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After 10 BK years, Robren took the road less traveled, and traveled the world. Photo credit: Robren in Bagan, the ancient city and UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Mandalay Region of Myanmar.

So happened to me after going through my biggest downfall, my deepest conflict, and my darkest secret in my BK career? What happened to my eldest brother Tom, and my ex-sister-in-law Sister Maureen?

In chapter 2, I wrote about the untold sad story of Tom disappearing for around 10 years. Where is Tom now? He lives a simple, quiet life and runs a vegetarian restaurant with his young Cambodian wife An Songim in Siem Reap, near the iconic Angkor Wat temple.

Like Tom, I too live a simple life. I have no children of my own, three goddaughters, I own no car, no house, no garden, no pets (the death of SunDance, my Golden Retriever, and Chupa Chups, my English Bulldog broke my heart). I cycle everyday if I’m at home in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur or Sheung Shui, Hong Kong, mainly for errands, grocery and wet market shopping, or to have some yummy Malaysian hawker food in some Char Shut or Kopitiam (local coffeeshop) , or Char Charn Tang, the local Hong Kong fast food outlet.

Robren’s Golden Retriever, SunDance, and English Bulldog, Chupa Chups

The Power of Centering Meditation

The Brahma Kumaris have an unusual way of meditation, it is open-eyed Dhristi style meditation called Raja Yoga Meditation, where BKs have yoga, which means union in Hindi, with their Supreme Soul and God, Shiva Baba. Dhristi means vision, whereby a BK teacher will lead the meditation by sitting on a Gadhi, a cushioned raised platform, and the teacher will move her line of vision and look at the centre of the forehead, or The Third Eye, of participating BKs, all also looking at the leading teacher’s centre of forehead.

After 42 years research into teaching and practicing meditation, creative copywriting, and performance arts, I have developed our own unique, signature, Centering Meditation (CM). It is a simple meditation methodology for busy executives and creative artists which combines the best of East and Western Meditation styles, including modified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practices, modern brain wave meditation, Higher Consciousness, centering, mindfulness, breathing, moving and exercise meditation, and shifting between the full spectrum of close-eye and open-eye meditation.

Centering Meditation complements excellently with other meditation types such as practiced by BKs, Hatha Yogis, Silva Mind Control, religious meditative prayers, Zen, Tibetan, Buddhist and modern New Age Meditation styles. However, it does not involve Mantra Chanting as used by Transcendental Meditation, rosary bead meditation, or Yantra Visuals as used by some Tibetan meditation.

Centering Meditation (CM)
For busy executives and creative artists which combines
the best of East and Western Meditation styles

Sister Maureen or BK Murni is still very active in BK service.

After ten years of heavy duty institutional conditioning and brainwashing albeit I was a willing, surrendered instrument of the God-Universe, I was a ‘lost soul’. I didn’t know what to do with my life. I love my passion, my meaning of life for the previous ten years. From BK’s perspective I walked away from a high status in the BK Double Foreigner hierarchy, in BK eyes, I lost my fortune in the Golden Age. 

Initially I got lucky, I bought my first expensive property in Hong Kong, in Kornhill, for HK$1million. I returned to working in advertising in Leo Burnett Hong Kong. Then I open my first start up, a personal effectiveness training consultancy called Business Dynamics Group. I brought two Trainers from Malaysia to Hong Kong, David Ng and Andy Bandara.

A SCMP article on Robert’s first business startup, Business Dynamics Group.

In the meantime, I lost my virginity after being a 31 year old virgin to a British woman called Mary Reynolds. She was a Public Relations Officer at Diane Freis, a top Hong Kong fashion designer. Years later I was told that I was too infatuated and distracted with my first sexual girlfriend (I did not have sex with my teenage girlfriends), that I didn’t see the writing on the wall that I did not create enough business to pay for the two trainers, and their accommodation at Woodside. Yes I did rent 3 rooms in Woodside after my daring move with Sophie, in one of the female dormitories.

My first business failed and my house of cards collapsed in my darkest hour at the age of thirty one.

I sold my Kornhill property to fund the startup. After six months all my funds dried up, I had to close my first business. After being introduced to the sheer pleasures and intimate joy of sex and being at one in body, heart, mind and spirit with another human being, Mary left me. I still remember like it was yesterday, I was sitting at dock of bay in the Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour, during Christmas day 1990, staring at my first business failure. I cried, and cried, and cried.

I questioned myself why did I leave the BKs and all the security of big religious organization support. It was my darkest hour in my early thirties.

What a failure I was. No I wasn’t suicidal then, I don’t have suicidal tendencies. My own father told me not to do business as he had advised me that he himself lost money with two startups, one is manual washing for tin nuggets, the other a traditional Chinese style pawn shop. I lived under that huge shadow of my father’s good intention advice.

I couldn’t pay rent so I was thrown out of Woodside after staying for two and half years. My third eldest brother Dr. Andrew migrated to Hong Kong on my advice that Hong Kong pilots, lawyers, bankers and doctors have some of the highest salaries in the world. I stayed at his first Hong Kong property.

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A lovely photo of Robert’s Goddaughter Stella Ong and his late wife Brenda José (in 2005) – Robert’s most cherished family.

