Chapter  : Building a simple Personal Altar & Sacred Sanctuary
Chapter :  Asking the same old FAQ


The Differences between Whisperer Robert Chaen’s Second Afterlife Ebook and First Afterlife Ebook:
Although there are many chapters in the second ebook that are extracted from the original content from parts of the first ebook, here are listing of New Sections not found in the first ebook:

●  Searching for Magazine & Channel Interviews
●  Researching for true afterlife stories and being touched by an Angel from readers
●  Healing the Spirit, Soul, Mind & Body
●  Applying The Secrets of the Afterlife:  It’s time for your Goal Action Plan
●  Connecting the Dots Symbolism Exercises



Proof & Secrets from The Afterlife with The Love Angel Brenda
The Second Afterlife eBook by Whisperer Robert Chaen

Proof & Secrets of The Afterlife with The Love Angel Brenda by Whisperer Robert Chaen

By Whisperer Robert Chaen with The Love Angel Brenda
Published on 3 July 2017.
Updated on 29 August 2017.
Copyright 2017 ©

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Love Poem on Brenda’s Birthday

Love Poem on Brenda’s Birthday

Happy Birthday Brenda.
Always in my Heart,
till death do us part.
I feel your Unconditional Love,
in mind, body, spirit, and beyond above.
Whispering guidance, wisdom, secrets, and Truth,
so my soul can fly so high and innocent like a youth.
It’s not meant to be, or it’s meant to Be,
I surrender to predestiny and be free.
~ Love Poem by Whisperer Robert Chaen

I  you Bren.

Brenda José Birthday 2017

Brenda Jose


Thank You for Your Birthday Blessings

THANK YOU for All Your Wonderful Birthday Blessings, Wishes, Gifts, Treats, Memories…
I FEEL your love, honor, encouragement, and gratitude.
You touched me.
I’m deeply humbled, and inspired by you. I U

May YOU be blessed with love, truth, meaning, fulfillment, and passion.
XOXO Robert

Thank You Brenda. I ❤ You so deeply.
You know my soul so well.


“Strawberry Full Moon” happens with the Summer Solstice once every 46-49 years

Summer solstice 2016: First day of summer brings ‘strawberry moon’ – but what is the significance of the year’s longest day?

Rising sun and setting moon captured at Stonehenge solsticePlay!00:30

What is the summer solstice?

The summer solstice is the longest day of the year – the day in which we can enjoy approximately 17 hours of daylight.

It might seem like good news, but for those of us in the northern hemisphere this is the time when the sun’s path stops moving northward in the sky and the days begin to slowly shorten.

The summer and winter solstice in 60 secondsPlay!01:12

When is it?

In the northern hemisphere, summer solstice takes place between June 20 and 22.

This year it’s today, Monday, June 20. The sun rose at 4.45am and sunset will happen at 10.34pm.

The winter solstice (the shortest day of the year) falls between December 20 and 22  in the UK. This year it’s on Wednesday, December 21.

Here’s a list of the dates and times of solstices & equinoxes this year.

  • Vernal Equinox (Spring) March 20 2016 04:30 GMT
  • Summer Solstice (Summer) June 20 2016 22:34 GMT
  • Autumnal Equinox (Fall) September 22 2016 14:21 GMT
  • Winter Solstice (Winter) December 21 2016 10:44 GMT

So the days will be shorter now?

Yes, but we won’t notice a difference for a while. The shortest day of the year isn’t until December – known as the winter solstice.

The June solstice happens when the tilt of Earth’s axis is most inclined towards the sun, directly over the Tropic of Cancer, so that’s why we get the most daylight of the year.

During the winter solstice, the Earth’s axis is tilted furthest away from the sun directly over the Tropic of Capricorn bringing only a few hours of daylight.

The shortest day of the year lasts for 7 hours 49 minutes and 41 seconds in Britain. This day is 8 hours, 49 minutes shorter than the June solstice.

Read everything you need to know about winter solstice here. 

Summer and winter solstice 

What does ‘solstice’ mean?

The term ‘solstice’ derives from the Latin word ‘solstitium’, meaning ‘sun standing still’.

