Settling Your Big 3 Karmic Debts
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Karma Healing can be conducted by a Karma Soul Whisperer or Karma Healer who can “see” or sense some general big picture of your soul’s karmic accounts.

The first step is to read the list of 25 Big Karmic Debts and identify at least 3 Big Karmic Debts. Just like when you see a Doctor you must be able to identify and share the suspected symptoms of sickness to your Doctor/ Surgeon, your Karmic Soul Whisperer is also like a Doctor/ Surgeon to help you clear your karmic sicknesses.

Karmic Debt Analysis [KBA]
Either you can do it yourself, or you can do it with a Karma Healer.

Karmic Relationships Reiki Clearing channels Archangel Zadkiel and Lady Nada

You can do Karma Healing through 2 ways:
1. Rainbow Master Karma Healing Retreat.
I have conducted only 4-5 Rainbow Master retreats in Hong Kong in the 1995-1996 period. Participants reported that the results were incredible and lasted a very long time, some say the results are still felt today and benefited up to now which is 21 years already and continuing.



The lucky participants of the last Rainbow Master Retreat in Hong Kong (1996)

NOTE: If there is a popular demand, I’ll consider offering Rainbow Master, the ultimate spiritual retreat soon, after a 20 year break.

What is Rainbow Master Karma Healing Retreat?
Rainbow Master Karma Healing Retreat is about using a variety of Rainbow Master Healing Methods which may include sound toning, symbol activation, 5 Element Energizations (Foundation), 9 Planet Energizations (Advanced), and Angel Energizations (Mastery).

rainbow bridge

Why is the rainbow used?
Rainbow is very powerful symbol for acceptance of all colors, all races, and all religions. So anyone from any faith will benefit from this. Rainbow is also an optical illusion as no one can ever catch or keep a rainbow except in a photo. Many people report seeing a rare rainbow as a dramatic afterlife sign on the day of the crossing over of a loved one. The 7 colors of the rainbow spectrum symbolize spirituality, wholeness, and the 7 Chakras (7 Energy Centers). It is also Angel Brenda’s soul number.


The 7 Chakras (Energy Centers) System

“To the ancients, who believed that all celestial phenomena were signs of divine activity. Because it spans the divide between the heavens and the earth, the rainbow is a potent symbol of divine (or angelic ) communications. In Christianity, the rainbow symbolizes God’s forgiveness and God’s covenant with mankind, because it appeared in the sky after Noah’s ark came to rest on dry land following the global flood.

In Chinese mythology, the rainbow is a symbol of the Sky Dragon, the union between heaven and earth. In Hindu and Buddhist Tantric mythologies, the Rainbow Body is the highest meditative state attainable.
[source: The Secret Language of Symbols by David Fontana]


In Tantric Yoga sexual couple positions, it is known to be a very intimate couple relationship builder. Sting, the famous singer, publicly endorse Tantric Yoga as a marriage builder.


2. Individual Rainbow Master Karma Healing Program

Example #1: Parents Karmic Debt
We all owe our parents or foster parents big time as they brought us up, feed us, and paid for our education. In most cases this is one of your first Big 3 Karmic Debts to settle. If you have inherited or must operate your parent’s business, family heritage, or charity foundation, I highly recommend you make a major revamp, rebranding, or restructuring especially if you are the Company Head or CEO. You need to make the business relevant to the latest global trends if not I’ve seen many family business shrink or lose its original leadership position.

Example #2: Boss Karmic Debt
You may find that you can’t seem to leave your boss’ company, or you resign and return to work for your boss again. You may feel guilty yet you feel resistant and unmotivated. In order to settle Boss Karmic Debt, a strategic plan will be created to pay back your Boss Karmic Debt in the best, quickest way without incurring heavy costs on your part.

Example #3: Marriage/ Love Relationship Karmic Debt
Marriage and relationship Karmic Debt is one of the most intense and emotional challenges to settle. I’ve seen many couples do not know how to live harmoniously and with lifelong passion.

We can work out a strategy how to have a win-win for both life partners. By clearing past karma, your marriage or love relationship will rise from mundane, boring  routine and emotional fights to new heights of unconditional love, passion, intimacy, sexual fulfillment, and old age companionship.