I would go make annual trips to Malaysia, and I would drop by at the BK Raja Yoga Centres. They would allow me to give classes. I stayed at Brother Harry Ong, his wife Julia, and their cute daughter Stella. Later when Stella was ten years old she became my first goddaughter.

I wore Baba’s gold wedding ring for three more years, that’s how long it took to get Brahma Kumaris out of my system. I still remember how in the first six months of leaving BKs, I felt so guilty about switching to eating meat, that I had nightmares that I dreamed of Sister Maureen catching me eating meat at a restaurant, and scolding me. The guilt, shame and conditioning was so strong.

I got involved in the new popular New Age movement. I was gave Numerology classes at the Vital Life Centre run by Nancy Bekhor and The New Age Shop, run by Sally Andersen.

In 1991, I was in the first group of Life Dynamics, marketed by Rayleen Thompson, a PR expert. She offered a seat in the basic course in Life Dynamics by bartering my copywriting services. I took the Advance course and all the way through the 90 day Integrity Network course (IN1) with Chris Gentry. Later after one year, Chris founded AsiaWorks, and broke away from Life Dynamics.

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Newspaper cuttings of the World’s only live Firewalk Charity Show: TVB Tung Wah Charity Show

I learned firewalking from two Firewalking Masters. I helped raise HK$68 Million in the world’s only Live FireWalk Charity Show for TVB Tung Wah Charity Show.

Note: I have spin-off another ebook called “The LGAT and New Age Memoirs: By The Father of Asian Firewalking”.

I married quite late at age 36 to Brenda José, a Portuguese Hongkonger. We became a co-coach business partnership. She played the coaching role of bad cop, I played the role of good cop.

When I met Brenda, she was very skinny. She went undiagnosed for over one year. She was one of the first recorded known cases of Crohn’s Disease in Hong Kong, a rare disease that affects the intestines. Brenda did not survive her second perforated intestines. She died from multiple organ failure due to Crohn’s Disease on 23rd December 2013.

The crossing over of Brenda was the start of a new book in my life. I became an extremely rare and unique Angel Whisperer, who cracked The Angel Code, for Angel Brenda and the Liberty Trinity Angels to whisper and speak through them.

My Angel Story

My angel story began at 4:58pm, on 23rd December 2013, during the last 25 minutes of Brenda José, Robert’s late Portuguese Hongkonger wife.

I made a Twin Soul Promise to surrender as a Surrendered Host to Angel Brenda and to God, at her death bed.

Angel Brenda’s first Angelic Sign 2 hours after she crossed-over: a Mark Six computer-generated lottery ticket Robert bought, which had her 2 Soul Numbers 7 and 11. Notice that there were no numbers before and between 7 and 11. Craig Santy, a Hollywood Producer and famous Investigative Journalist revealed that the odds is one in over 1 million chance, and he had never heard of any Angel who can “hack” into a full-proof lottery system, to generate the 2 Soul Numbers. He said it was humanly impossible.


Two hours later, after she crossed-over to the Angelic Universe, she sent me her first irrefutable Afterlife and Angelic Sign – in the form of a Mark Six lottery computer-generated ticket. Born on 7th April, it had Brenda’s 2 Soul Numbers: 7 and 11.

The very next day, on Christmas Eve, Angel Brenda connected me with Liberty Trinity Angels of Love and Truth, and within the first year, connected me with the Angel of Light. From my previous personal experience working with Arch Angels and other angels, Robert found that these 4 Universal Angels are the most empowering Angels I have ever worked with.

Since Brenda’s crossover day, I have been an Angel Whisperer to Angel Brenda, to fulfill our Twin Soul Mission, to bring higher consciousness and “Spiritual Entrepreneurship” in the business world. I have many stories and irrefutable proof of Angel Brenda sending him Angelic Signs.

It took me the whole of the first year to decipher the foundation of Angel Brenda’s Code, the Spiritual “Da Vinci Code” – how to translate the meaning and symbolism of Angelic Signs and Angels’ Whisperings into human language and understanding.

These 4 Universal Angels do not belong to any religion, holy book, race, language, gender, age, country, or any physical form.


Robert’s last story: Law of Transformation Story

Robren’s amazing last transformational story is about a US$2,000,000 defamation which he was summoned to a High Court. The case was settled in court with a Consent Judgment agreement between the plaintiff and himself. The most amazing thing was he did not have a lawyer to represent him in High Court. It was a ‘legal miracle‘ for such a unique set of circumstances and final outcome of no cost on his side.

One year before he settled his 3 biggest Karmic Debts, he had no income from Covid-19 pandemic lockdown despite being his busiest ever period, trying seven new ‘very promising’ business ventures but ended with no results. Then in January 2021 was his worst month of this life. He lost his most treasured belonging in his life while helping out in his aunt’s funeral – his wedding ring to his late wife, Brenda.

Through a series of impossible coincidences, he cheated death from Covid-19, creditors were chasing him, he had a series of epiphanies, and a Guardian Angel Whispering from Brenda that he was given a second chance, he made a courageous decision to settle his Karmic Debts. His life immediately had a ‘change in fortune’, with new doors of opportunities opening.

Such is the enormous power if you understand The Law of Repulsion. Robren has ‘been there done that’, he walked his talk, he can help you settle your 3 biggest Karmic Debts, and coach you on building a bright future by attracting life-changing connections and ideas through his vast global network.