Unravelling the Twin Souls Connection & Mission [Twin Souls Part 38 Part 2]

I watched “Hancock” for the first time recently in a HK hotel TV with Craig Santy. The story is about 2 superheroes who lived for 3,000 years with their super powers, having been called gods and angels in their time. According to the story they are the last of their kind and that their kind are paired. And as the pair of immortals gets close, they begin to lose their powers. Actually, it’s the other way round.

Surprisingly, some parts of the Hollywood script was quite close to the truth about Twin Souls, but of course the superhero characters were sensationalized to make it more entertaining for movie goers.

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First of all, let me share what I know so far from my conversations and revelations with Brenda. ‘Twin Souls’ have an infinite connection as compared with soulmates or business partners who may share at the most a few lifetimes together. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule – history has many stories of “inseparable” soul mates. Twin Souls have both a unique human spiritual & angelic higher mission in each lifetime to fulfill.

Note: soulmates who have a spiritual mission together are not Twin Souls. Twin Souls have the much more important angelic higher mission. By definition, one and eventually both will play angelic roles from the Angelic Realm. There would be irrefutable afterlife signs and third party witnesses to verify the Twin-Souls infinite connection. Twin Souls are very rare. I have not come across any yet since realizing that Brenda & I are Twin Souls on Christmas Eve 2013 – 1 day after she crossed over. Of course, I’ll be very curious to verify if any two out there fit the set of criteria of Twin Souls which is essentially described in this article.

Brenda and I are Twin Souls way beyond 5,000+ years ago – before the time of the ancient civilization rulers such as Pharoah Narmer and Gilgamesh, and religious founders such as Abraham, Laozi, Buddha, Christ, and Mahavira.

Time is human concept to help us understand our place in time and space” ~ quote from Craig Santy. Souls are eternal. Human bodies are mortal.

Brenda and I are very strong characters. We were the very best of buddies and super close, but our fights were super intense. Sometimes it would be 8-10 hours long – although only we knew about it. Worst of all, we knew each other so well our game, thinking, and fight patterns. Most couples would not even last but break up after just one of our super fights. But… we always bonded closer after each fight.

I laughed when I saw the Hancock Hollywood’s depiction about such an emotionally intensive Twin Souls fight. It was kind of accurate (of course, minus the super damage done in downtown LA). Most lifetimes our personal relationship were very peaceful and harmonious. Some lifetimes were complex or turbulent depending on the era, but we were always aligned to some common mission. The countless spiritual-angelic higher missions may be highly dramatic, eventful, and earth-shattering depending on the mission and era.

But when one of the Twin Souls go angelic, the Twin Soul relationship becomes inseparable in mission. Now that doesn’t mean the Twin Soul who left on Earth can’t have any other life partner and work relationships as this one still have human needs and physical functions. The other one who is in the angelic realm have limitless possibilities. The angelic one will also team up and connect with other guardian angels for multiple purposes.


As long as we are in physical human bodies, we all have a “dark human side“, with human faults and weaknesses – much less than perfect. We know we can’t ever get unconditional love and truth all the time in this physical plane but we strive for the ideals.

However, in the angelic form it’s entirely different energies – without any human weaknesses, physical sicknesses, and fragile human feelings.

Brenda now as an angel is how I like her – with no human weaknesses and no woman tantrums haha. I’m sure she also liked me in my angelic form in past lives when I crossed over first. It must have felt like heaven for her to deal with me without human faults and man hang-ups. Yes, our female-male roles swapped in lifetimes, and there were same gender lifetimes too.

But I sometimes do really miss her companionship, intimate chats, physical touch, smell, passion, and human love. It’s very good to be human – actually. To be able to feel real human feelings, the whole spectrum and duality of human emotions i.e. love-hate, truth-conflict, bonding-fight… Cherish being a human because in nirvana or in “heaven” there are no human activities or emotions.

I was getting too tired from the super intensity and super fights and that’s why I had to separate from Brenda 3 times (2007, 2010, and February 4, 2013) to get some sanity and space. But Brenda never ever left me, not during her dying breath – never. Read about how a lightning struck 10 feet from her in Cheung Chau Island and why that was a direct warning sign from God. http://tinyurl.com/pcbo57z

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In the last 5,000+ years and beyond time, wherever we reborn we always found each other – without searching. Our names change with the new environments. Many times we reincarnated in different countries, although separated by physical distance we always come together in each lifetime. We played many different roles and occupations – depending on what part of the history of that place was.

In this lifetime we first meet at a spiritual workshop in 1994 in Hong Kong as participants. There was no initial “love at first sight” attraction or soul recognition at all. Half a year later in December 1994 only there was close connections and we at first became the best of friends.

