Ringing of the Door Bell: an afterlife message that my Godson Todd Man crossed-over.  [Twin Souls Part 38.2]

Brenda and my only GodSon crossed over on Saturday 20 December, 2014 at around 1:00pm, from cancer.

Todd was our neighbor in Sau Wa Fong, Wan Chai, Hong Kong. He later become so close that he became our Godson together with Suyi, our Goddaughter.

Little Prince Restaurant

Todd’s Little Prince Restaurant was at the first corner up St. Francis Street, Wan Chai. I visited it and Sau Wa Fong area on Saturday 6 December 2014, where Brenda and I used to stay for 5 years (pic from Suyi). I felt both a reminiscing and a premonition of sadness when I was walking the area.

Whenever we visited his restaurant a few blocks away called “Little Prince” (was up St. Francis Street, Wan Chai), he and Chef Hong would pamper us with great food i.e. foie gras, chocolate pudding, a set of 3 deserts pina cotta, crème brulee, and tiramisu. He even gave me his expresso machine which he was using at home. I had fond memories of going with Todd up Ship Street to a vacant plot of land and digging out a young banana tree. We replanted it in the verandah at Little Prince – we called it “Barney“. Barney later had baby banana shoots.


SunDance, Boogey, Sunkist (all in doggie heaven) – from top

He liked SunDance (“Chan Dor Kam” = SunDance’s Cantonese name which means plenty of gold), our Golden Retriever so much that he bought SunDance’s brother. I named him Sunkist. We would sometimes take our dogs walkies at night along Star Street.

Todd Kei Chai thank you for being a great GodSon, you were always helpful, and generous. You were a great company to be with.
I know that Kei Ma (Godmother) was with you before and during your crossing over.

I miss you.

Love and huggies xxxooo
Kei Yeh Robert

Who rang the door bell?

On Saturday night I went to a friend’s Christmas party in Kuala Lumpur. At around 11:00pm we all heard the door bell rang once. The host whom I only known for 3 months went out. She came back with a scared look, and said that there was nobody there.

She kept quiet about this until about 5:00am, she whispered to my ear that when she went out after the bell rang she immediately smelt a very light, fresh Jasmine floral smell. She stayed by the house door and sensed she encountered an afterlife experience. Having a natural psychic 6th sense, she saw in her mind’s eye a woman in white, with double eye lids (i.e. not Chinese), and she saw pink. She said this was the first time she saw an afterlife presence in the 3 years she stayed there, and she never had a door bell ring so late with nobody there.

Brenda's gift

She thought she saw Brenda as she recollected Brenda’s memorial card which I gave her a month ago (with the words “It’s not meant to be, or it’s meant to be”). The host said that Brenda loves me. The host kept asking me what does it all mean? I said I often times do not know what an afterlife sign means until I can connect the dots later.

However, in my mind I knew it must be very important enough for Brenda to give me such an unmistakable physical afterlife sign i.e. a door bell ring with nobody there – though I had no clue what it was about at that moment. Those who are reading my blog for the first time may likely be “stunned” by these afterlife signs reports. But those who had been following will know that Brenda has been sending consistently afterlife signs since 12 months ago. Her first year anniversary of crossing over is 23 December, 2014.

24 hours after the door bell sign, my GodDaughter Suyi pm me through Facebook that Todd is gone. I immediately felt I wanted to write a tribute (this one). I looked for photos of Todd with both of us only but there were none. Finally, I found a great photo of Brenda lovingly hugging our GodSon, Todd. I stared at the pic. She was wearing pink. Pink was also one of Todd’s favorite colors.

Little Prince

Ironically on the banner of my Robert Chaen Changeu FB is a quote from The Little Prince – for the last 2-3 months.

Orange Afterlife sign – Part 2
I went to the same host’s Christmas eve party. In the middle of playing a party game, she directed me to go out to the gate. She said “Brenda is here. And I see orange“. She later told that he perceive the spirit world through colors although she is not clear what it meant for the receiver as the message will have meaning for the receiver.

Immediately I said it’s my favorite color. I thought to myself she must be wanting to confirm twice that it was she that was being channeled by the host. I had without a doubt knew that it was Brenda who rang the door bell 4 nights earlier, so I did not need any further confirmation. then I thought maybe it’s a confirmation sign for the host that she was channeling Brenda. She had message from Todd for me to thank me as my previous words had helped him in his life. Todd had a private message for another person that he loved her. Well, I thought this night the dots were very clear and obvious unlike the first encounter with the host when I only connected the dots 24 hours later. End of story it seems.

4 days later on Sunday 28 December 2014 I woke up to the shocking news of the disappearance of AirAsia QZ8501. I immediately reacted and cried when it hit me that Brenda’s triple disaster premonition came true! The premonition of a 3rd Malaysia-related air crash was confirmed on 20 July 2014 (3 days after MH17 was shot down on July 17).

At the time of confirmation all I knew was the 3rd air crash would unbelievably happen in 2014. And I sensed it would not be MAS the 3rd time – but AirAsia. I keep the AirAsia sense a secret. I did not blog about it as I had no further details such as dates or flight destinations and it surely would scare readers. Even with this psychic knowledge my partner Craig Santy and I flew AirAsia Kuala Lumpur to Manila on 13 November and back on 17 November 2014, without fear. I always feel that my guardian angel Brenda will protect me and my close relationships.

I was anxious every now and then that it might happen when Craig was in Kuala Lumpur (20 August to 2 December 2014). It turned out the period was very productive business-wise albeit we were getting regular unusual afterlife signs of triple bats, triple snails, triple mushrooms, triples etc. (see “Triple Luck or Triple Disaster Premonition? Super intense period from 7 November (a Triple 7 Day) and 11 November, 2014 (a Triple 11 Day)”

So when the last weekend of 2014 came I was glad there was no air crash until the last Sunday of the 2014. As I saw pictures of the rescue in the following days it dawned on me that the most striking color was orange.

Search for crashed AirAsia plane

Orange helicopter, rescuers and stretchers in orange

2. Orange SAR boat

Orange rescue boat3. orange lifejacket

First debris sighted – orange lifejacket
4. orange oxygen tank

First items retrieved – tank with orange band and orange box 5. orange box debris

6. Indonesian military pilots

Military pilots in orange uniform

7. Indonesian marines unloading their diving equipment & orange hoses

Diving equipment and hoses in orange

8. Indonesian Regional Disaster Management Agency

Indonesian Regional Disaster Management Agency on beach patrol in orange

9. Basarnas body Bags

Body bags with orange lettering

So Brenda wanted to give me 2 messages:
1. The crossing over of Todd, our Godson.
2. The 3rd Malaysia-related air crash

Black & White – the 3rd message from the host.
On New Year’s Day 1 January 2015 at 00:32am the host pm me a 3rd sign -the host saw black & white. The host wrote it’s about a pet, a favorite song of both Brenda & I.
Right now I have no dots to connect…

The other psychic premonition is one or triple bombings in Kuala Lumpur – which has not happen yet.

The host’s housemate had gone back to UK, his home country on Monday a week earlier to see his dying mother. Our prayers for him to be strong for his family. His mother died on 24 December 2014.
My father is dying and is currently resting in Hong Kong.

Published: Monday, 22 December 2014; 3:11am
Latest update: Thursday, 1 January 2015.

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