Sharing My Untold Tale of Two Karmic Love Stories about Celibacy and Eloping
[Twin Souls Part 70]

“If you truly love someone, it doesn’t matter what others think.”
~ Robert “Wizard” Chaen

I like to share my own tale of two Karma Love Stories that have come true.
This is the first time I’m sharing these 2 private Karma Love Stories which will surprise many readers, graduates, and friends.

Last weekend when I took my Mum and brother Jimmy back from Hong Kong to Ipoh, our hometown in Malaysia, she retold 2 old stories by a famous Karma Psychic Reader.

My Mum asked the Psychic about my joining a very strict religion called Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Centre when I was young. I was then a very strict vegetarian, celibate by choice (no sex), and I woke up for 4am meditation everyday.

Pig escapes to Buddhist Temple

The famous kneeling pig of China who escaped to a temple

The First Karmic Love Story about the Monk and his Pet Pig
The Psychic replied by telling my mum the Karma Story of the Monk and his Pet Pig. And assured my Mum that the priest would never kill to eat the pig as it is his pet.

The Karmic Price of being Super Rich And Super Powerful
The Psychic read some of my karmic past lives and found a recent time when I was very rich, very powerful like an Emperor with an Empress and many concubines – but in my later life I lost everything including my fortune, wife and family.

My 10 years of austere, hard disciplined, pure vegetarian, celibate life (“return of my Bad Karmic punishment”)

I had to pay my karmic punishments in this lifetime by being a super strict celibate monk for at least 10 full years in my youthful prime. In that 10 years I had to experience the worst politics (the Regional Head really gave me a very tough time, team conflicts, mutiny, betrayals), no sex, self-imposed hardships, and severe restrictions on earning and spending. I was forced to learn many leadership and marketing skills to survive.

I was a Copywriter in J Walter Thompson and Leo Burnett, but in the evenings I operated a charitable meditation centre in Lorong Maarof, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, and later in Hong Kong. I gave 50% of all my earnings to the charity.


I organized the first visit of Prakash Mani, the late Head of Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University  (I was waving my right hand, 6th from right)

Married to God but Falling in Love
Towards the last 3 years in Raja Yoga, I had to struggle with my strict vow of celibacy (I was “married to God”), and my sexuality as I had fallen in love with Karen. She was an enlightened ordinary student who challenged the truth about everything I believed in Raja Yoga at that time.

We secretly wrote love letters (I kept them at my parent’s home which my father gave me in later years ). Karen was my conscience of truth. Only a few confidante knew about this.

Eventually I chose to walk away from love.
I could have married Karen. She was my first serious love.
I was surrendered to God and my celibacy vow to the religion’s strict principles and mission.
The religion did not even allow married couples to have sex.

Found a Kindred Spirit with Pope John Paul II
When I read about Pope John Paul II love struggle 2 weeks ago, I felt I was only human after all. Read about > Pope John Paul II had intense friendship with married writer

So my Mum was reassured by the Psychic that I had to be a very strict vegetarian for 10 years punishment to pay off my Karma.

But at the end of my 10 years with the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University I would have a choice to continue in B.K. Raja Yoga for the rest of my life; or to stop and begin a whole new life.

The Psychic was right!
Exactly at the end of my 10th year I chose to leave a revered position equivalent to a Regional Bishop grade because my eldest brother Tom and I were the very first Chinese to join the global organization. Today there are thousands of B.K. Raja Yoga Meditation Centres worldwide, with enormous life donations from students like the Vatican.


Tom & I (1st and 4th from the right)

The truth is B.K. Raja Yoga Centres are a very strict doomsday religious cult – which I would highly not recommend for spiritual enlightenment. < #OrangeArmyReview (meditation): 1 | 10 >

The Second Karma Story of being Controlled Gripped by the Emperor
My Mum’s asked about my current lifetime. The Psychic then told the second Karma Story of being stepped on by the Emperor. The Emperor was symbolically stepping on me or suppressing me so that I couldn’t rise up to the highest level of success.

