Afterlife Sign (A Fly on a hand for 21 minutes):
● Telling Robert his father will live longer than his doctors predicted (3 months longer).

[Twin-Souls Part 34]

Watch Guinness World Records – The Longest Stay of a Fly on a Human (a stunning afterlife sign)

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On Tuesday 18th November 2014, an adolescent house fly sat on my right hand for more than 20 minutes as I was typing on my Mac.

It’s simply impossible for a fly to sit on an human hand without moving much and not get frighten and fly away. It’s obvious that a higher power was controlling it… But what was the fly trying to tell me and you…

I have never seen this unique afterlife phenomenon before. The fly was not drugged. It behaved and moved naturally such as cleaning and swiping its front and hing legs – but it did not move much within a tiny area of my right hand. There appears to be a few tiny drops of water on my hand initially from a normal hand washing. Two of my company’s interns and a President witnessed it. The interns took photos and 3 videos of it.

The fly felt very comfortable and secure on my right hand that it did not fly away at all. I put my left hand finger next to it, I blew gently at it, I placed my nose less than 1 inch from it – but it did not fly off at all.

I then tried placing various objects very near the fly such as a Mac wireless keyboard. I pushed it so close that it had to move its front legs but it did not move on to it. I was thinking maybe it might stop at some letters that may form some words…but it didn’t. I tried many objects for example a diamond, cards, my left hand, intern’s hand, etc. to see if it would move – but it hardly moved or flew off.

I moved around the house and pointed at objects in case it was alerting me to some including an angel decoration but it did not move direction, or fly off.

I then went upstairs and knock at Craig Santy’s room. Craig is the President of one of my companies. He is an award-winning investigative journalist, and film and TV producer from LA. Craig opened the door. I put my hand through the opened door.

The fly for the first time started to move along my right hand. When it reached the arm joint, it flew on to the wooden door, on the front side facing outwards. It then flew on to the top of the door frame outside Craig’s door. And then it flew further up.

On Thursday 13th November just before I flew to Manila for a business trip, my doctor brother Andrew emailed that my father was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia by Dr Tong of Caritas Hospital. The doctor doesn’t think he has much time left but obviously cannot say when.

My father, my mother and Jimmy my third brother had gone from their hometown Ipoh, Malaysia to Hong Kong on 30th October, 2014. I’ve never seen him so weak. He had difficulty walking more than 100 feet. It was a mini miracle that he made it to Hong Kong to be treated. His legs were very swollen because of a weak heart.

Things looked really bad. His white blood cells were very down and any infection might have killed him.

On Tuesday 18th November 2014 – on the same day of the fly sitting on my hand – my father checked out after spending 19 days in an isolation room. He recovered quite quickly. He was enjoying Caritas Hospital Hong Kong food, the swelling had all gone.

Earlier this year and three weeks after Brenda crossed over, my guardian angel Brenda would warn me about my father’s close call to death from an undetected stomach ulcer bleeding which needed nine bags of blood transfusion.

I prayed hard. He amazingly recovered very quickly in 2 weeks and could enjoy Chinese New Year dinner and goodies. The doctor said my father could have died if not for an alert call from an aunt who never called me before. I felt that Angel Brenda made her call me.

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I just connected the dots a day later that the fly that sat on my right hand for more than 20 minutes was clearly a good afterlife sign sent by my guardian angel-wife Brenda about my father.

I think he has the fighting spirit to live, and to focus on the positive. Just like the fly did not “fly way” and did not enter the threshold of “the door to the other side”, I sense that my 93 year old Dad has the will to live longer…

Do you tell and focus on the GOOD news or do you tell the BAD news?
In my CQ-EQ PowerWorkshops (change-emotional quotients) I share powerful stories of the placebo effect: if you expect good things to happen, good things will happen to you; and nocebo effect: if you expect bad things to happen, bad things will happen to you.

You attract good & positive things or bad & negative things through the power of your mind.

So do you tell a dying patient that he has a 70% chance of dying in the next 6 months, or do you tell him that he has a 30% chance of living for another 3-5+ years?

A true story. A graduate of mine shared how her mother was diagnosed with cancer and was told she will only live for less than 6 months by one of the country’s top oncologists. Until today 18 years later she still lives!

The power to live is in the human spirit.

Right now my family is enjoying whatever bonus quality time with my Dad.
Please pray for my Dad as I surrender to God and trust my guardian angel Brenda.

Watch Guinness World Records – The Longest Stay of a Fly on a Human (a stunning afterlife sign)


After publishing this article, one new associate shared with me that her grandmother was diagnosed recently by a hospital that she only have less than 6 months to live. I shared my stories of placebo effect and the life and death importance of focusing on good news and positive mindset. So this message of focusing on the positive is going out to those who have loved ones facing mortality and death.

It suddenly occurred to me that the fly angelic phenomenon was not just a simple message for me and my family, but it’s a universal message to you to support your loved ones in times of life and death and to focus on living and being positive.

We need to encourage love ones to focus on life,  and being passionate about living, and not be so obsessed on death, worrying, and fearing uncertainty and bad news. 

This article appeared in as A fly sat on my right hand for 20+ minutes – could it be a good afterlife sign that my father may live longer [Twin-Souls Part 34]

Published: Thursday, 20th November, 2014.
Updated: 11th April 2019.

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