Passing of The 7 Tests of Faith of Whisperer Robert Chaen. Test #1
[Twin Souls Part 63]

This is a short story series of the 7 Tests I went through after I surrendered to God and Angel Brenda in Brenda’s last 7 minutes of her physical life on 23 December 2013.

The 2 life-changing promises I made

I was crying my eyeballs out at Brenda’s death bed. I made 2 life-changing promises – I surrendered to God and to Angel Brenda.

In her last 25 minutes of her life, firstly she gave her last message to her friends to let her go as she is now one of their Guardian Angels. She told her friends to celebrate her life and love, and not to focus on her death.

Then she revealed to me as Twin Souls, I’m part of her on Earth. I questioned her that I’m  just an ordinary guy, but she reminded me that I am Wizard Chaen. I instinctively surrender first to God. I told her that she looked for unconditional love in all that time I knew her. And that I don’t know how (to find unconditional love).

I then surrendered to her, and be her instrument tool. She explained she’s not going unless I surrendered to her. I asked her why on her death bed. She replied that if not, I will not listen or do. She knew I was doubting Thomas and a big skeptic.

Brenda’s last 3 words on Earth was I Drama Queen. It’s her cosmic joke that she was a well known alpha female and drama queen when she was my co-coach and business partner for a dozen years. She used to play the inspiring but tough “bad cop” which many ChangeU graduates will attest to it.

Talk about Drama Queen, in all my research I still have not come across countless afterlife signs and afterlife visits that so dramatic as Brenda’s. Normally a loved one would just get 1 or 2  afterlife signs only. My own Mum only receive 1 afterlife visit 1 year after my Dad crossed over. It must be because either I need lots of reassurances or my faith was quite shaky. She knows me too well that I’m skeptic and doubting Thomas.

Test #1: Seeing my Twin Soul die
The first and toughest test I went through was seeing my wife die over 23 hours 23 minutes. Many people will say that they want to be with their life partner, parents, or loved ones at the moment of crossing over. Let me share with you, it was the most traumatic and the most helpless experience to see the love of your life die in front of you…

You need a Higher Power to be strong at such times, believe me.

Brenda’s brother-in-law Michael commit suicide when both his wife (Brenda’s sister Angela) and his sister died within less than 1 year.

If you ever feel depressed and have overwhelming suicide thoughts, get help and talk immediately to Samaritans, Suicide Prevention Lifeline, Hospital, Doctor, your best friend, OK. You’ll feel a lot better when you share with someone who listens to you.

Even great leaders breakdown when they lose their life partners.
Read about Singapore’s first prime minister Lee Kuan Yew considered euthanasia in his final years, daughter reveals

In another article I’ll share how to be strong when you see a loved die…

I can still hear the 4 life support machines that were pumping medicines to keep her heart alive went peeeeppppp… one by one. It was extremely nerve-racking to hear the sudden death signal of a life support machine.

I can still hear the desperate cries of close friends who were pleading her not to go as I put my mobile phone to her ears. It shook me to the core of my soul, to be strong for her friends and family.

Test of faith2

One of the key criteria to be a Twin Soul is we would take turns who will see the other Twin Soul die.

Therefore a Twin Soul will also know the exact time of death of the Other. In my case I knew the exact time of Brenda’s death at 5:23pm. It’s even more accurate than the official declared time of death by a modern doctor who need more time to ascertain death by stethoscope and various medical machines.

As I had pass my #1 Test of Faith, I can now help others see death and crossover in peace.

One of my key roles is a Soul Whisperer. I envision that I’ll be helping people to crossover and comforting their loved one to let go. Occasionally I will see someone die and crossover. I usually say The Crossover Prayer whenever I hear a friend’s FB obituary, for a celebrity or public figure that I care about. I also also say The Crossover Prayer when there is a disaster, air crash, terrorist attack, earthquake, tsunami, or psychic premonition.

When I surrendered to God and Angel Brenda, little did I know what I “signed” for…

To be continued… Test #2 I met a larger than life Transformer in HOLY-wood…

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Published on 21 February 2016
Updated on 20 August 2017.
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