A tiger art 5 foot masterpiece I bought overseas in 2012. The tiger’s beard looks amazingly like Karpal’s beard, and the tiger’s eyes are piercing… BTW, Brenda was born in the Year of the Tiger

Channeling Karpal Singh’s tiger energies

The day that Karpal Singh died at 1:10 am on 17 April 2014, I was coaching the 2nd day of my public Diamond Leader PowerWorkshop in Kuala Lumpur. I was upset by the tragic news. I came home at around 11:30pm. Entering the security gate I noticed my residential area had a power blackout. Area blackouts happen maybe once a year or 2 years.

I lit some candles. Then exactly at the stroke of Midnight the power came back. To me it’s a significant enough afterlife sign.

The next day I lit a candle for Karpal Singh. I communicated with Brenda, my guardian angel and departed wife about the meaning of the power blackout if any. She communicated through telepathy that I should pay tribute to Karpal Singh though a social media cause. She felt that a strong spiritual light had blacked out and disappeared from many people’s lives – in one dark moment and period in the history of Malaysia.

I commissioned my PR, CSR and Branding Team to come out with a graphic Karpal Singh icon. Two designs were finally chosen. I posted this Facebook post on Sunday 20 April 2014.

Karpal Singh They can't kill all of us

Two days later I felt the courage of the spirit of The Tiger of Jelutong within. To be frank I was quite scared about making such a powerful public stand: “They can’t jail us all. We’re the hundred Karpal Singh”http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/sideviews/article/let-100-karpals-take-his-place-robert-chaen

I submitted my cause to three online new portals. The Malaysian Insider took up the cause and published my article on 22 April 2014.

When I channeled Karpal Singh’s energies, it was distinctively very powerful, bold, and fearless. My writing became much bolder and authoritative. I finally felt comfortable to ask Karpal what message he wanted to tell his people.

Karpal’s message was very clear and simple: continue to the work, causes, and public stands he fought for.

In my part, I have recently written some bold articles about accountability, hudud, the rule of law…

Let me assure you that the Spirit of The Tiger of Jelutong is alive, kicking, and roaring in Malaysia and overseas. Join us as an international pride of roaring tigers. They can’t silence all of us roaring tigers!

Mango Sign IMG_3760

P.S. The next day after I submitted my article that appeared in The Malaysian Insider, as usual I get a corny afterlife joke from Brenda: I saw a pair of new mangoes through my first floor window. This mango tree went through a major pruning one month or so ago. My staff commented that the mangoes look like a pair of balls. Brenda’s afterlife joke to me is “I have b_alls to write and stand for I believe in” lol.

Published: Friday, 2 May 2014. 1:17pm.
Updated: 21 February 2016.