When Maradona passed away in 2020, Pelé tweeted: “One day, I hope we can play ball together in heaven.”Actually there are no human activities in ‘heaven’, the 8th Dimension of the Multiverse. The common man-made belief of Heaven and Hell is actually a lie we keep hearing from religious and cult leaders to make their followers fear eternal punishment from God and to keep their followers with false hope of a perfect Afterlife and eternal rewards and pleasures of heaven.

Many even believe they will be rewarded with 72 virgins if they die as a religious martyr. Many religions including Brahma Kumaris believe they will one day be reborn in as perfect deities in perfect Bharat, ancient India i.e. heaven on Earth where there is no sickness, no sufferings. So is true these beliefs of heaven?

Well, there is bad news and good news, which do you want to hear first?.As most people tend to chose to hear the bad news first, the bad news there is no reward of a perfect heaven, whether it is heaven on Earth or in an unknown parallel universe. Therefore, Pelé will not be physically playing with Maradona, the martyrs will not be enjoying the lust pleasures of any of the 72 virgins, and you will not be sipping tea or coffee with your favorite grand-aunt – in heaven.

John Lennon was right!

And, the good news, heaven has no human sickness, no suffering, no punishment of bad karma, But heaven also has no religion, no humans, no names, no god, no possessions, no physical bodies, no gender, no race, no language, no Karma. John Lennon was right when he wrote and sang “Imagine” – with lyrics like “Imagine there’s no heaven, No hell below us, Imagine there’s no countries, And no religion, too, Imagine no possessions, No need for greed or hunger, And the world will live as one.” Yes, John Lennon was an enlightened being, an Ascended Master.

What is ‘Heaven’ like?8th Dimension = The Angelic Realm, Heaven, The AfterLife(aka The Force, The Light, The Astral Plane, but ‘perfect heaven on earth’ can never exist).

According to the whisperings with Angel Brenda since 2013, as an Angel who transitions within The 10 Dimensions of The Multiverse, ‘heaven’ has no human activities, but angelic activities.

The 8th Dimension is also known as The Angelic Realm, Heaven, The Afterlife, The Astral Plane. According to Stephen Hawking the universe doesn’t allow perfection. Angel Brenda whispers that there is no god who created the universe and human beings. God is in reality is ‘created’ by human beings, with their limited consciousness. Case-in-point Animals have no higher consciousness or any beliefs in a god.

Coming Next…What is ‘Hell’ like….

Written by: Robren, The Ineffable WhispererPublished on: New Year’s Eve, 31 December 2022.
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