Birthing of 2 Future Rulers in UK and Philippines on May 2nd 2015 
[Twin Souls Part 53]

On Brenda’s 53rd birthday 7 April 2015, Brenda gave a very significant afterlife sign to one of our interns, Puteri Nabila (with royal blood). A big 2 foot stork/ heron landed on her car bonnet while she was stuck in traffic jam standstill going to work. She said the event made her very happy for most of the day – a very good sign.

I’ve never heard of anyone had a stork land on their car bonnet, therefore this has all the indications of a very significant afterlife sign from Brenda. Just like 2 rare Black Beetles appeared at the time of the crash of MH370 and Germanwings 4U9525.

BTW, Brenda is my angel, Twin Soul, and crossed over wife.

May 2nd and The Stork Afterlife Sign were symbolic of the “birth” of 2 future rulers:
1.  Manny Pacquiao as a future President of Philippines
2.  Princess Charlotte as the future Queen of United Kingdom

May 2nd was when Pacquiao was on the world stage for “Fight of the Century” event and  baby Princess Charlotte was born, the 4th in line to the British throne.

So, is the Stork a BAD or GOOD afterlife sign?

After connecting enough “dots” and other signs that had appeared since 7 April I can conclude that the Stork Afterlife Sign is indeed a very powerful GOOD sign.



Whenever I receive a very significant afterlife sign, it usually is a first time ever encounter, or the living thing acting with a deliberate movement such as a fly sitting on my right hand for an impossible Guinness World Record of 21 minutes (watch video evidence).

Deciphering Brenda’s Code of Afterlife Signs
In my steep learning curve in deciphering Brenda’s Code of Afterlife Signs, I unknowingly ignored or even killed some very significant signs from Brenda such as a big Rhino Beetle (10 days before Germanwings crash). So when I detect a very significant sign from Brenda I’m on high alert to connect more dots as they come.

Sometimes I’m barking up the wrong tree. What I thought was happening sometimes turned out to be different, or have much wider global implications (rather than locally where I am). Or it leads to a much bigger scenario.

I may or may not blog about it here in this website (in fact, there are too many irrefutable afterlife signs from Brenda that I had no time to document everything while running 5 companies).

The difference between a “guardian angel” and an Angel
A guardian angel is departed soul who watches and protects the soul’s loved ones. Th soul so chooses if the soul wants to play this role for a short or long time.

On the other hand, an Angel has distinctive spiritual purpose. For example Brenda is The Angel of Unconditional Love, that’s her primary role. But Brenda also plays other roles: Crossover Angelic Whisperer to assist dying people to crossover peacefully as she had been doing for our Godson Todd (on 20 December 2014), and my father (on 19 February 2015, 1st day of Chinese New Year)

How do I communicate with an Angel i.e. how do I decipher Brenda’s Code of Communication?
I’ve documented how Brenda communicates through many irrefutable afterlife signs. I automatically channel her when I write or blog especially about Twin Souls, Karma, God, etc. I described in depth what a Twin Souls are in two parts.

I have surrendered to Angel Brenda at her death bed in her last 3 minutes to carry out our Twin Soul infinite mission, while going on with my human worldly life.

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From Robert’s Soul Whispering conversations and channeling Angel Brenda, Robert’s Twin Soul.
Published on Monday 4 May 2015.
Updated on 9 May 2015.

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