Example #4: Religious Karmic Debt
Religious Karmic Debt is one of the most difficult to be free from. Because Religious Karmic Debt is a complicated, collective Karmic Debt which is likely combined with other Karmic Debts such as Extreme Discipline, 10 Commandments Against Evil, or Vice Addiction (refer to the 25 Big Karmic Debts).

There are more than 100 Tailor-made Ways how to settle your Big 3 Karmic Debts.


Long Term and Immediate Benefits of Karma Healing:
● You don’t need to pay the “Full Price of Karma” like I did with my own Religious Karmic Debt of 10 years of austere, hard disciplined, celibate life.
● You’ll feel relieved, very light, and feel a significant release of karmic burden. Your life will progressively get easier, be less painful.
● You’ll attract incredible abundance in all life areas.
● You’ll have a more positive outlook in life, enthusiasm, and aliveness.
● You’ll experienced a lot more hope, passion, and help from good people.
● You’ll want to discover and fulfill your purpose (your vision-mission-values), greatness, and meaning in life.
● You’ll enjoy the simple pleasures of life – without any guilt.
● You’ll receive long-term benefits that last many years.

Karma Healer-Healee Relationship

The first thing to establish is whether the Karma Healer has a good match and chemistry (“Ying Fun” or good chemistry in Cantonese) with you. If he doesn’t feel any soul connection with you, he should and will not take you on.

If the Karma Healer detects a past life connection with you, he should declare it so that there is no “Karmic Conflict of Interest”. He may or may not “know” what sort of past life connection you both have in the early stages of healing. In the case of a past life connection, if possible there should be a mutual ritual to willingly clear whatever past karma you both have.

If the past lives karma is still too strong in this lifetime, more drastic measures may be needed to be implemented BEFORE you go any further with the Karma Healing. In very rare cases the healing relationship may be mutually terminated so as not to incur more damage.

As the course designer and wizard coach, the benefits are mutual as the return of Karmic Service is immense. The return of my doing Karma Healing has definitely benefited me in the following ways:
protection from serious accidents, air crash, bad health, betrayal, limited con-man cheating,
guidance when dealing toxic connections, incompetent staff, tricky relationships, and hostile clients.
wake-up calls at critical times.
financial boost at critical periods.
recognition, big learning curve, mastering leadership and business skills.
● completion in settling my own Big 5 Karmic Debts (Religious karmic debt, Emperor-Boss suppression, Extreme Discipline karmic debt, Vices karmic debt, Mental illness karmic debt).

Note: If you work with a Karma Healer, you’ll indirectly benefit just like if you work for a US President, Pope, surgeon, or a Mother Teresa-type.


FAQs about Karmic Debts

Q. If I owe a Boss Karmic Debt, is it because I owe my boss from previous lifetimes?
A. Yes and no. It’s likely that you may owe your boss from some past lives. Or you are simply paying for “Generic Karma” owing regarding money, service, help received, or you could be saved from death. Generic Karma is karma owing in general  and not linked to a particular individual.

karma 3 quote.jpg

Q. Why do some dictators, mass murderers, serial rapists, corrupted officials get away with an obvious chain series of crimes?
A. If you look back in history, most dictators such as Muammar Gaddafi, Hitler, Ferdinand Marcos had a gruesome or lonely death. Although when they were alive, most people felt they were invincible and can never fall – but they always fall. If serial rapist, murderer, or corrupted President get away in this lifetime, no one can ever escape the return of Karma in future lifetimes.

NOTE: Do you have any questions regarding Karma?
This FAQs section will be expanded.


From Twin Souls Whispering with Brenda.

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“The Secret” – what they don’t teach you in the bestseller
The Laws of Attraction mentioned in THE SECRET will not be effective if you have not settled your Big 3 Karmic Debts.

The moment you identified your Big 3 Karmic Debts, you’ll feel relieved and feel a significant release of karmic burden. Your life will progressively get easier, be less painful, and you’ll attract incredible abundance in all life areas.

Settling your Big 3 Karmic Debts will be your biggest break you’ve been waiting your whole life.