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Q. Is Brenda, your Twin Soul a ghost?
A. No she is an angelic being. Read my article about the differences in ghosts, angels, and guardian angels.

Q. Some stories featured here seem too unbelievable?
A. Unlike many websites that sensationalize, grossly exaggerate, and fake their stories, my intention is always to tell the truth as it is. I document as much as I can about time, dates, details, etc. I value Truth as much as Brenda valued Unconditional Love.

Q. How do you deal with disbelievers and cynics?
A. I have my fair share of disbelievers, detractors, and haters. In fact, all successful public figures who have strong stands, opinions, and views are subjected to criticism, hostility, and

My true audience are those who are open to the topics I cover. But it’s not possible to respond to every comment. Usually there are others who would respond to each other’s comment. I like and encourage the open debate, dialogue, and discussion – as long as it’s reasonably civil, and not rude. But sometimes some individuals do get overly sensitive and aggressive in social media and comments.


Updated on 26 February 207.

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