10 Dimensions Of The Multiverse

A) The Physical Universe (The Law of Karma only exist here)
1st Dimension or 1D = Space (width, height and depth
2nd Dimension = Time
3rd Dimension = Alien and UFO Universe
4th Dimension – The Dream Realm

B) The 5 Non-Physical, Yin & Yang Parallel Universes (There is no human activity or Karma here)
5th The Ghost Realm. Souls here have not crossed over (RIP) and are very unsettled e.g. sudden, violent death by suicide, murder, disaster, war, or accident)
6th Dimension = Purgatory (aka ‘Hell’, Limbo). Souls transition here for a ‘brief moment’ to reflect on their account of bad & good Karma. There are no physical punishments here. 
7th Dimension = Hades, The Darkness(aka Underworld of Fallen Angels, ‘Demons’, The Devil)
8th Dimension = The Angelic Realm, The Light, The AfterLife (aka The Force, The Astral Plane, ‘Heaven’, but ‘heaven on earth’ can never exist)

9th Dimension = Spirit Realm, The BeforeLife(aka the seed stage before a soul incarnate, Nirvana-state of nothingness, Moksha,
RIP-Rest In Peace)
10th Dimension = Unknown and yet to be discovered!

Destiny & Free Will Poem

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