From Angel Brenda, “The Angel with the World’s Most Afterlife Signs” – happened on 20th September 2017 @3:05 pm -3:38 pm

Watch Youtube video:  Guinness World Records’ Longest Afterlife Sign: A Fly on a Hand for 33 Minutes


guinness world records' second longest afterlife sign

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Guinness World Records’ Second Longest Afterlife Sign: A Fly on a Hand for 21 Minutes on 18th November 2014.

Watch Youtube video:  Guinness World Records’ SECOND Longest Afterlife Sign: A Fly on a Hand for 21 Minutes


Breaking the Guinness World Records of Afterlife Signs: A fly sitting on my hand for an impossible 21 minutes – it was trying to tell me and you something truly incredible

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Published:  17th January 2019.



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By Whisperer Robert Chaen, Host of the Afterlife Channel
Touched by a personal tragedy through the loss of his Hong Kong-born Portuguese wife, co-coach and business partner, Brenda José of 17 years, Robert explores the many ways in which the spirit world is communicating with the living. He ‘whispers‘ with his Twin-Soul, Love Angel Brenda from The Afterlife – the 6th Dimension of the Universe. He researches scientific studies and evidence of afterlife signs. He conducts Youtube interviewsand gives inspiring talks on The Proof & Secrets of The Afterlife.

About Angel Brenda, the Angel of Unconditional Love:
Angel Brenda is the irrefutable “Angel of Afterlife Signs” as Angel Brenda currently holds the World’s Record of the MOST afterlife signs documented with time and space and photography-evidenced by her husband and Twin Soul Robert Chaen, and verified by Craig Santy, an award winning Investigative Journalist and Hollywood Producer of Resident Evil and Looper, and The only journalist at the scene of the World Trade Center bombing (worldwide exclusive photos)

Angel Brenda has also guided countless departed Guardian Angel Souls and ghosts to send their Afterlife Signs to their love ones – through the “Crossover Prayer”. You can directly send prayer requests to Angel Brenda.

Whisperer Robert Chaen is the Host of Afterlife Channel, and author of several Afterlife Ebooks.

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Guinness World Records’ Longest Afterlife Sign: A Fly on a Hand for 33 Minutes