Yesterday a close friend called me. He had read my recent article on “Not Asking is Life’s Greatest Regret” and my short story on asking for help through Befrienders (suicide) hotline. The article strike a chord in him. Like me he find it extremely difficult to ask for help. 

He immediately revealed his wife had died in 2021 from cancer, and he found no meaning to live except for his three teenage children. I assess he was not suicidal but he has definitely lose the fire in the belly i.e. The emotional stamina and vigor, passion, ambition, or inner drive to achieve something, to take action. I was choking in tears. I immediately said that he is a giver, and I will not let a giver give up. 

When you center your life on your parents, spouse or your children, and if anyone of them leaves you or dies then your life is very unstable and unpredictable. Center your life on your core principles instead of centering on your spouse or child. Rather center on love. Principles are not physical objects (house, car, money, clothes, lifestyle) or people we love. Principles are intangible. Live a Principle-Centered Life. 

He admitted that years ago he judged and criticized me for not letting go of Brenda, my late Hong Kong-born Portuguese wife and Twinsoul.  In fact, many of my friends told me the same thing as him. But now he felt a bit of what I felt. The truth is I had asked for forgiveness and I had forgiven myself and I had let go Brenda a few days after her crossing over on 23 December 2013.

I made a promise to Brenda in her last 25 minutes that I will fulfill our Twinsoul mission (my Big WHY) of bringing liberty to people and living things. I immediately became an Angel Whisperer and cracked the basic Angelic Code, the secret code to everything with the first one year. 

Then I shared my principle of saving a ‘Lost Soul’, someone who has lost the fire in the belly, someone who lost one’s will to live, purpose, passion or calling, someone who is unsure of how to navigate life. They often feel conflicted, not knowing what they want, what to think, and what to feel – and often struggling with mental illness that comes from lack of control. 

Like the moral of the parable of the Lost Sheep is that each person is precious in society or to God. In the parable, the shepherd leaves his ninety-nine sheep to find the one that is lost, and when he returns with the lost sheep, he celebrates with his friends. 

One of my deepest calling  and purpose in life is to help ‘Lost Soul’ Givers to redeem themselves, and rekindle their calling to give back to others. Needless to say I have made a big difference in others, and I’ve also saved some Lost Souls out of the 250,000 students I had coached through my corporate training, spiritual work, counselling, and summits.

You see there are only 2 types of people, you are either a taker or a giver, in any category. 

Yes, of course, there is the Yin & Yang aspect of the universe, we are mainly something (e.g. 99% white, light, etc.) and we have a little of the opposite (e.g. 1% black, dark, etc.). Therefore no one is purely 100% taker or 100% giver at any one time. We aim to explain that there is no right or wrong in being a taker or giver, just as Yin & Yang have their own purpose in the balance and harmony of the Multiverse we live in. For example in knowledge a taker can be a student and a giver can be a teacher, both are needed and accepted in any society. 

Takers tend to be self-focused, evaluating what other people can offer them, givers are other-focused, paying more attention to what other people need from them.

Ways You Can Be A GIVER:
[] A Giver is Someone who GIVES: 
[] Knowledge (teacher, coach)
[] product & services (seller, reseller)
[] care (caregiver), healing (healer), tarot/psychic reading (reader, psychic), advice (advisor), medicine (doctor, pharmacist), product & services (seller, reseller, manufacturer), content (content creator), art (artist, art gallery), whispering (guardian angel, ascended masters), guidance (guide), death (murderer, soldier, doctor stopping life support, judge, jury), sickness (zero patient, super spreader), miracle (saint), etc.

Written by: Robren
Published: 1 February 2023.

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