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Identifying Examples of Good & Bad Afterlife Signs [Twin-Souls Part 41]

In our cross-cultural research, ‘Afterlife Signs’ can come in UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES.

Note: Afterlife signs and communication is very personal. An afterlife sign may have many meanings to one person but may have little meaning to another.

Afterlife Signs must be significantly unique, unusual, extra-ordinary to catch the attention of the receiver.

I have not reached the stage where I can switch to direct conversations with Brenda except when I’m writing channeling Brenda’s angelic spirit.

I’m still deciphering Angel Brenda Code (ABC).
Craig made an interesting comparison with me and symbolist Robert Langdon the non-hero character in Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code.

The following are Angel Brenda’s unique afterlife / angelic signs

GOOD Afterlife Signs from Brenda:
[] a fly sat on my right hand for 20+ minutes and did not fly away even as I put different objects next to it.
[] the strongest and most intensive direct conversation so far with Brenda was during her last 25 minutes before she crossed over (from 4:58 pm to 5:23pm on 23.12.2013).

[] channeling Brenda though my writing (I’m Brenda’s only channel)

[] Car lights on, engine on, air con on, music on – 4 hours after the first visit by a significant celebrity talent CEO, Asyraf Dato’ Sri Khalid on 16 January 2015. The next day his PA’s car was switched on with music, air con, and engine running.

[] Mark Six Lottery computer generated numbers: consecutive numbers – 2 birthday and soul numbers (7 & 11)

[] eagle devouring snake

[] significant wild animals on your path: 3 foot cobra in middle of a suburban road 2 house from home

[] ravens in LA

[] big and small spiders both in LA & KL – never seen before species

[] hawks – circle of 12

[] call from relative who never calls to save a life

[] a tweet that connects 2 strangers (Craig & Robert)

[] lotteries, tea leaves, books, personal songs and lyrics, favorite sayings, etc.

[] unique smells, smell of a departed (the whole night of Brenda’s death)

[] “Typhoon Jose” was named after Benda’s surname.

[] symbolism

[] numbers

BAD Afterlife Signs from Brenda:
[] Door bell rang with no body there heard by 8 people – telling me that our God-son Todd Man died earlier that day.

[] Brenda Triple Disaster Premonitions on global/ local/ social and personal levels

[] power outage in home off and on at stroke of midnight at will on day of death of an icon (Karpal Singh)

[] power outage in restaurant with traffic lights off but street lights on night of death of an actor (Robin Williams)

[] mirror or glass cracking: handphone screen crack by itself, car windscreen, window glass (this is not the superstitious belief of bad luck for 7 years)

[] objects dropping: angel’s trumpet

[] fire: lamp bulb sides caught fire with 8 inche high flames but the bulb filament was not burnt at the time when Craig and I were discussing how she can control outage (Craig’s mother)

[] significant objects on your path: knight in shining armor, plastic airplane wing 37 days before MH17 was shot down

[] nature warnings: freak weather, flash storms, thunder/ lightning strike 10 feet from Brenda

[] unique movements of animals, insects (never seen before black beetle)

[] unusual looking or never-before seen insects/ 3 batches of ants on work table but none in the whole room

[] insect walking over a significant object, picture frame, computer screen.

[] lucid dreams

[] first encounter with foreigners: Ukrainian (1 day after MH370 disappeared), Italian

[] insects on your doorstep: black beetle, hundreds of dead bees, hundreds of small flies

[] car accidents – minor

[] car alarm horning to draw attention to another object


Other Afterlife Signs

[] close brush with death (Robert’s bike accident)

[] triple disasters and triple lucky events: recurring events happening in pairs or triple

[] déjà vu (a feeling of having already experienced the present situation)

[] comet

[] colors

[] friends’ warning alerts

[] rainbow (Brenda Schmidt)

[] SuperMoon rising

[] eclipse

[] falling meteorite
[] serendipitous encounters
[] crossing path with a past connection

[] wake up calls

[] sickness

[] pain in certain body part

[] strange coincidences

[] items breaking down

[] falling down

[] water leaks or overflowing

[] spills

[] unusual gush of wind

[] breakage

[] noise, sounds, lights, flash

[] very uncomfortable feeling

[] finding money

[] dogs smelling something

[] cats, birds, reptiles, fish, objects,

[] dead people presence or smell felt

Published on Sunday 25 January, 2015.

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