OBITUARY: Sunny Yeap Theam Hock

Born:  15 February, 1936; Ipoh, Malaysia
Crossover/ Died:  14 April, 2023 (Age: 87), 5:13 am
Cause of Death:  Covid-19
Parents:  Yeap Beng Seng (1904-1974) / Tan Liew Sim (1905-1996)
Sister:  Jessica Yeap Phaik Swat (Living, Age: 93)
Wife:  Leong Moi @Liew Moy Lan (1948 – 2021)
Sons:  Kelvin Eng Chuan Yeap / Raymond Yeap Eng Keat
Funeral Ritual Video:
Ossuary:  Nirvana Memorial Park – Shah Alam 富贵山荘(莎亚南)
Proof of Angelic Sign:

There was a Covid-19 outbreak in Uncle Sunny’s old folks home in Petaling Jaya. He was immediately tested positive on 2 April 2023 and admitted to hospital.

A total of five out of around 15 residents or one third in his old folks home passed away. One was a 88-year Mr Yip who passed away in the evening on the same day as Uncle Sunny on 14 April; another was a bed-ridden lady, a sixth case recovered. The remaining residents and staff tested negative. They could not identify the source of the Covid outbreak. 

It is so sad that no one was allowed to visit Uncle Sunny at UMMC (formerly University Hospital). He was put in total Covid-19 isolation. For some people it’s not meant to be – to have loved ones by their side at the time of death. He appeared blur and unresponsive, moving his head from side to side in a video call with his elder son Kelvin on 11 April. 3 days later he was gone.

But I believe that his Angels were with him, watching over him throughout his last 12 days. May Uncle Sunny Rest In Peace, and Crossover peacefully. He sent a “Fly On My Hand” Angelic Sign, 5 days after Crossover, watch video:​

I have fond memories of Uncle Sunny, my Mum’s only brother. He was cheerful, with his silly jokes, loves to sing love ballads by Andy Williams. He didn’t want his sister to worry or visit him because of high risks.

This is the first Covid death-crossover in our immediate family and close relatives.

The Malaysian Covid SOP for Covid bodies must be cremated first within the first day of passing away, before religious prayers and funeral services. Loved ones must wear PPE suits to see the body just before cremation.

We had a scare earlier. He had a medium heart attack, lung infection, pneumonia, and kidney problem. My Mum wanted to see him as she has not seen him since Covid-19 lockdown throughout Malaysia in March 2020. I took mum and my mentally challenged brother Jimmy by train from Ipoh to see him in UMMC, Kuala Lumpur on 23 July 2022. It was ineffably heartfelt, simply beyond words to see my mum feed him as he didn’t want to eat.

My Mum always has unconditional love for her only brother. She had helped him in many times of trouble and need.

The last 2 times we saw Uncle Sunny was Chinese New Year Day 1 (22 January 2023) and Day 14. He checked out of PJ old folks home to stay in Ipoh old folks home for 2 weeks.

On 8 March 2023, when I was in Penang for a holiday, suddenly I felt a super strong urge to visit my mother’s parent’s ossuary in the Reclining Buddha at Wat Chayamangkalaram, Penang. I only visited my grandfather’s ossuary probably once, years before my marriage in 1996.

Read about My First Afterlife & Cross-over Whispering was with my Dying Grandmother 1 day after my Wedding. 40 days after my Crossover Whispering she crossed over.

Looking back and connecting the dots, there were Psychic Premonitions in the form of Angelic Signs that manifested and flowed along the way to the time of Uncle Sunny’s crossover this early morning.

The Angelic Signs actually started 2 years earlier at the funeral services of Uncle Sunny’s wife on 10 January 2021.
(photo gallery link:  https:/ )

It was deeply profound day as I lost my most precious physical possession, my Wedding Ring during that fateful day. That month of January 2021 was my “Dark Night Of The Soul”, the worst month of my life when I experienced Spiritual Desolation or Dryness.

[caption: A few minutes after this photo, my new first day at work intern, phoned me to inform me that she was sick, suspected to be Covid. The next day her results tested positive. Those early days it took 2-3 day to get results from PCR test. It was one of the biggest scare of my life. I was scared that I pass Covid to my uncle and create an outbreak in his old folks home. But it did not happen. Yet two years later a Covid outbreak did happened in his old folks home. Was this a psychic premonition?]

And one of my interns told me she had Covid-19 as I was comforting a deeply sobbing Uncle Sunny during lunch time, right after the funeral services at Nirvana2 & Nirvana Memorial Park Shah Alam.

Luckily at that time I did not catch Covid, if not Uncle Sunny and I would most likely had died then as it would be more than 6 months before he and I received our first Covid Vaccination This is our Cheating Death Experience (CDE), my interpretation from my Angelic Whisperings with Angel Brenda.

Coincidentally, I myself tested Covid Positive on 17 February 2023, nearly two months ago. The truth is I asked permission from Angel Brenda and The Liberty Angels if I can go as I felt I deserved it, and I had done enough in the last 9 years since Brenda crossover on 23 December 2013.

But I was not granted my Angelic Wish. “It’s not meant to be.” whispered Angel Brenda.

I wanted to go then. Why didn’t the Angels take me instead of Uncle Sunny? Why?

The simple answer is it was Uncle Sunny’s time today (“It’s meant to be”), but it is not my time yet..

And, Covid did not spread to my 93-year old mother or my brother Jimmy, whom I was staying with. 

Since the start of Covid in early 2020, I have an ongoing  series of epiphanies of my destiny, purpose, and Twinsouls Mission of Liberty (my Big WHY) of the noble path ahead…

Since Qingming Festival and Easter I received 2 significant Angelic Signs from Angel Brenda, “The Angel with The Most Angelic Signs”. One can only connect the dots looking backwards, according to Steve Jobs.

Written by: Robren, The Ineffable Whisperer (which also includes being a Crossover Whisperer and Angel Whisperer)
Published on: 14 April 2023. Updated on: 4 May 2023.

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