What are the differences with Robren and Robren TwinSouls:

Robren is the combined presence of Whisperer Robert and Angel Brenda. 

When it is stated as Robren only, Angel Brenda is present but silent.

When it is specifically stated as Roben TwinSouls, it means Angel Brenda jointly speaks or writes with Whisperer Robert.

The 4 Key Characteristics of Twinsouls:

1. As a Twinsoul, for each lifetime one of us will see the other die, or both die together.
In many lifetimes, some Twinsouls meet more than once as different people in different ages, in various gender combinations, mainly opposite gender.

2. A big percentage Twinsouls are “Teacher Twinsouls”, whose role is to teach and enlighten others.

3. Almost all Twinsouls are not aware of their Twinsouls roles initially, often for many years before they finally realize their true calling. This process is called “Deciphering and Cracking The Twinsoul Code”. Few Twinsouls ever get to crack their Twinsoul Code to the fullest.

4. It takes years to fine-tune a Twinsoul Code.
Robren senses that Robren TwinSouls have only cracked 20% Robren Twinsoul Code, as Robren sense the coming years after 21st February 2021, the Robren Twinsoul Code will reveal itself.
Similarly, Whisperer Robert took one year to decipher and crack the foundation level of Angel Brenda’s Angel Code.


The 8 Robren TwinSouls’ Unique Characteristics that other Twinsouls don’t have:

1. The roles of Whisperer Robert side of Robren TwinSouls are truth, writer, truth, builder, leader, and analysis.
The roles of Angel Brenda side of Robren Twinsouls are unconditional love, healer, bridge, diplomat, and partnership.

2. Robren TwinSouls work with 12 Inner Circle Souls, at least 7 Twin Flames, and 300 Soulmates.
We do not know of any Twinsouls who consciously work with so many other soulmates.

3. There are famous Religious Twinsouls like Jesus & Christ Twinsoul, but Robren TwinSouls’ purpose is not to establish a religion, a spiritual movement yes. Robren may support some religious twinsouls.

4. Robren work mainly with the Liberty Trinity Angels of Love-Truth-Light.

5. Occasionally Robren Twinsouls may work with Angel Kwan Yin, Angel Bodhisattva, Angel Cupid & Psyche, Angel Michael, Angel Moroni, Angel  Krishna, Angel Ganesh, Angel Fátima – when a certain devotee, follower, or ‘lost soul’ approaches Robren.

6. Robren TwinSouls do not belong or ‘answer to’ or is not controlled by other Twinsouls like Bapdada of Brahma Kumaris.

7. Robren TwinSouls have incarnated in other Planets, but their favorite planet is Earth, which is one of the most Yin-Yang planets, with distinctive female and male energies.

8. Sometimes, Robren TwinSouls is called to play the Role of “Escort Twinsouls” to guide Rogue, Dark, or Fallen Twinsouls.
Occasionally Robren have collaborated with other Angels especially ‘ArchAngel’ Michael to guide and ‘escort’ some Rogue Twinsouls who claims there are god, to return to the 7th Dimension aka Nirvana, and to be reincarnated as human souls.