Lightning struck a few feet from Brenda: Divine Sign and a Near-Death Experience for Brenda never to leave her Twin Soul Robert ever. [Twin-Souls Part 26]

On 27.07.2014 a never before lightning strike in a sunny day in Venice Beach, LA killed 1 person and injured 13 people see post:

Very close lightning strikes whether directly on people or not are traditionally been viewed in some religions as a premonition or a warning sign from God.

I’ll share Brenda Jose’s favorite lightning story about how she was a few feet from being struck by a lightning.

It was a sunny day in Cheung Chau, an outlying island an hour slow ferry ride from Hong Kong island. Brenda and I had been living together in 1995. Our relationship was only a few months old and the truth is I was kind of noncommittal at that early stage.

To backtrack, we had our first sexual experience in the summer of July 1995. Prior to that, we had been the very best of friends and confidante for 8 months. The morning after our ‘first night’ we had a long 6 hours talk at our favorite Cheung Chau cafe called ‘Coffee and Tea’.

Part-time Lovers
Our close friends know this funny story. Brenda woke up a ‘married woman’, and I infamously told her let’s be ‘part-time lovers’ as the Stevie Wonder song goes. Yes, yes, those readers who are holier than thou go ahead and throw rocks at me, lol.

Anyways, back to the story. Suddenly the bright and sunny day turned very quickly to very dark in few minutes. There were loud thunder and lightning coming closer and closer.

I noticed Brenda had packed a big black bag. I asked her “Where are you going?”
She replied, “Going to see my parents.”
I remarked, “There’s a fierce storm out there, are you sure you want to go now?”
“Yes!”, she replied, and off she went in a hurry.
I continued eating my ‘Doll’ brand instant noodles lunch.

Warwick Hotel CC

Warwick Hotel, Cheung Chau. Our apartment can be seen at the far left corner of the picture. Further to the left was the place that Lee Lai Shan, Hong Kong’s first and only Olympic Gold medalist practiced her windsurfing. Cheung Chau was also known as ‘suicide island’ as sometimes young people would kill themselves through charcoal burning with all windows shut in the many holiday villas.

Our apartment were on top of a small hill. She walked down the steep slope towards Warwick Hotel.

WHAM! I heard one of the loudest thunder ever. Immediately I thought the lightning struck 200 or so feet away.
Lightning struck about 10 feet right in front of her path. She saw the classic bright zig zag lightning bolt hit the ground in front of her. Another women further down the slope witnessed it and offered help.

1 minute later Brenda rushed in, badly shaken, she hug me and said, I’ll never leave you again!

What’s that about?

Me, like a lot men who are clueless, did not detect that she was unhappy with my noncommittal feelings. She wanted to leave me that day. In those early days we did not know we were ‘Twin Souls’ and that we were meant to play a bigger spiritual mission and multiple roles in this lifetime and in many past lives.

The very close lightning strike was a personal direct warning sign from God for her to stay together with me to carry out our spiritual mission.
God on the other hand had spared me from such dramatic warning signs – so far… (maybe I’m the slow, dense one).

From that day Brenda NEVER left me until her dying breath, and beyond into her present afterlife.

She stayed and co-coach with me even after we separated in 2010. I asked her why she was still wanted to co-coach with me. Her reply was simply, “only because of you, nothing else”.

In what turned out to be our last meeting together in October 2013 on the last day we hugged and she said “I only care about you. The rest I don’t give a damn.”

I on the other hand foolishly tried to leave her 3 times because I felt I wasn’t good enough, or deserved her unconditional love. I felt my anger and emotional fights from Bipolar Disorder mania hurt her too much. I tried to convince her that I was no good for her and to let me go.

But she never let me go. Even at her death bed she was adamant and said in telepathy, “If not I’m not going”. Only when I surrendered to her and promised her to continue being her Twin-Soul on Earth did she crossed over 3 minutes later. (see Twin-Souls Part 13).

BTW, my writing shows a lot of clarity on hindsight. But when I was going through some tough moments I did not had such clarity, and oft times I could not make sense of things.

Published: Tuesday, 29.07.2014. 8:07pm
Updated: 23 February 2016.