Understanding about a Soul Whisperer, Ghosts, and Guardian Angels?
[Twin Souls Part 45]

What is a Soul Whisperer?
A Souls Whisperer is someone who is specially trained, or who can naturally talk directly to the soul, rather than on the surface chit-chatting. They can go past the 5 physical senses, and the 6th Sense which is telepathic, intuitive, gut feel, and psychic

6th Sense connects to the 5th Dimension (the Ghost World).  click here for the & Dimensions of The Universe.

The 7th Sense
You need 7th Sense to connect to the 6th Dimension (The Angelic Realm, The Afterlife) which is transcendental i.e. they can communicate with the Spirit World, Angels (have distinctive purposes and missions).  Click here for article.

Twin Souls (have an infinite connection, with changing missions destined to bring light, truth, and unconditional love to places and eras of darkness in past and present history).

Guardian Angels are departed loved ones who chooses to go between the Seed/Egg stage to the Angelic Realm where they can send afterlife signs, guidance, protection, and inspiration.

Ghosts are souls who have not “rest in peace” i.e. gone and resting in the “Soul Universe/Spirit World”, and have not reincarnated according to karmic timing. They can have premonitions and deja vu (already experienced the present situation) experiences.

FYI, Saints are also Guardian Angels, and can be called upon and prayed to.

A Soul Whisperer can “hear, see, smell, taste, and feel” BEYOND the conscious self and sense a soul’s inner conflicts, yearnings, karmic life lessons, detect and maybe even identify the soul’s Guardian Angels (known or unknown), attract a “soulmate” who resonate a similar soul vibration, compatibility of business partners, and ultimately guide a person to find his/her destiny, values, and purpose in life.

Types of Soul Whisperers
There are many SWs using a vast variety of modern methods to ancient divination systems. They can be Psychic Readers, Numerology & Symbolism Readers, Astrologists, Chinese Bazi experts, Priests, Monks, Blind Psychics, Divinators, Shamans, Bomohs, Sinsehs, etc.

What is a Karma Soul Whisperer?
A Karma Soul Whisperer is one who can read someone’s karmic records, fate, and destiny. The accuracy will depend on how clear the reader is at the time of reading, and what energies and choices one is making at the time of reading. Allow room for different Karma Soul Whisperer’s accuracy and personal interpretation as they have human limitations.

Often times a reader is not allowed to know certain aspects of Karma and therefore the reader cannot “interfere”. Of course, Karma will change as one creates good or bad karma. But a good reader should be quite accurate in connecting the dots about karmic records.

One of the most scarily accurate Karma Soul Whisperer was the famous blind Hong Kong fortune teller in Kowloon. He was accurate about Brenda’s first husband (that it will lead to divorce if they married before the 7 year relationship. Her first husband’s dying father forced to them to marry 6.5 years into their relationship. They divorced 1 year later) and myself (that I would love her and she can bully me haha).

The blindman was 100% accurate except for predicting Brenda’s age of death later by 9 years. I honestly think that the blindman’s reading was true based on the karmic energies at the time of reading 25 years earlier. But I think it was brought 9 years forward to December 2013 because of a series of dark karmic events that would change the world happened in 2014 – the rise the unknown ISIS, 4 aircrashes (MH370, MH17, AirAsia QZ8501, Germanwings 4U9525), deaths of iconic leaders and influencers like Lee Kuan Yew, etc.

God’s Calling on Brenda’s Twin Soul Mission over-ride her personal destiny and fate.

One may use Numerology (to find out Karmic Lessons i.e. missing numbers in your name at birth. Each English alphabet as a corresponding number). Souls with Master Numbers such as 11 (compared to 1+1=2, reduced to 1 digit), 22, 33…99 are more complex to read as the higher number will leverage and accelerate for better or worse, for positive or negative. For example one with a master number of 22 may choose to lead a master criminal life and build a criminal business or one may choose to build a legal business.

The second type of Karma Soul Whisperer is one who channels an angelic being to access karmic records of a soul.

I myself am a Karma Soul Whisperer. I use Numerology and I channel Angel Brenda to get a sense of someone’s karmic records, fate, or destiny.

Other types of Karma Soul Whisperers:
The ancient Tibetan ritual of finding the reincarnated Dalai Lama is assigned to some very senior Tibetan Rinpoche who can test and sense who is the reincarnated Dalai Lama – the chosen one.

What is the Role of the Crossover Soul Whisperer

A Crossover Soul Whisperer is very rare and has the ability to assist souls to crossover peacefully before and after death. This is very different from say a Catholic priest who gives the Last Rites to a dying person.

A Crossover Soul Whisperer should always question family members or the dying person the reasons why he/she wants to be prayed a Crossover Soul Whispering Ritual. Only when both parties are in agreement, then an appropriate time would be allocated.

The first time I talked to a soul about embracing death was talking with my grandma (my mother’s mother). She was 91 years old, was very weak, and lived to see me marry Brenda. 2 days after our wedding celebrations in Ipoh, my hometown in Malaysia, I whispered to my grandma’s soul. I told her she should be proud that she had good children and grandchildren. I thank her for waiting for my wedding and gratitude for drinking my wedding cup of chinese tea. I told her that it’s time to let go and go. 38 days after my Soul Whispering she crossed over.

Difference between a physical Crossover Soul Whisperer and Angelic Soul Whisperer
The difference simply is one is an earthly human being, the other is an Angelic being whose timing and approach is perfect. The human one’s timing usually off plus and minus a few days to a few months. Angelic beings act around Karma and God which is way beyond any human understanding.

There is no such thing as a God Whisperer – no one can whisper God’s words – not even for Prophets.

There is no such thing as a Judge Whisperer (as in “Judgment Day”) – no human Soul, Angel, or God can “judge” another soul. It’s simply KARMA.

“Letting go is one of the hardest things to do as human beings as they can get so attached to
loved ones, status, reputation, materialism, possessions, desires, fame, shame, and revengefulness.
Be a spiritual trustee and you’ll be free from worldly attachments.”
~ Robert Chaen

Published on Saturday, 21 February 2015
Updated on 15 October 2017.