Eventually I would escape the controlling grip of the Emperor but the Psychic did NOT reveal full details and how I would escape… until now
 until when I Twin Soul Whispered and asked Angel Brenda to complete my Karmic Soul jigsaw puzzle…

A Seemingly Random Dream
On 2 March 2016, someone shared her vivid and intense dream of both of lovers sailing across some ocean. The couple was very worried to death. It reminded my Mum’s Psychic story of the Emperor. In the dream the woman was there to help me escape. She asked innocently how a girl could help me escape the Emperor. My intuition was it’s not about physical strength, but maybe she was a High Priestess type.

Later I saw visions from my Whisperings with Brenda, my guardian angel – the missing prequel part of the Psychic story.

I saw visions of me saving the Emperor’s young, carefree, and very beautiful favorite Princess. She was spiritually talented like a High Priestess-type, and she would accurately counsel the Emperor at some critical warring and financial situations.


I saw me personally saving the life of the Emperor’s Princess.

The Emperor, the Empress, and the Princess were indebted to me for saving the Princess. I was the Chief HeierophantStrategist-Wizard to the Emperor. I was in my 60s.

The Princess and I quickly developed a strong bond. We shared many common interests especially in divination, healing, and experimenting with many herbs and potions.

Then we both fell in love with each other!

When the Emperor found out, he had judgments about our age difference, although the Emperor’s first wife, the Empress was agreeable. He tried to break up our romance. He continued a series of suppressible control of all my official powers for a few years while keeping a very close eye on me in the castle, yet consulting me in critical matters. He kept me extremely busy so I would see less of his daughter. I was absolutely loyal to the Emperor.

To cut the “torn lovers” story short, the Princess used her Third Eye and psychic Seventh Sense to find an auspicious time to escape together to another place as both could not live anymore without each other and wanted to get married.

Tristan and Isolde Sharing the Potion, John William Waterhouse, 1916.

The Best Way to Elope with a Princess
The most auspicious time and way to escape was sailing through the ocean, with no one chasing us as there would be no traces or sightings at all on the ocean. Her masterplan worked, although both of us were scared to death for being caught eloping.

I think there are a lot more to the story… but I have no further details yet…
like what happened before and after we escaped…
like what did I saved the Princess from…

Like why didn’t the Princess simply insisted to get approval from the Emperor and her approving and influential mother Empress to marry me when she came of age – since she was the Emperor’s favorite child, and I was the Emperor’s trusted Strategist – my logical mind wondered…

I sensed that I had paid my most of my past karmic dues.
Firstly, with my 10 years of austere, hard disciplined, celibate life in my prime youth.
Secondly, I feel totally free from the “Emperor’s grip”since Brenda crossed over in 2013.


My Karmic Obstacles are removed.
I have no fear.
It’s Time for Wizard Chaen to Fly,
and to Guide Others to Fly.

I feel all Karmic Obstacles are removed so I can fly to fulfill my destiny and Twin Souls’ Vision-Mission-Values.

Visions of my future wife and Twin Flame is predestined
For many years, I’ve seen visions and déjà vu that I would remarry after Brenda died. I sensed she would die around 60 and she would die first, but she crossed over much earlier in 2013.


Brenda Jose & Robert Chaen in 2004

Many people have asked me whether Brenda will be jealous if I remarry since she is very present within me.

afterlife 2 quote.jpg

The answer is I have full blessings from her to have my future wife before Brenda crossed over and now (we were separated 3 times, but we never divorced). And Brenda as a guardian angel have no human body, therefore Angel Brenda has no human activities or feelings of jealousy.

Test 3. truth_set_free

All the dots of my past Karma are connecting. I wonder the vivid dream and the Psychic stories are about my future Twin Flame…
(read about the 3 Soul Type Differences).

My Mum has often repeated to me especially lately a Cantonese phrase “Ching Ding” which means your life is predestined.”

So WHO would fall in Love with me?
Someone will – it’s predestined!

Wizard Chaen’s Affirmations
I let go.
I let God.
I trust The Universe.
My life is fated, and predestined…
so I worry no more.
It’s meant to be.

true love quote.jpg

“True love is between 2 souls, and not letting anything come in between.”
~ Robert “Wizard” Chaen


From Twin Souls Whispering between Wizard Chaen & Angel Brenda.

whispering baby

Published on 6 March 2016.
Updated on 14 August 2017.

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