Key Tests of Faith in God
As Twin Souls one of us always saw the other die or crossover – in one’s physical presence in every lifetime, and therefore know the exact time of the crossover. Unless in a rare lifetime when we both die at the same time. For us in every lifetime seeing the other die was the hardest ordeal and our #1 biggest test of faith in God. In this lifetime Brenda wanted to die before I do, and it came true – at exactly 5:23pm on 23 December 2013. For me to see her die over 23 hours and 23 minutes was the hardest ordeal I ever had to endure. I pleaded with God why I had to see Brenda die helplessly and not able to do anything as she was in a coma – WHY GOD!

The why was that I needed to pass my first Test of Faith. Because I have seen death, God and Guardian Angels will send many more to me to help them and their families to have the strong will to live or embrace death,  to grieve, heal, and let go.

Soul Whisperer of Crossing-Over
The first time I soul whispered to a relative about embracing death was my grandma (my mother’s mother). She was 91 years old, was very weak, and lived to see me marry Brenda. 2 days after our wedding celebrations in Ipoh, my hometown in Malaysia, I soul whispered to my grandma’s soul. I told her she should be proud that she had good children and grandchildren. I thank her for waiting for my wedding and gratitude for drinking my wedding cup of chinese tea. I told her that it’s time to let go and go. 38 days later after I soul whispered and 40 days after my wedding day she crossed over.

Now it’s my father’s turn. I saw him in Hong Kong one week ago. He is terminally ill and weak. He told me he is ready to meet God and that every day is a bonus. Medically the doctors are amazed that my Dad is still alive. I sense there is still more life in my Dad since Brenda sent me a sign: a fly sat on my hand for 20+minutes and did not fly away. Only when “it’s about time”, I’ll whisper to my Dad’s soul to cross-over.

Messenger Angel of Crossing-Over Vs. Guardian Angels comforting loved ones at the dying period
Soul Whisperer of Crossing-Over is one of the roles of a Twin Soul, whether in Brenda’s angelic form or in my physical form. Brenda told me she whispered to Todd Man our GodSon to cross-over on 20 December 2014 after suffering cancer for a while. Some readers may mistakenly think that Brenda is an angel of death. No. One of her roles is a Messenger Angel of Crossing-Over. Only some angels play this role, although most guardian angels can assist in comforting the loved ones at the time or period of dying.

As Twin Souls the angelic one always see the physical one die or crossover. 

The second Key Test of Faith were our recognition of the angelic form and roles in us. The very next day after Brenda crossed over I recognized her as the Angel of Unconditional Love when she wrote about her own obituary through me. Very quickly I also recognize the Angel of Truth in me. In another article I’ll reveal my 7 Key Tests of Faith.

Whenever one of us die, that one crossed over and became an Angel first. Brenda is usually the Angel of Unconditional Love. And I usually the Angel of Truth. The angel one then immediately sends irrefutable afterlife signs to the living one about the new higher mission which would be revealed over a period of time (which in this lifetime took 11 months). When the other one crossed over, both will play angelic roles for a short while, or for many years. Then the cycle of reincarnation continues… with different birth times, we’ll meet at different age periods, and crossed over at the right needed times.

The Hancock version that they never die for 3,000 years is not possible for human beings and human bodies.

After spending a major part of a lifetime feeling real human needs & feelings, pains, sufferings, ignorance, and darkness of the place, the angelic part is critical to accelerate change and to set things right and bring light to that part of the world. Such is the Yin-Yang of human life.

Sometimes one of us chose not to come back and had a “break” for one or a few lifetimes. If this happens the one on Earth will always find the other one in the form of a very connected “Guardian Angel” who visited daily. In this lifetime, Brenda had told me before she died that she will not come back in human form, but as an angelic being – at least in this lifetime.

Spreading Light to the World
Both of us had shared or written during our past lives about our philosophies, what we realized in our journeys, and about the Twin Souls connection, and passed on this wisdom through word of mouth. In many lifetimes we were writers, philosophers, critics, reformists, inter-faith bridges – speaking and writing about unconditional love, truth, spirituality, enlightenment, universal laws like Karma and Reincarnation, and the Spirit World. We spoke against prejudice, religious and racial intolerance, dogma, and extremism.

But obviously this is the first time I have written in the internet about our insights about spirituality, the Spirit World, and Twin Souls. For the first time in our history we can leverage on new media, film, TV, and events to accelerate change, awareness, healing, and enlightenment.

Past Lives Connections and Joining Twin Souls’ Mission
Brenda revealed that I’ll meet and cross-path with numerous people from both my and our past lives because both she and I had touched many peoples’ lives previously. Many will join our Twin Soul’s mission , and some will become key movers and shakers in many parts of the globe called “3rd Pillars“.

I asked her to guide and protect me from bad past life connections, and settle past karmic accounts through love, truth, God’s grace, and release.

From Robert’s conversations and channeling Angel Brenda.
Published on Tuesday, 15 December, 2014.
Updated on Sunday, 11 January 2014.

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