Robren’s third “Fly on My Hand” Angelic Sign – for 14 seconds, on 19 April 2023.
Symbolic of Gigantic Changes Ahead (to be revealed…)
Firstly, Robren moved his HQ base from Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong and Ipoh in the 4th quarter of 2022, and is operating anywhere as a Digital Nomad.
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Everybody knows that flies have multiple eyes and fly away super fast from the first sign of danger. Houseflies process visual information around seven times more quickly than humans, enabling them to identify and avoid attempts to catch or swat them.

Flies are not known to stay on a human hand for more than one second. Therefore, if a Fly stay on your hand for more than 10 seconds it is highly unusual and a very significant Angelic Sign. For a fly to stay 21 and 33 minutes on Robren’s hand is totally unbelievable – an Irrefutable Angelic Sign.

This third time happened while he and his Mum and brother Jimmy were waiting at their usual roadside place in our condominium for the ehailing car to arrive. He noticed a common housefly right in front and below him half-flying in circles. This is a highly unusual fly movement he has ever witnessed. He picked it up several times, and it stayed on his left hand, circled around from 2 to 14 seconds, before dropping to the ground.

Previously Robren had two “Fly on My Hand” Angelic Signs:

1) The first time was the Guinness World Records 2nd Longest “Fly On My Hand” Angelic Sign (2014.11.18): for 21 Minutes

Symbolic that Robren’s Father will live longer (94 days more).
It happened at the time when his 93-year old father checked into Caritas Medical Centre, Lai Chi Kok , Hong Kong, a day after flying from Ipoh, his hometown. The doctors remarked that his father could go anytime from a weak heart. This Angelic Sign was to ensure Robren not to rush to Hong Kong until 2 weeks later in early December. His Dad lived for another 94 days, and left on the first day of Chinese New Year, 19 February 2015, to welcome CNY. Robren’s family wore red for CNY, not black – for those to lived pass 90 years old, a sign of good karma.
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2) Guinness World Records Longest “Fly On My Hand” Angelic Sign (2017.09.20): for 33 Minutes

● Symbolic of a Big Uprooting.
After living and working in Damansara Jaya, Petaling Jaya for 12 years, Robren uprooted his HQ to Bukit Bintang, in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.
Damansara Jaya was remembered for countless Angelic Signs, the time when Robren became an Angel Whisperer who decoded The Angelic Code, the secret code of everything.
Bukit Bintang was remembered for meeting prominent individuals who were catalysts, 3 years of Covid-19 which as an ongoing series of epiphanies, his first Near Death Experience (NDE) on 5 January 2022.
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Written by: Robren, The Angel Whisperer
Published: 22 April 2023.

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