How to Calculate The Number Year
Add all numbers and reducing to a single digit. 2023 = 2+0+2+3= 7.

How to Calculate Your Personal Year
Add your birthday, your birthmonth and the year in question.

For example for Elon Musk whose birthday falls on 28 June 1971, the calculation for his personal year 2023 is:
28+6+7= 41. 4+1=5. Therefore, Elon Musk’s personal year for 2023 is a 5 year.

The Meanings for Number 1-9 Year (in a 3 Words Intro format):

Number 1 Year (ruled by The Sun, symbol = Circle, Wand, Ether) = New Beginnings (a new 9 year cycle), Leadership, Unity.

Number 2 Year (ruled by The Moon, symbol = 2 sticks or Yin-Yang) = Duality, Diplomacy, Partnerships.

Number 3 Year (ruled by Jupiter, symbol = Triangle, Wind) = Creativity, Dreams, Expansion.

Number 4 Year (ruled by Uranus, symbol = Square, Earth, 4 cardinal points)= Building, Work-orientated, Structure.

Number 5 Year (ruled by Mercury, symbol = 5 sided Star, Air) = Communication, 5 Senses (Pleasure, Fun, Travelling), Marketing.

Number 6 Year (ruled by Venus, symbol = Heart, Cup, Mandala, Yantra, Star of David) = Family, Love, Beauty.

Number 7 Year (ruled by Neptune, symbol = 7 sided star, Water, Sea) = Spirituality, Learning, Fluidity.

Number 8 Year (ruled by Saturn, symbol = Cross, Cube, Scale, Sword) = Finance, Discipline, Balance.

Number 9 Year (ruled by Mars, symbol = Spiral, Fire) = War, Humanity, Completion.

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Transitioning from a Number 6 Year to a 7 Number Year

We are transitioning from a Number 6 Year which is about love, family, and beauty, to a Number 7 Year which is about spirituality, learning, and fluidity.

Written by: Robren, with #Whisperings with Angel Brenda.
Published on: 1 January 2023
Updated on: 2 January 2023.
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