Unique Cockroach & Butterfly Double Qingming + Angelic Signs 1 Day before Angel Brenda’s B-Day.

The Unusual Cockroach Angelic Sign is normally associated with my Father. Occasionally this small species of slow Cockroach with short feelers appears in my Mum’s toilet or bedroom.

But today for the first time it appeared on the left window of my bedroom, a few feet from my small work desk around 9:28am, a day before Angel Brenda’s B-Day.

It’s uniquely double auspicious as today is 6 April, a day after Qingming Festival and one day before Easter Good Friday such auspiciously it’s the same as Angel Brenda’s B-Day.

This double double Angelic Sign & Spiritual Festivals Symbolizes Resilience, Adapting To changes & new Opportunities plus Liberty, flying free, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes & Fire; the Blessings Of our Ancestors during Qingming and the Rebirth and Liberation during the joyful end to Lenten Fasting, sacrifice and triply during Ramadan.

Angel Brenda was born in the Year of The Tiger and in Aries month.

Angel Brenda is well known as “The Angel With The Most Angelic Signs”.

Angel Brenda’s Top 5 Angelic Signs:

1) Numbers (7 & 11) & Symbols Angelic Signs
Angelic Brenda’s First Angelic Sign was a computer-generated Mark Six lottery ticket with her Soul Numbers of 7 &11, bought 2 hours after she crossed-over on 23 December 2013. If you see 7 or 11 (e.g. car license plates, clock timing, tee-shirt, table number, etc. ), it is most likely Angel Brenda is nearby watching over you.

2) Insect & Birds Angelic Signs

– especially unique shapes and colors never seen before butterflies, moths, beetles, ensign wasps, dragonflies, fly sitting on hand for 33 minutes, etc.
– other Favorite Angel Brenda Living Things Angelic Signs: Eagles, Hawks, Bats,

3) Dream Angelic Sign
– with powerful Symbols that only the dreamer knows the significance.

4) Physical Objects Angelic Sign
– especially objects dropping at significant times (could be a warning to be careful), clock stopping, mirror broken, doorbell ringing but no one is there, meaningful song playing, feathers falling in front of you,

5) Direct Angelic Message from Angel Brenda
– via a Human Being, Stranger, Doctor, Teacher, Friend, etc – and only you know that is a clear direct message from Angel Brenda.

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Written by: Robren
Published on: Angel Brenda’s B-Day, 7 April 2023. #AngelWithMostSigns

Link: https://tinyurl.com/AngelWithMostSigns

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