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Religion and spirituality is personal and not political. It’s between you and God
[Twin Souls Part 36]

When learned scholars speak we know when they are speaking the truth because truth is clear and enlightening.

When fanatical and extremist scholars and “authorities” speak we detect a bad feeling, confusion, and darkness. We detect propaganda and hidden agendas that are far from the truth. These extremist scholars are so unlike their religious founders that they profess to follow. Extremist religious authorities impose laws made by humans to control the people.

If a religion must force religious laws by policing and controlling its followers, then it’s not a religion from the heart. It’s not the free choice and free will that God has given to all.
If a religion must remove absolutely every temptation from its followers, then the followers are assumed to be very weak and can’t think for themselves.
If a religious authority fanatically defends his religion, he usually does it by attacking and demonizing other faiths. It’s usually out of fear, paranoia, confusion, and insecurity that he is going to lose popularity, power, control or his followers.

God has no religion
God and Angels have no religion.
God and Angels do not need to be defended by mere mortals or ordinary humans.

Religious laws are exclusive and applies only to the followers of that religion.
Universal Laws such as love, truth, cause & effect (Karma), and no killing are inclusive and applies to all, all religions, all races, and all walks of life.
No one including kings or presidents is above any Universal Laws.

Civil courts are modern man-made laws for humans. They are vital to keep law and order in a modern society.
One may be able to escape the punishment of a civil court, but he cannot escape the return of Karma of one’s bad actions.
A cruel dictator, an evil mastermind murderer, or a greedy corrupt official may be able to get away with it, but not forever.
Do not envy or follow him thinking he got away with murder – because we will reap in another season what we sowed in this season.

Religion is exclusive (“only our group has the only exclusive right to God”).
Spirituality is inclusive (spirituality is bigger than all religions).

God is inclusive. God is for all. God is truth and unconditional love.

From Robert’s conversations and channeling Angel Brenda.
Published on Sunday, 14 December, 2014.

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