The famous blind Hong Kong fortune-teller told Robren’s late Hong Kong-born Portuguese wife Brenda José that she would die at age 60.

7th April 2022 would have been Brenda Jose’s 60th birthday. But she died 9 years earlier. Something happened that changed her destiny 9 years earlier.

Robren saw Brenda for the last time on October 2013. She stayed with him in Malaysia for two weeks from 7 to 21 October 2013, mainly to supervise the moving of some 40 boxes of her belongings from a friend’s place to his. Although she was very thin, nobody knew she would die 63 days later, from an undetected perforated intestine and major organs failure, after they hugged for the last time. Robren had seen her thinner many times previously, once at 32.7 kg or 72 pounds, due to intestinal inflammation from Crohn’s Disease, therefore he was used to it. But he didn’t see it coming.

During her last stay with him, she revealed for the first time that the famous blind Hong Kong fortune-teller once told her many years ago that she would die at age 60. Robren do have a Seventh Sense what his death maybe like, but he told her he would not want to know his age or time of death. Then he tried to lighten the conversation and joked that she still had 9 more years! He also promised her that he would bring her back from Hong Kong to Malaysia as she was not happy after moving to Hong Kong on early February 2013.

It did not happen.

She died in Hong Kong, her birthplace. Her ashes are stored in an ossuary in the Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery, in Chaiwan, Hong Kong.

Brenda’s ossuary in Chaiwan, Hong Kong.

Robren was with her when she died on 23rd December 2013 at 5:23pm at ICU, Ruttonjee Hospital, Wanchai, Hong Kong. Brenda is Robren’s TwinSoul, and as TwinSouls, one will always see the other die in countless lifetimes. This time it was his turn. Seeing the other die has always been one of the seven hardest and most important Tests of Faith for TwinSouls.

Two hours after her death, she send him and the world her first of numerous irrefutable Afterlife Signs, in the form of a computer-generated Mark Six lottery ticket he ‘randomly’ bought. It had two of her Soul Numbers 7 and 11. These two numbers are regular recurring numbers for him and her followers since then.

Angel Brenda’s first irrefutable Afterlife Sign, 2 hours after her death: A computer-generated Mark Six lottery ticket with Brenda’s Soul Numbers 7 & 11.

From his whisperings with Angel Brenda, he realized that Brenda was called earlier to play her angelic role, 9 years ago, and he promised her at her death bed and surrendered to play Whisperer Robren.

Written: Robren
The Angel Whisperer who cracked The Angel Code, the secret code to everything.
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Published: 7 April 2022 on the 60th Birthday of Brenda José.
Updated: 8 April 2022.
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