The spirit world tells what happened to MH370 and an explanation about the spirit world (Part 14)
(Twin Souls Part 14 of the true real time story of a ‘Twin Souls’ connection, and the search for unconditional love, truth, healing, attraction, and spirituality)

Note: Robert has been selected by an American TV producer to host an upcoming TV-DVD series program about the spirit world.

Getting inspiration from connecting to the spirit world.

Channeling messages from the spirit world through writing down

Many of my quotes and writing are inspired by Brenda, Angels and from the spirit world.  My connecting with departed souls is not an active, interactive conversation. It gets clearer as I channel and write down the communicated thoughts. This seems to be my way of connecting and communicating with the spirit world.

With regards to Brenda, our Twin-Souls connection is super strong and is much more intimate than connecting with other souls from the spirit world. First of all, I trust fully Brenda’s input and feedback as she always have my best interest at heart since we found each other.

Brenda’s style
Secondly, I’m so used to her unique style and patterns of communication and afterlife signs. No one communicates like her. You know it’s her. She is one of a kind. I would say her style is truthful, bold, dramatic, unmistakable, bossy-boots, naggy, and loving.

She has your best interest in her heart even though it may came across as being too tough but it’s for your own good. You hate her for being truthful because truth hurts.

I know exactly when she is around. I recognize her speaking directly  to me momentarily through my staff, strangers, and friends. It’s usually not intrusive but her presence is felt clearly. It’s as if I can anticipate her next move – unless I’m dealing with a new event or disaster that usually I’m caught off guard.

Thirdly, I have worked out a relatively smooth system where I can juggle my time with doing my thing and work and finding time to do her favorite things, and our Twin-Souls mission.

Connecting with MH370 Captain Zaharie
As with connecting with a departed soul I need to get use to his/ her style and patterns of afterlife signs. For example when I was connecting with MH370 Captain Zaharie, his style was quite introverted, almost apologetic to ask for requests, and his afterlife sign came as an Ensign Wasp walking across a friend’s laptop screen over the tail and left engine of an passenger airplane while John Denver’s song “Leaving on a jet plane was playing. Don’t know when I’ll be back again. Oh babe I hate to go…”
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"Leaving on a jet plane" lyrics - an afterlife sign from MH370 Captain Zaharie (Part 6)

“Leaving on a jet plane” lyrics – an afterlife sign from MH370 Captain Zaharie (Part 6)

My 7th sense of what happened to MH370
The 7th sense is the ability to connect with the spirit world, angels, and Higher Power. BTW, I’m very sorry to say I sensed after the 3rd day that there were no survivors in MH370. I kept this to myself as people still had hope in the first week, and hope is important. I sensed strongly that Captain Zaharie wanted the world’s attention on Malaysia and its problems. In this weird sense it has become true.

Connecting with Karpal Singh
With Karpal Singh, the Malaysian lawyer icon who died on 17 April 2014, his style was at once very authoritative, bold, demanding, and fearless. His spirit inspired me to get things do real quick and trusting people will deliver their part e.g. I wasn’t so sure about getting good results from a new graphic designer for “They can’t jail us all. We’re the hundredth Karpal Singh” social media campaign.

Karpal’s spirit also inspired courage to post to publicly and promptly. I was very nervous about such bold statements written in the post but once I post it, it felt right and there was a unique calm and peace within that I had done something selfless and for the greater good of society even though only a few may benefit or be inspired – it felt very worthwhile and fulfilling. It was quality community service not mass quantity service.

Although I described Karpal Singh as Malaysia’s little Gandhi, of course Karpal was not quite in the same international stature as Mahatma Gandhi. It’s not fair to be compared with Gandhi – he was in an extraordinary time and in an extraordinary series of events. Gandhi had mass appeal, Karpal had individual appeal adding up to a sea of followers.

I agree with Gandhi who I draw a lot of inspiration from that it only takes a small band of dedicated individuals to make a historical change.


Published: Monday, 5 May, 2014. 6:37am
Updated on 8 August 2016.

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