Some prefer the more teutonic term ‘sunturn’ to descibe the event.

Astrologers say the sun seems to ‘stand still’ at the point on the horizon where it appears to rise and set, before moving off in the reverse direction.

Why is Stonehenge so significant?

Stonehenge in Avebury, Wiltshire is the most popular place for Pagans to celebrate the longest day because it famously aligns to the solstices. The rising sun only reaches the middle of the stones one day of the year when it shines on the central alter.

Built in three phases between 3,000 B.C. and 1,600 B.C Stonehenge’s exact purpose still remains a mystery. The stones were brought from very long distances – the bluestones from the Preseli Hills more than 150 miles away, and the sarsens probably from the Marlborough Downs, 19 miles to the north.

This year, the midsummer solstice is being celebrated at Stonehenge on Saturday into Sunday and at the Avebury stone circle from Friday until Monday.

The English Heritage-run site is expected around 20,000 visitors.


What’s all the fuss about?

The day marks the ancient middle of summer, even though we haven’t had the hottest day.

It has significance for pagans who have always believed that midsummer day holds a special power. Midsummer’s eve was believed to be a time when the veil between this world and the next is at its thinnest, and when fairies were though to be at their most powerful.

Over the centuries, the June solstice has inspired many festivals and midsummer celebrations involving bonfires, picnics, singing, watching the sun rise and Maypole dancing. Many towns and villages across Britain still mark the day.

One ritual was the lighting of fires, heralding the start of shorter days, although this doesn’t really happen anymore. The idea was that flames would keep the dark away.

Moonrise over Stonehenge in Wiltshire
Moonrise over Stonehenge in Wiltshire  CREDIT: ALAMY

It’s also a ‘strawberry’ moon…

For the first time since 1967 the summer solstice coincided with a rare ‘strawberry’ moon and the 17 hours of sunlight gave way to a bright moonlit sky in many parts of the country.

Despite the name, the moon does not appear pink or red, although it may glow a warm amber. The romantic label was coined by the Algonquin tribes of North America who believed June’s full moon signalled the beginning of the strawberry picking season.

Google marked the occasion with a doodle in the US.


Time lapse: ‘Strawberry Moon’ sets behind Las Vegas mountainsPlay!00:32

Where can I celebrate the summer solstice?

Stonehenge always welcomes an influx of garland-wearing hippies, druids and curious tourists who head to the mysterious stone circles and wait for the sun to appear.

Crowds of around 20,000 greet the moment dawn breaks with a mixture of cheers and silent meditation, and the strawberry moon added extra excitement this year.


Here are some pictures of a previous summer solstice at Stonehenge.

It’s slightly quieter at the Avebury stone circle, Britain’s second greatest prehistoric site, about 20 miles from Stonehenge.

In Penzance, the 26th Golowan Festival celebrates the summer solstice from Friday June 17th 2016 until the weekend of 25th – 26th.

Revellers enjoying the summer solstice at a cloudy Stonehenge.
Revellers enjoying the summer solstice at a cloudy Stonehenge. CREDIT: REUTERS

Did you know?

Traditionally, this summer solstice period fell between the planting and harvesting of crops, leaving people who worked the land time to relax. This is why June became the traditional month for weddings.

The first (or only) full moon in June is called the ‘honey moon’ because many believed it was the best time to take honey from beehives.

Why does the moon appear larger when low in the sky?

During the summer months, the full Moon also shares this part of the sky and its proximity to the horizon can play visual tricks thanks to the ‘Moon illusion’.

This makes a rising full Moon seem much larger than it actually is. But why does this happen? Well here it is.

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Robert’s View

Happy Strawberry Full Moon & Summer Solstice!
It happens only every 46-49 years.

For summer stargazers out there, it’s the first chance to see a full moon on the summer solstice in nearly half a century. According to AccuWeather.com, the last time these two phenomena coincided was back in 1967, and it won’t happen again until 2062.

No wonder yesterday and today were full of good news for my Team and I. By the way, a Solar Year of 365.2422 days is slightly longer than the modern calendar.